What is a thought?


What is the highest thing in the world?
Anyone who would be having the highest thing will attain the highest (Happiness)…
The highest thing of the world is- our power to think..THOUGHT POWER.
We are ready to pay thousands of rupees to lawyer. Why?
Because of his higher thoughts.
We do not bargain in paying heavy prices to psychiatrist. Why?
Because of his thoughts.
Even millionaires bow down to Saints. Why?
Because of their superior thoughts.
Ultimately, Thoughts are everything!!!

Power of A Thought- Wonder of the world!!

Everything originates from a thought.

We see skyscrapers around us. What is their origin? ‘A thought.’ Architect first conceptualized it in his mind, i.e., gave it a thought, and then it took shape.

Likewise, sukha and dukha (in the material world) arise from thoughts only. Material world is dead, there is nothing in anything of this world. But we create different thoughts of sukha/dukha. Like for instance I create a thought- when I will buy a maruti car, I will be happy. If somehow I get that car, I tend to believe that ‘i am happy.’ However, if after some days, I found my brother having bought honda city (bigger car than mine), then looking at the same (maruti car), I will become dukhi. Maruti car is dead matter in itself, there is no sukha or dukha in it. It is me who behaves in different ways (sukhi/dukhi) as per my own creation- my thoughts.

Sometimes, a single thought controls our life. For example- a thought -‘I want to do CA Course’, and one spends many years of life in trying to pursue it, all his activities- eating, drinking, sleeping, talking etc. become centred around that one thought.

I am different from Thoughts !!

Streams of thoughts keep coming to mind all the time. And we are very much attached to them. But we should know that we are different from these thoughts. It is stated in Patänjali Sütra-

                                       tadä dåastuù svarüpe-‘vasthänam                                  

(Samadhi Pada Verse 3)

While doing anything, we should remember- “I am thinking.” This means ‘I’ and ‘Thinking/Thoughts’ are different. This can be understood as- When I hold some object, ‘I’ and ‘that object’ are different. Likewise, I and thoughts are different.

Creator of Thought- I, me, myself!!

Just as Brahma is the creator of the universe, we are like mini Brahmas in context to creating thoughts. In fact, we are simultaneously Brahma, Visnu and Siva in context to creating, maintaining and destroying thoughts.

The only difference is- an intelligent person creates right thought, maintains it, and destroys the wrong/useless thought, while foolish people create and nurture useless thoughts.

Till I give Attention to any thought, it cannot give me Tension. But the most important thing is to understand that “the power to create thoughts is in me. I can create whatever I want to create. No body can stop me.”

Can a naturally blissful soul be dukhi?

One of the eight features of soul is- It is naturally blissful. But very commonly and very frequently we find ourselves dukhi. What is the reason? Reason is the creation of wrong thoughts.

We can understand it as follows-
In life, many events occur, some may be according to us, some not according to us. Under the influence of those events, we create thoughts- thoughts may be right, thoughts may be wrong. But usually, we create wrong thoughts. Then, we further clutch independent painful thoughts together and claim ourselves to be dukhi.

Think Rationally-
Where is the pain?
Is the pain in you?
No! You are soul, naturally blissful.
Is the pain in the circumstance?
No! Circumstance/Situation is lifeless.
Pain is there in thought..No !

Question; So how do we experience pain ?

Answer; We ONLY create a wrong thought & start identifying/relating ourselves with the wrong thought..
We falsely believe-i am non-different from my thoughts..
Reality is you are different from your thoughts..you the soul are creating thoughts (right/wrong). Thoughts are your creation. ONLY when you identify with your creation-wrong thoughts-you experience pain !
Plain & Simple..

We become sad due to our creation of wrong (painful) thoughts. So, if we can create painful thought, can’t we create Right Thought? Ask Yourself!

Happiness is JUST a Right Thought away!

Scientists prove that in human mind, several thousand thoughts come in a day, around 30-40 thoughts per minute. We cannot remain thoughtless. Thoughts continuously happen in you.

The Right and the Simplest thought is-

‘In this huge material world, I, the soul, am all alone. I have no connection with anyone and anything. I, the soul, want happiness, which can be attained by attaining the Happiness-Personified Lord.’

But we have put so many ifs, buts, etc in this right thought:

i consider myself the body in which i (soul) reside and feel myself connected to other persons, and spend entire life in trying to provide happiness to this body and its extensions.

The reality is – Man is just a bundle of thoughts, and the connection one feels is nothing but a thought- “i am connected to another person just because of a Thought.”

A father is connected to a daughter, just because of a thought.
A wife is connected to a husband just via thought.

Bhakti is all about solving the complexities of the thoughts.

It is mentioned in Scriptures in context to soul “asango yah pumsah” i.e. Soul does not associate with anyone. But ‘thought’ forces us to reject the reality.

The Lord is Supreme Positive. And if we want to go to the Supreme Positive Lord, we have to be positive all the time. We should never entertain any negative thought, for there is no utility in negativity.

Be an intelligent integrated being.

Association plays a major role in the kind of thoughts we develop. ‘You are whom you associate with’. If one associates with a drunkard, then he will develop those thoughts and will end up becoming a drunkard. But if one associates with those who are serious in devotion then he will also become serious. Power of thought should be developed in association with persons who are authorities in scriptures, whose thinking is highly developed.

Always remember:
I am a powerful soul,
I can create the most powerful thing- “The Right Thought
thereby get happiness”
You are what you think..
You become what you think..
And you can think anything..!
You are not dependent on thoughts; thoughts are dependent on you..