It’s a land where,
Birds chirp GAURÄ-GAURÄ..
Air blows GAURÄ-GAURÄ..
Devotees singing GAURÄ-GAURÄ..
Mådaìga sounding GAURÄ-GAURÄ..
Kartäl rhyming GAURÄ-GAURÄ..
Waves flowing GAURÄ-GAURÄ..

GAURA is the Fragrance,
GAURA is the Sound,
GAURA in Words,
GAURA all around..

Selfless people with overflowing Love,
Their hearts always eager to serve..
Love  & care is their only theme,
For they have Gaura in their wake & dream..

The rarest blessed time of the year came in march,
When KARM devotees got opportunity to go to Navadvépa Dhäma.
4-14th March were those magical, indescribable days,
which every devotee wishes to re-live again & again & again.

‘Whether to go or not’ was not the question..
‘What excuse should I make’ was the constant meditation..
Some made excuse of ill health, distant wedding was chosen by some,
Resignation from job was even join the Trip, to be the one..


Enthusiastic Devotees boarded train..
With Serving Serving and Serving- their only aim.
Each Carried 3-4 pieces of luggage..
1 having their things, others full of things for serving..
Crates of juices, soda drinks, frootis,
Cartons of shakkarpäre, matrés, maöhés,
Packets of bhel pürés, biscuits and namkeens,
Boxes of homemade laddüs, gujiäs were some of the offerings..

3 4

Besides breakfast, lunch and dinner meals,
there were fruits, snacks, drinks to be served in between..
Night long journey went in Chanting, Reading, Hearing and Kértana..
With eagerness to reach MÄYÄPUR and having GURUDEVA DARÇANA at the earliest..


Flight Devotees started the next day..
to reach soon without a delay..
Train had reached Barddhmän Station..
For our journey to begin for Narahari Äçrama..

5 6

It was noon, sun was scorching..
But to devotees’ enthusiasm there was no stopping…

As we entered Narahari Äçrama,
Devotees at Dhäma served Bel Juice to all,

our wait got over after a little while
as our revered ÇRÉ GURUDEVA Arrived..
From GURUDEVA’S All-Auspicious Darçana and Merciful Glance,
Tiredness from journey flew away and Devotees’ hearts danced..

Sumptuous Lunch Prasädaà was served,
After which devotees took a little rest..

Sun was setting, it was dusk time,
when we were blessed to hear ÇRÉ GURUDEVA- the ALL-DIVINE..
Through life reforming Bg 2.15 Session,
GURUDEVA Gave vision to be ‘sambhäva’ on all occasions..


Next 5 days were the beautiful Parikramä Days,
when we got opportunity to walk behind ÇRÉ GURUDEVA..


Starting from Nadiyä Ghäöa to Antaradvépa,
1st Day Parikrama took halt at Rudradvépa..
On Day 2, we headed to Sémantadvépa,
3rd Day made way to Godruma and Madhyadvépa..
On day 4, we reached Kola & Åtudvépa,
With Jähanu & Modudrumdvépa, our Parikramä concluded..

With melodious Guru Vandanä, our Parikramäs would start,
Resounding Gaur Kértanas afterwards, would directly touch devotees’ heart..

As we walked behind ÇRÉ GURUDEVA, we could touch the Holy Navadvépa Raj,
While beautiful view of Holy Ganges, array of mango, banana, coconut trees left us wonderstruck..

Along with feeling the Dhäma,
Meditations, Discussions continued non-stop..


Being under ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S Divine Shelter,
Is Devotees’ Lifetime treasure..

Everyone felt so much loved & cared,
The feelings which even words can’t explain..

Fragrance of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S Love, Enlightenment by HIS Teachings,
were Reflected via Loving Relationships among devotees.

All cared for each other’s needs,
Exemplifying Çré Rüpa Gosvämé’s Teachings..
Serving prasädaà, coconut water, ice creams,
simultaneously sharing hearts, relishing & cherishing..


To add further to our treasure,
Gratitude Lecture was delivered by GURUDEVA on Ekädaçé Occasion..



On day 7, we went to Çäntipura together,
Had darçana of Haridäsa Öhäkura Samädhi, Bäbalä Sipäöa & Acyutänanda Äcärya’s Temple..

Evening of 7th day,
Preparations started for Mahä-mahotsava the next day..
Some went to market for milk, fruits and vegetables,
Some got the chance to clean the place for upcoming celebration..



Morning was passed in cooking preparation, hall decoration,
Afternoon was blessed with Temples’ Darçana..
ÇRÉ GURUDEVA took us to Dhämeçvara Mahäprabhu Sonära Gauräìga Temples, Çréväsa Äìgana, Samäjbäòé and Samädhi..
Whereas in evening we got opportunity to witness Mahäprabhu’s Abhiñeka at Äçrama & Janma-Sthalé..

24 25 26 29

It was Mahäprabhu’s Ävirbhäva, feasting was ours..
Çré Gauräìga Nityänanda Kértana by GURUDEVA mesmerized us all..
GURUDEVA enlightened us with Gaura Lélä Cintana and Know how of Gauräìga bolite habe pulaka-çaréra..
And blessed devotees by lovingly accepting their gifts & offerings..


Cake cutting of ann & non-ann cakes was done,
And with serving of sumptuous prasädaà, festival of Gaura Pürëimä reached it’s conclusion..



It was the last day..
No one wanted to go away..

Devotees did shopping for Delhi Devotees..
Buying Dhäma Ghee, Moori, Incense, Bead bags for serving..

Packing was done,
Devotees left the Äçrama..
For Delhi, they depart(ed),
Bringing priceless memories of Trip in their hearts..

Though ended, it was not an end,
Rather a beautiful beginning for a Navadvépamayé, Gauramayé year ahead..
To dwell in those incredible moments forever,
To elongate our joy shaft and memories together..