Nityänanda Trayodaçé!!


The Appearance Day of Çréman Nityänanda Prabhu…

The Festival for all Gauòéya Vaiñëavas…
The Celebration Time for all of us at Karm.

Çré Gurudeva Explains- Çréman Mahäprabhu is ‘channa’, the Hidden Incarnation of the Lord, Çréman Nityänanda Prabhu is even more ‘channa’, more hidden Incarnation of the Lord. He is the highest limit of Mercy. Before concluding the Pastimes in this material world, Çréman Mahäprabhu gave responsibility of spreading the highest bhäva- maïjaré bhäva to Çréman Nityänanda Prabhu. Thus, Çréla Narottama Däsa Öhäkura says in Prärthanä-

heno nitäi bine bhäé, rädhä kåñëa päite näi

In other words, without the mercy of Çréman Nityänanda Prabhu, one cannot attain Rädhä Kåñëa.


Moreover, we, devotees at Karm, belong to Nityänanda Parivära. So, Nityänanda Trayodaçé is especially celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm every year.


This year It was celebrated on Sunday, February 1st. In Nitya Lélä, Preparations for this Event begins before Trayodaçé, when Nityänanda Prabhu’s Mother (Padmävaté) requests His Father (Häòäé Paëòita) to invite Çréman Mahäprabhu, Advaita Äcärya and other Gaura Associates. Likewise, devotees here also began preparations days before, shopping for items for 56-Bhoga, preparing dry fruit garlands, gifts for serving devotees etc. While some devotees took responsibility of arranging for Abhiñeka, others arranged 56-Bhoga. Few devotees arranged Prasädaà to be served, some coordinated the whole program.

The function was scheduled at 10.30am. The time seemed too early for many devotees, not because they were to do their household chores before that; but because despite waking up all night cooking for the Lord, they still wished if they could have got more time to cook more items!

One 53year old Mätäjé started from evening of the previous day, prepared many varieties of pakodas, rice, namkeens, paranthas etc. till 12am and then started with cooking for fasting- kuttu puris, samak rice, aaloo kadi, makhana paneer, rabri, russian salad, lemonade for all devotees. Moreover, the celebration was at her place, but despite preparing all this, She was as active as any other young girl.


The morning arrived. Devotees gathered at the venue. Some Mätäjés got busy in segregating ann- non ann 56-bhoga offerings. One devotee got Tulasé Dals for all the Offerings. In the meanwhile, some devotees arranged things (milk, ghee, curd, coconut water, different varieties of scented water, shakes, juices, fruits etc.) for Abhiñeka.


Then, amidst Nitäi Gauräìgo Kértana, Abhiñeka started. All Initiated Devotees got the opportunity to do Abhiñeka of Çréman Nityänanda Prabhu.



Then, Çångära was done, followed by Äraté.


Then, Bhoga Offering was done, which included 6 different types of Ann and Non-ann Cakes prepared by devotees.

9 10

It was supposed to be 56-Bhoga but it exceeded to 200+ Bhogas.!


During äraté devotees sang nitäi pada kamal bhajana by Çréla Narottama Däsa Öhäkura and afterwards everyone also meditated on its meaning.

This was followed by Sumptuous Prasädaà. Though it was fasting, Prasädaà was very opulent, prepared very lovingly by the devotee. Thereafter, devotees served offerings for Çré Bäbäjé Mahäräja, Çré Gurudeva and to each other.


All devotees went home, like always, with bags full of Prasädaà and gifts. It was realisation of all devotees, who felt their fortune and gratitude for Çré Gurudeva, because only by Çré Gurudeva’s Blessings and Teachings, all of us could know the importance and celebrate Nityänanda Trayodaçé, as is being eternally celebrated in Nitya Navadvépa.