The most auspicious… the most merciful… the most special day for a real disciple is Guru Pürëimä. On this day, all sädhakas of every Sampradäya gather and do Püjä of their Guru in a special way.

Çréman Gauräìga Mahäprabhu is Jagat Guru. 500 years back, He started this Prathä Himself in the form of Nityänanda Prabhu. Thus, on this Day, in place of Vyäsa Püjä, we do Vyañöi Guru Püjä.


Though Guru is the Kåpä Personified, Personification of Mercy, on this All- Auspicious Day, Gurudeva is specially Merciful on disciples. So, a disciple tries to please his Spiritual Master in different special ways, for he knows that if Guru gets pleased, his spiritual advancement will become very fast.

With candana, tulasé, flowers, garland, offerings, worship of Guru is done. Simultaneously, one should try to glorify his Spiritual Master and should also hear Spiritual Master’s glorifications.

We, devotees at KARM, were blessed with the opportunities to attend, to be a part of Çré Bäbäjé Mahäräja’s Vyäsa Püjä at Calcutta as well as Çréla Gurudeva’s Vyäsa Püjä at New Delhi the next day.

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Preparations for the festival began soon after our Beloved Deities Anniversary.

Vyäsa Püjä of Çré Bäbäjé Mahäräja at Calcutta-

It was a pleasant morning of Sunday, 17th July, when devotees boarded train to Calcutta. Luggages were less, Prasädam was more. Time was short, discussions were more. The journey passed blissfully in singing and discussing Guru Vandanä, Çré Gurudeva’s Glorifications and relishing-cherishing the Moments.


Even after the night-long train journey, devotees were all enthusiastic.

Soon after honouring Prasädam, they left for Çré Bäbäjé Mahäräja’s Darçana, and thereafter went for arranging Garlands to be served next day. Taking care of each other and preparing for the next day, the night passed.



The morning became all the more Blissful with Çré Gurudeva’s Darçana at Calcutta. The bliss further increased as Çré Gurudeva offered Prasädé Candana, Tulasé, Puñpa and around 8 feet long Lotus Garland to His Spiritual Master Çré Bäbäjé Mahäräja. Devotees also got the opportunity to offer the same to Çré Bäbäjé Mahäräja and seek blessings.



Then, Çré Gurudeva enlightened devotees with a TALK to be bereft of sva-sukha väsanä.  Thereafter, the humble service by a disciple of doing Carana-abhiñeka of his Spiritual Master was made alive, as Çré Gurudeva rendered the same unto Çré Bäbäjé Mahäräja.


The very same day devotees left in train and by air to reach New Delhi at the earliest to be a part of Çré Gurudeva’s Vyäsa Püjä celebrations.

Vyäsa Püja of Çré Gurudeva at New Delhi-

Devotees at Delhi were enthusiastically, eagerly and blissfully were engaged in the preparations of the Ever-awaited Day.

Decoration ideas were exchanged, markets for gifts were surfed. Customised gifts were ordered, special miöhäé from Våndävana Dhäma was arranged. Not just that, each devotee was very particular about the type of flower, colour combination etc. of the garland (to be served the next day to Çré Gurudeva).

From 5 coloured carnations to rose-sunflower combination,

From orchid-roses mixture to garland of pearls and petals.

From garland of roses and lily, roses and rajnégandhä to jasmine –rose,

From kanera-roses, rose laöakans to carnations of white and mauve.

Each garland meditated, discussed and thought upon,

Making it a love-filled offering of the disciples for their Gurudeva, the Lord.

 Seeing devotees so specific for garlands, one of the customers at florist shop commented- “I have never seen such kind of interest, love for Guru anywhere. I am deeply impressed.”

 Simultaneously, script writing and practise for Play was going on, and ThankYOU Presentation was being made. A group of devotees were also engaged in accumulating year-long blissful moments giving a form of 12-month Calendar for devotees. Outstation married devotee with a 6-month old kid also arrived to be a part of the Festival.

 The morning of the D-Day arrived.. the time had slowed down for the devotees in train (on the way from Calcutta) while for those at Delhi, time was running. The scheduled time was 2:30 pm at the Venue but the eager devotees began to pour in from 1:45 pm onwards.


The venue was lightened, Devotees had settled down, cameras were set…and the most awaited moment arrived.. Çré Gurudeva arrived amidst Jai Gurudeva, Jai Gurudeva Kértana.


With Saàsära Dävänala Bhajana started the Celebrations followed by a Presentation thanking Çré Gurudeva for everything Çré Gurudeva have given and are giving. Then the mono-acting play depicting the conversation between soul and mind was performed wonderfully by a devotee. As the celebrations proceeded, Guru Vandanä was done by devotees, after which devotees purified themselves by glorifying the All-Glorious Çré Gurudeva.


Then, the blessed moment arrived as Çré Gurudeva drowned everyone in the ecstatic Rädhä Rädhä Kértana followed by the Änanda Sütra explaining the right way of taking Rädhä Näma and the deeper aspects of Guru Tattva.


Devotees then did offerings, accepted very lovingly by Çré Gurudeva and they simultaneously received Instructions, Teachings from the All-Merciful Çré Gurudeva..


Gifts from Calendar to Butter scotch and strawberry syrups, Customised Jute bags to big baskets; from bead bags to desé ghee, from bottles to cakalé were exchanged by KARM Devotees. This was followed by grand feasting, sumptuous Prasädam being cooked and served very lovingly by Devotees themselves.


Delivering After-Lecture TALK by giving practical tips of how to be bereft of sva-sukha väsanä and thus to be happy, Çré Gurudeva concluded the very-blissful Vyäsa Püjä Celebrations, leaving everyone’s heart reverberating with Rädhä Rädhä Rädhä….