Trip to Mäyäpur

At KARM, the Love for GURUDEVA gives festive time of togetherness and share love in the epitome of all the Spiritual places, Çré Mäyäpur Dhäma. Mäyäpur Dhäma is the birth place of Lord Gauräìga who spread Love of Rädhä Kåñëa to all, without distinction. The place makes one bathe in the love for ÇRÉ GAURA spontaneously, the place of Lord Gauräìga’s Birth, the place where desires meet their destination, the place known as Çré Mäyäpur Dhäma.


At KARM, Devotees eagerly await for this time of the year to obtain blessings of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA, touch the ‘Gaura Padänkita Bhümi’ and do Parikramä of Navadvépa in HIS Divine Footsteps.


At KARM, Devotees eagerly await for this time of the year to obtain blessings of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA, touch the ‘Gaura Padänkita Bhümi’ and do Parikramä of Navadvépa in HIS Divine Footsteps.

There goes immense planning and preparations months before, to make this time of the year memorable.

From booking of the train tickets to planning Prasädam, the devotees sincerely put in their endeavours in every way.

Some boarded flights while many preferred to go by train. Everyone was served nice home cooked Prasädam in the train throughout the journey.


As we all reached the station, there was immense fervour in the devotees to lighten each other’s shoulder. The journey from the station to Präcéna Mäyäpur gave another chance for enlivening memories as everyone sang GURUDEVA’S KÉRTANA while the bus moved through the greens.


Finally, as we arrived at Narahari Dhäma, the place arranged for us to stay, we received warm welcome from the devotees who had reached before.


Then evening saw GURUDEVA taking all of us for nearby Temples’ Darçana followed by feast for hearts in the form of Divine Hari Kathä by ÇRÉ GURUDEVA giving vision to the Devotees as to how to absorb in all aìgas of the upcoming Parikramä.


Next day began Parikramä, everyone prepared to have GURUDEVA’S DARÇANA with Exuberant Kértana. The beginning of the day used to enliven everybody with Kértanas.



Day 1 of the Parikramä takes us to Antaradvépa and finally to Rudradvépa. We got a nice lodging to stay. Evening spent in Churning of the Talks by GURUDEVA.


Day 2 Beginning from Rudradvépa, we gathered at a Temple of Lord Çiva to hear Kathä from Çré Svarüpa Dämodara Bäbäjé there. Rudradvépa is where Lord Rudra performed austerities to attain Darçana and Sevä of Gauräìga Mahäprabhu. Having to see various temples and Deities with GURUDEVA gives Divine experience. From here, we reached Sémantadvépa.


Sémantadvépa – This is the place where Goddess Pärvaté prayed for Gauräìga’s Mercy and repented for the offences committed. This time devotees got place to stay in a school.


Day 3 From Sémantadvépa, we headed for Godruma and Madhyadvépa. This Day is Ekädaçé. A Very significant place, Hari Harä was visited where Gauräìga were doing Saìkértana yajïa, overwhelmed to attend which, Lord Çiva, in a hurry, came riding on a swan. Lord Çiva merges with Gauräìga, in a Deity form, that’s why the place is known as Hari Harä.


Day 4 From Godruma, we proceeded to Koladvépa and Åtudvépa. At Koladvépa, everyone gathered at Aparädha Bhanjana and took the holy dust of that area. From there, we had 40 minutes boat ride to Åtudvépa which makes all feel ecstatic even while being jammed together.


Then we reached Gaura Gadädhara Temple. The magnificent Deities captivate all.


Everyone was blessed with ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S Kathämåta.


Day 5 Jähanudvépa and Modudrumdvépa. Deeply singing Holy names – Hari Bol, Jai Çacénandana Jai Gaurahari, we reached Jähanudvépa, strolling amidst the beauty of Navadvépa.


At Jähanudvépa, we had Prasädam of Kathäs and Coconut water.

Then from the distance, colours in the air could be seen as we reached Modudrumdvépa. As the name suggests, this island contains secret of Lord’s laughter. Therefore we all got to laugh a lot here. Also there is Jagäé Madhäé Ghäöa there.


Then we reached back Narahari Dhäma.

Day 6 Çäntipura. Everyday is drenched with sweet mellows of GURUDEVA’S DIVINE DARÇANA and unlimited SAÌGA. However, these clouds remain far off when everyone  misses GURUDEVA’S presence at Çäntipura. Çäntipura is the abode of Advaita Prabhu. Very helpful devotees of Narahari Dhäma booked cars to view the place. Kancana Dädä, the disciple of Svarüpa Dämodara Bäbäjé gave enlightening Kathäs and joyous Kértanas. We visited Haridäsa Öhäkura’s Samädhi at Phuliä Dhäma, Çré Mädhavendra Puré’s Samädhi and place of Advaita Prabhu where He worshipped, to bring All Merciful Lord on the earth.

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Age old temples, their pure ways of worship, conducted in true sense by the disciplic succession coming from the true Äcäryas gives one insight of worshipping Lord.

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Devotees could feel reciprocations with GURUDEVA throughout the Parikramä. Those visiting for the first time could feel immense caring attitude of each other.

One Mätäjé especially made arrangements for the devotees Prasädam in every way, at every opportunity. Cookies, crunchies, namkeens and pickles. Sweets of variety and various eatables. GURUDEVA’S tenderness towards all Devotees kept all moving. A devotee of age 70, showed immense courage, walking miles on the first day despite having knee problem.


These days carry aroma of love and fragrance of care coming from GURUDEVA to everyone, that one can remember throughout the year.


On the very awaited day of Gaura Pürëimä, everyone was immensely excited to serve, serve and serve. Some by cooking, some by helping, while others by arranging garlands and eatables. During evening, GURUDEVA took all for Temple Darçana, Çré Dhämeçvara Mahäprabhu, Sonära Gauräìga, Çréväsa Äìgana, Samädhi Temple of Jagannätha Däsa Bäbä. Hurrying after GURUDEVA, trying to keep pace with each other gives us prize winning moments.

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Then the celebrations time in evening. Play, Kértana, cakes and GURUDEVA’S Pravacana. Devotees also took resolutions. Small actors played the role of devotee and the Lord, took laurels from the audience. Lovely cakes designed by devotees brought smile on GURUDEVA’S LOTUS FACE. Non-ann prasäda was cooked in the room was feasting in itself and everyone had frolicking time.

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Smile from GURUDEVA gives a sunglow to HIS flower like disciples who awaken even early morning in order to serve and please their Master.


Navadvépa days are remembered throughout the year which give tremendous  opportunities of serving ÇRÉ GURU and Vaiñëavas while staying disciplined.