Have Darçana Of Çréla Rüpa Gosvämé’s FULL BLESSINGS…

Bhakti is a path of Grace- kåpä-sädhaya märga. And to walk on this blissful path of Bhakti i.e. to attain Grace, one just needs to follow the Instructions of the Lord, Äcäryas and Çré Guru, for “Their Blessings are in Their Instructions.”


Çréla Rüpa Gosvämé is the foremost Äcärya of Gauòéya Vaiñëavism. He knows the heart of Çréman Gauräìga Mahäprabhu, çré-caitanya-mano-‘bhéñöaà and thus He established Mahaprabhu’s innermost desire in this world. We pray to Him to give us shelter under His Lotus feet.

sthäpitaà yena bhü-tale
svayaà rüpaù kadä mahyaà
dadäti sva-padäntikam

He has given Nectar of Instructions, one of which states:-

dadäti pratigåhëäti guhyam äkhyäti påcchati

                                               bhuìkte bhojayate caiva  ñaò-vidhaà préti-lakñaëam

(Verse 4)

Translation :: Offering gifts, accepting gifts, revealing one’s mind in confidence, inquiring confidentially, accepting prasäda and offering prasäda are the six symptoms of love shared by one devotee and another.

Through this çloka, Çréla Rüpa Gosvämi gives the directions by which devotees can develop deep relations amongst themselves. In the beautiful/blissful journey of Bhakti, Relationship is the key and the key to Relationship is given by this nectarine Instruction of Çréla Rüpa Gosvämé.

These teachings are given to all those who are Rüpa-anugäs (in allegiance of Çré Rüpa Gosvämé). It is common to find devotees reading, reciting and preaching this very important verse but living this çloka is not even remotely seen in the devotees’ life. In other words, this verse has been confined to mere ‘taöhya’ (a Principle), has not turned into ‘satya’ (a Truth), and thus, usually,the lives of devotees remain dry- devoid of relationship. Perfect Relationship exists only on the platform of soul with the Supreme Lord. So a relationship where Çré Guru and Gauräëga are the centre, the Lord manifests in the form of bliss and happiness and hence the devotee just wants to give, give and only give.

However it is a matter of great misfortune that what to talk of having deep relationships among devotees, one does not even turn around to happily say Hare Kåñëa to the devotee next to him. In Padma Puräëa, Lord Çiva tells Goddess Pärvaté-

ārādhanānāṁ sarveṣāṁ
viṣṇor ārādhanaṁ param
tasmāt parataraṁ devi
tadīyānāṁ samarcanam

“My dear Devi, although it is mentioned in the Vedas that of all the worship of demigods, the worship of Lord Kåñëa is topmost and ultimately recommended, however, worshiping the devotees of Lord Kåñëa (tadéyänäà) is even better than the worship of Lord Kåñëa Himself.” By pleasing a saint/devotee, Lord gets pleased; and thus when the Lord gets pleased, all demigods automatically get pleased. Just as, by watering the roots of a plant, its leaves, branches, twigs etc. get nourished, similarly by pleasing/satisfying Vaiñëavas, the Lord and demigods get pleased/ satisfied.

Followed like never before in the history of Gauòéya Vaiñëavism, KARM is the only place on planet earth where Çré Rüpa Gosvämé’s very Instruction is practised to the highest limit as the foremost priority by all the devotees. Its real essence gets revealed only to the devotees who receive the benediction of Çré Gurudeva’S Association. Through Çré Gurudeva’s own conduct, one can learn how to remain immersed in the flavours of devotional service following these six prétilakçaëa, guhyaàäkhyätiprcchati in particular, and thus to remain in the realm of ecstasy day and night, relishing Lord’s sweetness.

Çréla Rüpa Gosvämé knows Çréman Mahäprabhu’s heart so he established Çréman Mahäprabhu ‘s wish all over. Our Gurudeva, Çré Çré Shachinandanji Mahäräja truly knows the heart of Çréla Rüpa Gosvämé, so He has established the 6 fold exchange of love in KARM, which doesn’t exist in its full glory anywhere. KARM Devotees practically serve, live this verse of Çréla Rüpa Gosvämé by his full blessings only-dadäti pratigåhëäti guhyam äkhyäti påcchati,bhuïkte bhojayate caiva ñaò-vidhaà préti-lakñaëam.

The fragrance of deep relations and selfless service carries the vibrations of serenity and purifies the heart deep within. Any devotee who just comes once, gets glued to this culture of love that he doesn’t even dream of going anywhere. Everyone feels, the vibrations which are in KARM are nowhere on this planet.

Çréla Rüpa Gosvämé ‘s direct blessings are felt, seen in KARM (even by one who is blind). KARM is truly fully blessed by Çréla Rüpa Gosvämé, otherwise this amazing culture would not have been prevalent like wildfire in the heart of devotees, which comes out throughout the year in the form of various seväs. And Devotees never miss any opportunity to serve.

Exchange of gifts, serving and accepting Prasäda is a tradition of KARM Devotees. /At KARM During festivals like Janmäñthmé, Vyäsa Püja etc., devotees always try to serve in newer and newer ways to one and all. In addition to exchanging gifts on the festivals, KARM Devotees also take up their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Dékçä anniversaries, Siddha Praëälé anniversaries etc. as opportunities to serve. Moreover, devotees do not even wait for any occasion but create one, to serve other devotees, to seek their blessings.


  • Gifts served by devotees vary from fresh fruits baskets to dry fruits; from pens, diaries to customized wall clocks. From flavoured milk bottles to milkshake powder; from bed sheets to blankets.
  • Devotees serve big king size laminations of the Lord/Gurudeva to all, while some serve albums containing Rädhä Kåñëa Maïjaré Pictures.
  • In Kartik 2012, collages of Çré Bäbäjé Mahäräja were served to hundreds of devotees.2
  • While some devotees request to serve different gift hampers on occasions, others serve different kinds of sweets like burfi, gulab jamun, laddoos etc. to all the devotees who come for festival.
  • Some try to serve milk mugs to devotees while some ask for serving tumblers, boxes.
  • Some devotees serve different granthas to devotees, while there are devotees who serve year-long calendar on Çré Gurudeva Quotes.
  • Some devotees give t-shirts, dhotis, socks, towel set, suit etc. to devotees.
  • Some cook mixtures while some make pickles at home to be served to all.
  • Gifts like cds on special topics are served to all devotees.
  • Jute mats, Jute bags are also served.
  • Some serve cookies while diet namkeens are served by others.

All the gifts are served with utmost sensitivity and with prior guidance from the respective mentor/authority, keeping in mind the other devotee’s (the devotee to be served) requirement, for as Gurudeva teaches “that which is done for the pleasure of sevya (one who is to be served) is sevä.” Moreover, every gift ,of any kind ,is packed beautifully with ribbons, laces, nets, colourful papers or bags depicting their bliss in serving. Devotees also accept the servings of other devotees with great love, thus even small gestures become lifelong relishable memories.

It’s such a beautiful sight !!


Everyone wants to serve whether gifts or prasäd to others. It happens many a times that a single devotee personally cooks prasäda for dozens and dozens of devotees on his own birthday/marriage anniversaries etc. Likewise, devotees call each other home and serve prasäda like a family.

Everyone gets served so so so very much that devotees naturally want to serve everyone, especially to devotees. In fact, some devotees’ family members/parents complain “every week you practically go empty handed but return back with one gift or the other.”
Also, devotees of different weekly group frequently cook Prasäda for other program, in which he/she is not even a part of.
Devotees’ parents, who are non-devotees, also pressure their devotee children to serve all nicely, “for you all take so many gifts etc from so many devotees”.

The serving culture is ingrilled in the hearts of all devotees in KARM. Devotees here know just one thing – serve, Serve and SERVE. In fact, ‘fear of being served’ comes in devotees. Sometimes one feels “I wish I was not here, devotees serve me so much.”

Festival Time : Festivals of hearts. Preparations start weeks before the upcoming festivals. Devotees begin to send their request for making and serving ann cake, non-ann cakes for festival. It is common to find 56-Bhoga offerings exceeding 500-600 bhoga, in which majority of bhoga items are home-made. As soon as the sevä for preparing 56 Bhoga list is allotted to a devotee, messages, calls of devotees to that devotee begin to pour in. In Janmaçthmé 2014, a single devotee made 56 Cakes. Not only that, devotees place requests for serving Prasädam and drinks to devotees on the decoration day (a day before the festival), even before the venue is finalized.




  • Right from deciding colour theme to setting up of Altar and Vyäsa Äsan, devotees personally do decoration for the festivals together, as a unit.
  • Some try to offer their cars for festivals, some offer their drivers while some offer their cars, drivers along with themselves and their families for all services in festivals.
  • Some devotees do all the winding up, staying up late at night, while some reach venue on the D-day early in the morning to decorate rangoli.
  • Some devotees including ladies and children also, go a day after festival to arrange all festivals/temple paraphernalia in its most respectable way, the worshipable way.

Trips : Time ()

Devotees’ love and care for each other advances further in every trip anywhere.

  • Whenever any trip to Våndävan, Jaipur, Navadvépa etc. is taken, those who cannot make for the trip, place requests of cooking prasäda for the devotees going, and the authorities come in dilemma when to say yes, when to say no/to whom to say yes, to whom to say no.
  • Some devotees come forward to drop all devotees to railway station/airport.
  • Some try to serve drinks during journey.
  • Some try to sponsor the Dhäma Yäträ of some devotees.
  • Then, the devotees on the trip leave no moment in not serving each other. All devotees are always together while visiting Temples, honouring Prasädaà. Even if any devotee has to go to market or to nearby shop, one or the other devotee always accompany him/her.
  • This is not all. While they return from the journey, other devotees cook for them and some go totally out of the way to serve devotees at their homes.

Revealing mind in confidence : Effortless in KARM. In the world of diplomacy and competition, everyone pretends to be what he is not, for the fear of being exploited. Even in a family, one hesitates to (share his innermost/deep down feelings) (open his heart) and hankers for relation. While in the crowd of near and dear ones, one feels all alone. But by Lord’s Mercy, KARM is the place where one can be what he really is. In Çré Gurudeva’s KARM, anyone who comes even for the first time becomes the family. Devotees share heart to heart relation amongst each other, understanding even the unspoken words and feelings of others. They share deep bonding among themselves due to sharing of their inner feelings, feelings of love for Guru and the Lord with one another? thus experiencing that bliss of ever-desired reciprocated love.Devotees are always eager to spend their time, money and emotions on each other to the fullest extent. Though unspoken, everyone at KARM knows they have someone to hold back, to care and to love them. Any devotee’s happiness is the matter of joy for all the members. At the time of adverse situations in any devotee’s life, all are servingtogether in every possible way.

Even during an unfortunate event in devotee’s life he realises full strength with tender care and love of Gurudeva, via devotees. In fact, every devotee experiences being served, tended, cared and given everything needed for a relationship to grow in all phases of their lives, thus making one more and more closer to Guru and Gauräëga. This absolute necessity of relationship is possible only where devotees have one goal, one Guru and one vision.

Once,one devotee’s child got seriously injured and had to be hospitalized. It was almost midnight. But when devotees heard this, without delay, they just rushed to the hospital ,to be with that devotee and remained there till the child came out of danger. For the days that followed till the child stayed in hospital, devotees used to cook prasädam, used to go to deliver it and spend time, thereby extending their love and care .

Similarly, once a devotee got inflicted with a disease due to which he had to confine himself to a solitary room for about a month. However, devotees never allowed him to feel lonely by constantly talking over the phone, doing discussions, churnings, sharing their hearts’ not considering their own time limits. Whenever that devotee called, the other devotees were always available. Thus this act of devotees turned a depressing situation into a joyful state!

It happens many a times that if any devotee (be young, old or middle aged) doesn’t pick phone, other devotees goes to see that devotee. Once a devotee herself was in 102 fever but without caring for her own health, she went to see another devotee, after knowing from some devotee, that her phone was going unanswered.

These incidents are apparently small but they have very BIG Value in every devotee’s heart.

Even devotees without parents never feel he/she is without a parent. For they/we have our most loving father- Çré Gurudeva who will do everything in this world, who gives all kind of support, all care. All love is being showered in newer and newer ways..Under Çré Gurudeva’s all merciful and limitlessly loving Shelter, no devotee can ever miss out on any relationship.

“I am being cared”… this is such a wonderful feeling..!! Isn’t it?
“I am being valued”.. “I am being loved for what I am”..
Who doesn’t want to feel like that ??

In such a loving atmosphere, devotees naturally reveal their hearts to other devotees. It is effortless for the devotees in KARM to reveal their mind in confidence, thus blissfully live Çré Rüpa Gosvämé’s Instructions. In fact, this very instruction of Çréla Rüpa Gosvämé is the very life of all devotees of KARM. This çloka is the very base of loving culture in KARM.

All this is done under the minutest supervision of our dear dear Çré Gurudeva, who exemplifies the loving exchanges by His own äcaraë all the time, for as it is said- Words of scriptures continue to be words for all devotees unless they see someone practically living them. Book/Granth Bhägavat can be practised when we see Living Bhägavat, who lives by the teachings of the Book Bhägavat. Such a Living Bhägavat, our Gurudeva exemplifies by every action of His existence ,the six loving exchanges of devotees. Indeed our fortune knows no limit. For we have Him amidst us, guiding us all the time, guiding our ship from here to There ( in/to the Spiritual World).

Devotees get so much love at KARM. They get used to such a fantasy looking/appearing.. dream culture here in KARM Delhi that even after marriage if they live outside the city, they travel all the way to Delhi , to be with Gurudeva, to be with the devotees, to celebrate the festivals. Some devotees come all the way from other countries to celebrate the festivals in this most loving, transcendental atmosphere.

All the love exchanges truly melt the heart of anyone. Even the stones can melt in such a transcendental loving atmosphere, what to speak of melting of stone-like hearts.

Through Çré Gurudeva’s Grace only, this very instruction dadäti pratigåhëäti has become the very culture of KARM devotees, making them direct recipient of Çré Rüpa Gosvämé Grace. So the journey of renunciation from matter, to deep loving relationships with the Lord and His devotees is easily and blissfully carried that a jéva is hankering for, from time immemorial.

Devotees get immense fulfilment here at KARM. One never lacks anything at any phase of life. We all live a totally rasamaya life, a life full of bliss, exactly as per the sadgosvämés, under the all loving care of our Gurudeva.

KARM not only has the highest knowledge, also the highest practical application of the Knowledge in the form of highest love and care.

KARM is the place which has-
That which could be thought of only in the Spiritual World, has taken its form in this world in KARM so that we can have the glimpse of Spiritual World, right now.. right here!!