Navadvépa- Mäyäpur Parikramä 2015

The Festival of Unlimited Mercy, Unlimited Darçana of The Lord of the Life.. The Festival which brings a living entity very close to the All Merciful Lord’s Magnanimity, unhindered by any material distraction.. The Festival of seven days culminating into another Festival of Lord Gaura’s Advent. The Festival of Lord’s Compassion unbound, that is “Navadvépa- Mäyäpur Parikramä.”


Not just a trip, but the Opportunity to please The Lord and Çré Gurudeva by trying to render heart-touching services.

Not just a trip, but the time to experience/witness the mercy of Çré Rüpa Gosvämé’s Instruction – Dadäti Pratigåhëäti, coming alive as devotees go out of the way in serving and caring during the Parikramä.

The year 2015 saw it happening in full swing.

The Mäyäpur Parikramä, which begins 6 days prior to Gaura Pürëimä from the age old city in Nadiä District, the Birth Place of Gauräìga Mahäprabhu, famous as Präcéna Mäyäpur, commenced from February 27th, 2015.


Like every year, the preparations and planning began much in advance, even months before. Devotees at KARM systematically started preparing, arranging, booking and packing for various things required during the Parikramä such as health drinks, dry food items, medicines, utensils, bed sheets, eatables etc., all their efforts encompassing all the limitations and inabilities.

It was the early morning of 25th February, when devotees gathered at Old Delhi Railway Station, to board train from Delhi to Vardhamäna Station.


Though entering Narhari Dhäma Äçrama (the place where Devotees stayed) the next afternoon, after completing more than 24-hrs journey, devotees were fully refreshed and charged, enthusiastic to serve Çré Gurudeva and Vaiñëavas during the trip. Devotees, who went by air, had also reached.

Then came the most awaited moment, the awaited moment not only for Delhi Devotees but also for Bengali Devotees- the moment when Çré Gurudeva entered the Äçrama. All devotees paid obeisances, and thus began the festival.


Even before the dawn, the day of the devotees would start. As they used to gather for the Parikramä at 4am, they used to be wonderstruck with the Beautiful Guru Vandanä and Gaura Kértana resounding in all directions, The verses of the never heard before Bengali Gaura Kértana sung by Çré Svarüpa Dämodara Bäbäjé Mahäräja and His Disciples… so beautiful and used to go straight into the devotees’ hearts that devotees would swoon in its waves and language would cease to be barrier.


baba-kirtanSome of the verses sung were-

Çonära kamal Gaurä, neche neche jäye re..
Neche neche jäye re Gaurä, nächäye jäye re..
Gadädhara gäthä mälä kothä çobhä päye re..
Neche neche jäye re Gaurä, nächäye jäye re..
Bhakta gaëe saìge mile, hari hari bol re…
Neche neche jäye re Gaurä, nächäye jäye re..

Gauräìga he präëa Gauräìga he,
Gaurä Gaurä Gaurä Gaurä Gauräìga he..
Rasräja Mahäbhäva Gauräìga he..
Präëa bhare gaibo morä Gauräìga he..
Çacimätä duläliyä Gauräìga he..
Gadädhara präëa ämära Gauräìga he..
Gaurä Gaurä Gaurä Gauräìga he..
Hä Hä Gaurä Präëa Gaurä Gauräìga he..

 The mesmerising Kértanas would make every devotee feel above any material misery, as if very part of Gaura’s Pastimes. Devotees used to stand dazed upon viewing the Saints dancing for the pleasure of The Lord. The very sight makes one feel to be the part of Nitya Lélä of Navadvépa.


As the devotees would walk ahead, touching the very auspicious brajreëu- the holy dust immersed in the touch of Gauräìga’s Lotus Feet, the advancing morning would reveal the scenic beauty of Lord’s abode spreading the saffron light in the sky.


The view on the riverside of Holy Ganges, the boat ride to another dvépa, the array of mango, banana, coconut trees etc. lined on both sides of the street, left all spellbound.


Day 1: began with a boat ride from Nirdaya Ghäöa to another bank, heading to Antaradvépa, then Rudradvépa.1314

Day 2: in plethora of torch lights, making way to Sémantadvépa.15

Day 3: From Sémantadvépa to Godrumadvépa and Madhyadvépa.


Day 4: Heading to Koladvépa and Åtudvépa17 18 19

Day 5: Reaching Jähanudvépa and Modudrumdvépa.  20 21 22 23

The 5-days of Parikramä, the treasure for the lifetime..

Under Çré Gurudeva’s Divine Shelter, all devotees felt so much loved and cared throughout the Trip. Before Parikramä, it was ensured all were fine; arrangements for Öhelä (a cart on which Parikramä could be done by sitting on it) would be done for those who felt uneasy. During and after Parikramä, devotees were very well-taken care of,  in regards to their Prasädaà, especially of intake of fluids etc. Girls’ devotees were given special care. Unfortunately, when a devotee developed colicky pain at mid-night, devotees extended Çré Gurudeva’s Love by taking him to hospital, getting investigations done and providing him appropriate treatment.

With one centre- that is to please The Lord, whose Mercy personified comes before us as Çré Guru, everything went out to be very systematic, in a perfect tuning… Devotees were blessed with and enthusiastically took part in trying to serve Çré Gurudeva throughout the Trip, living the Teachings of Çré Gurudeva- ‘Spiritual Master’s Service is the very life of a real disciple. It is the only means of happiness and auspiciousness.’

24 25

The fragrance of Çré Gurudeva’s Love touching every devotee in the form of Loving relationships amongst them, as they cared for each other’s need and comfort. This could be seen in the form of various things devotees brought all the way from Delhi for serving. In fact those, who couldn’t make it to the trip, had sent various things ranging from juices, cookies, green tea, health drinks, tissues etc.. All efforts only and only for their Çré Guru.

The Parikrama became all the more enlightening as Çré Gurudeva enriched us with the 2 Beautiful TALKS-

* How to deal in the material world- Choices,



* How to become a Gauòéya Vaiñëava, the different paths- Anthem of KARM Devotees.


Devotees were even blessed with the Opportunity to attend the real Maìgala Äraté with Çré Gurudeva at Gaura Gadädhara Temple on Day 5 of the Parikramä.


It was Day 6 when devotees went to Shantipur, visited  Haridäsa Öhäkura Samädhi, Acyutänanda Äcärya’s Temple, Bäbalä Sipäöa (Çré Çré Adwaita Patha) in the morning, returning to the Äçrama in evening to begin preparations for the Mahä-mahotsava- Gaura Pürëimä the next day.


March 6, 2015 came- Gaura Pürëimä – the Appearance Day of Gauräìga Mahäprabhu..the day passed with the blink of eyes.. the morning went in boiling potatoes, chopping vegetables, cooking sumptuous Prasädaà for Çré Gurudeva and Devotees.


In the late afternoon, Devotees got the Opportunity to go for Temples Darçana with Çré Gurudeva- Dhämeçvara Mahäprabhu Temple, Çréväsa Äìgana, Çré Jagannätha Däsa Bäbäjé Samädhi Temple, Samäjbäòé.


Devotees attended Mahäprabhu’s Abhiñeka at Mahäprabhu Janma Sthalé and at Äçrama in the evening.


And the night was the grand feasting for the ears through the mesmerising Gaurä Gaurä Kértana and the Sannyäsa Lélä of Mahäprabhu by Çré Gurudeva, and the feasting of sumptuous Prasädaà.


Thereafter, Çré Gurudeva Took devotees for Çré Svarüpa Dämodara Bäbäjé Darçana and Blessings. 4344

Then, the time, which we never wished, arrived- Çré Gurudeva with few devotees left for the Airport and subsequently all other devotees also left for Delhi.

Truly, it was a rendezvous with one’s own real identity in relationship with The Lord.

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