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About Radha Kund

Çré Rädhäkuëòa, the place where the Lord plays most beautiful and loving divine Pastimes with Çrématé Rädhäräné, His own Pleasure Potency, is situated at a distance of 150 km from Delhi, 26 km from Mathura (U.P), 22 km from Våndävan and just 4 km away from Govardhan.

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About Mayapur

142 Km from Sealdah station (approximately 3hours) and 83 km (approximately 2 hour) from the Vardhman station, on the banks of river Gangä (known as Hooghly ) is situated the transcendental abode of Lord Gaura in the Nadia district of West Bengal in India.

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Divine Lectures in Radhakund

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