Visualise— if Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté Öhäkura was alive along with Gaura Kiçora Däsa Bäbäjé Mahäräja & Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura !

MAHÄRÄJA JÉ – I would have been very very happy if Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté Öhäkura would have been alive. O! I would have definitely met him.

And I wish, at that time Gaura Kiçora Däsa BäbäJé and Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura were also alive. Just four of us– Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté Öhäkura, Gaura Kiçora Däsa BäbäJé, Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura and Myself. We would have sat around him. Would have asked some questions.

“Païca Tattva Mantra you chant. Do any of us chant? Why did you start this new Païca Tattva Mantra?”

What do you think Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté would have spoken in front of his Guru, Gaura Kiçora Däsa BäbäJé Mahäräja or his father Bhaktivinoda? He would not have the guts to speak even one word.

If Gaura Kiçora Däsa BäbäJé would have asked–

“Hey! यह तिलक दिया था मैंने तुम्हें?” (Yaha tilaka diyä thä maine tumhe?) Just imagine.

In English it means– Did I give you this yellow Tilaka, with a Tulasi leaf? What would have Bhakti Siddhänta replied.. Nothing. He would have been a dummy.

And if Bhakti Vinoda and Gaura Kiçora Däsa BäbäJé both have asked– “You never saw us offering Bhoga to the Lord? We never offered Bhoga this way ‘Namaù oà viñëu pädäye’ bhoga or praëäma mantra.” What do you think, he would have reacted? Mum…. Complete silence.

Can he say anything in front of his Guru, Siddha Guru?

And just imagine, how much Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura and Gaura Kiçora Däsa BäbäJé would have chastised him. “I gave you Tilaka and you removed our Eternal Tilaka and you put yellow Tilaka on our face, on our Pictures, and made all your followers do the same offense.”

I really wish he was alive along with Gaura Kiçora Däsa Bäbäjé and Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura, would have asked simple questions, simple questions…

Gaur Kiçora Däsa BäbäJé would have asked him– “My Samädhi was there on the other side of the Ganges. Why you invented my new Samädhi? Was my Samädhi in your temple, in your premises? It wasn’t! Why you invented my new Samädhi also? Why you started Brähmaëa thread? Have you ever seen your father ever wearing Brähmaëa thread?”

Let’s imagine Gaura Kiçora Däsa BäbäJé asking Bhakti Sidhhänta Sarasvaté.

“Have you ever seen me wearing a Brähmaëa thread?”


“Did I ever give you Brähmaëa thread?”


“Did I ever give you sannyäsa?”


“Did I ever give you sannyäsa Daëòa?”


“Why you did what you did?”

“You said you took sannyäsa from my photo, how dare, I gave you sannyäsa, saffron, with Tridaëòa? I gave you?”

Just imagine!! Was there anything left with Bhakti Sidhhänta Sarasvaté to speak? No.

Just because Bhakti Sidhhänta Sarasvaté thinks, that they are not present in the world, he has done all the changes. Had They been present, he would not have dared to do any such change. And Guru is always present. Guru never dies, this is unknown to Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté. He thinks Guru died, I can do anything, everything now. Wrong. Zero anugatya. Ruining the life of so many people all around the globe.

And can anyone ask Bhakti Sidhhänta Sarasvaté why you chose to start this “Prabhu” for male devotees? Prabhu, Prabhu. Did he ever hear his father or his Guru address any male as Prabhu? No one addressed any male as Prabhu before Iskcon, Gauòéya maöha. People call either by their names, Mädhava Däsa, Kåñëa Däsa or Dada, big brother.

“Prabhu, you invented. Why you invented everything? Prabhu?”

This was invented by Bhakti Siddhänta.

If Gaura Kiçora Däsa Bäbäjé was sitting next to him, he would have asked, “Why you started this Prabhu concept?” What do you think he would have replied? Mum. “Why didn’t you tell everyone, there are three Prabhus in Nitya Navadvépa? Nitäi, Gaura, Advaita! Why you chose not to tell the truth? Didn’t you know that?”

“Yeah, I knew.”

“Why you chose not to tell?”

Again mum.

Gaura Kiçora Däsa Bäbäjé and Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura would have told, Bhakti Sidhhänta Sarasvaté – “How long you thought all your fake things will continue? We are putting an end to your fake things.”

They would have asked a simple question to Bhakti Sidhhänta Sarasvaté–

“Tell us how you will serve Lord Gauräìga in Nitya Navadvépa, you are not connected to any channel. You are not following any of our Mantras, any of our teachings. Janeü, oà bhur bhuvaù sväha, Tilakas, nothing you are following which has been given to you, bestowed to you? How will you serve Lord Gauräìga in the Spiritual world, tell me? By displeasing your Spiritual Master infinitely, will you be able to get Lord Gauräìga’s Blessings? By disregarding what your Siddha Guru did, Gaura Kiçora Däsa BäbäJé, you will get Lord Gauräìga’s Blessings?”

“Did you take a pledge that you will not follow anything given by your Guru? Did you take a pledge? Strong vow, that I will not follow anything of my Gauòéya Vaiñëava Sampradäya? I will invent everything new and thereby ruin the lives of everyone all around me. That is why life of all Iskcon devotees is ruined, why?”

Because they are followers of Bhakti Sidhhänta Sarasvaté who doesn’t follow anyone.

God save all innocent devotees from the den of Bhakti Sidhhänta Sarasvaté, nothing Gauòéya about it!