how the tilaka was changed…?

Question- MAHARAJ JI! There is a query in my heart. There is a friend of mine from Iskcon temple. And he happened to visit Mayapura Dhama and he asked me one thing that he went to visit the Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji Maharaj’s Samadhi. There he saw that the tilak which was there on the forehead, was in circular form and was of black colour. And then, when he went to the Samadhi of Jagannatha dasa Babaji Maharaj… there he saw again a different shape tilaka and of black colour. So, there was a confusion that how can they be placed in the same parampara?? And how the tilaka was changed…? Like when they put them in their altar, tilaka becomes yellow. So, there is little confusion in this matter. Please throw some light and guidance on this.

MAHARAJ JI- The last 15 years we are going to the real Samadhi of Srila Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji Maharaj. Last 15 years, we have started going to the Real Samadhi.

See, on the left side of The Ganges is the Real Samadhi; on the right side of the Ganges is Iskcon, Gaudiya Matha and another Samadhi of Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji which is being modern as per the residents of Navdvipa Dhama. On the other side of Ganges, is the real Samadhi; on one side is Iskcon and Gaudiya Matha and on the other side is the real samadhi of Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji Maharaj. And Navdveep Dhamavasis, they told us that who were like 80-100 years old, that their fathers even saw Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji’s body being put in that Samadhi with their own eyes, they saw. And the Samadhi is being worship very nicely there, by the Dhamavasis there.

And the tilaka you have mentioned, the tilaka they put on Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji is circular. Circular tilaka is of Advaita Parivara. The Spiritual Master of Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji is Srila Nanda Kishora Goswami of Advaita Parivara. He initiated Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji and that is why he is putting His Guru given tilaka, Advaita Parivara tilaka.

Bhakti Vinoda Thakurji and Jagannatha dasa Babaji wear this kind of tilaka which I wear. This is called Nityananda Parivara tilaka. Both Jagannatha dasa Babaji and Bhakti Vinoda Thakur are from Nityananda Parivara. Though, they are from Nityananda Parivara, they are not in same Parampara. They can never be in same parampara.

For new Devotees who don’t understand what Parivara is all about…Parivara means.. Nityananda Prabhu initiated, let’s say 100 devotees and from those 100 devotees further, 20 of them started initiating, they initiated 1000 devotees. Then out of those 1000, more chains became…, their followers became Gurus, they initiated devotees and like this…

So, we are around 16th or 17th after Lord Nityananda. So, we are all from Lord Nityananda’s lineage. This Nityananda lineage is called Parivara.

Similarly, Advaita Prabhu, He initiated His sons and other Devotees and they started initiating further Devotees and those further Devotees became Gurus and they initiated and this descendant…, this lineage is called Advaita Parivara lineage, Advaita lineage.

Ours is Nityananda lineage. So, anybody from Advaita Parivara, if he is being put on the same altar with anyone from Nityananda Parivara and it is proclaimed that it is parampara, it is completely bogus! It is not possible!

Parampara is only from a Parivara. My Guru is from Advaita Parivara, his Guru is from Advaita Parivara, his Guru, his Guru, his Guru and finally you reach to Lord Advaita.

Similarly, in our case, my Guru…his Guru was Kunja Bihari dasa Babaji Maharaja and further, further, further, ultimately you reach to Lord Nityananda. So, this is called parampara, unbroken parampara.

You cannot put someone from Advaita Parivara in the middle of an unbroken parampara and claim that now it is my parampara. This is no my parampara or your parampara. There is only parampara which is always existent. You cannot make or break a parampara.

“O! I don’t like such and such Guru, let me remove him. O! I like such and such Guru, let me add him. I like Bhakti Vinoda Thakura but I don’t like Vipina Bihari Goswami, Guru of Bhakti Vinoda Thakura, so let me remove him.”

“I like Gaura Kishora Baba, let me add him. Let me remove Vipina Bihari Goswami, let me add Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji. And this Jagannatha Dasa Babaji I like, let me add him as well.”

This is not parampara. Parampara is not a collection of superstar Mahatmas, superstar Siddha Mahatmas. Parampara means…the diksha mantra who gave you, that is called your Diksha Guru. And your Diksha Guru’s Diksha Guru and then your Diksha Guru’s Diksha Guru and then your Diksha Guru…, this is called parampara.

And to give you example in your language, Bhakti Vinoda Thakura initiated his own son. He gave Diksha to his own son, Lalita Prasada Thakura. Assumingly, just hypothetically assume that he initiated Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakura as well. Let us assume that Bhakti Vinoda Thakura initiated all his sons. Let us assume for a while, and then Lalita Prasada Thakura initiated him and Bhakti Siddhanta initiated him. So, Lalita Prasada’s channel is different, Bhakti Siddhanta’s channel is different. They cannot be in the same parampara now. They are in Nityananda Parivara but they are not in same parampara.

Similarly, Bhakti Vinoda Thakura is from Nityananda Parivara and Jagannatha dasa Babaji is from Nityananda Parivara, but they are from different streams of Nityananda Parivara.  Though they are from Nityananda Parivara, they cannot be put in the same parampara, though they are from Nityananda parivara.

And Gaura Kishora Dasa Babaji is totally from Advaita parivara. All of them…Nityananda, Advaita parivara cannot be put in same altar and plus all the tilaks are different. Parampara means tilak should be same. See, since Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji is from Advaita Parivara, he and his Guru and his Guru and his Guru, they all reside near the place where Lord Advaita resides eternally. They serve Lord Advaita in their respective places of stay, which are next to Lord Advaita’s residence.

And we people, who are from Nityananda Parivara, we stay at those places which are near Lord Nityananda. And for eternity..eternally, we stay with Lord Nityananda and serve Him and we put this tilaka. And eternally, Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji puts the circular tilaka and stays with Advaita Parivara. There is no question of being in the same parampara. We all serve through our parampara. Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji serves through Advaita Parivara and Bhakti Vinoda and Jagannatha dasa Baba serve through Nityananda Parivara. So, they can never be put in same altar. So be very clear that great saints, famous saints, if you put them in the same altar and think that they are my parampara, it is completely bogus!

Parampara can never be created and can never be destroyed. It’s not that I don’t like someone, so let me remove him. I don’t like Guru of my Guru, so let me remove him. Just think! Bhakti Siddhanta’s Guru as proclaimed is Guru Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji. Do you have so much of disregard for your Guru’s Guru that you don’t even put him in your altar. You proclaim that your Guru is Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji.

I’ll give you example- My Guru is Srila Ananta Dasa Babaji and it is my great privilege that I put my Guru’s Guru’s picture in my altar! My Guru’s Guru name is Srila Kunja Bihari Dasa Babaji. It is great joy that I put his picture in my altar! And here is Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakura, his Guru is assumingly Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji Maharaja…He doesn’t even think of putting his Guru’s picture in his altar! And doesn’t even think of telling any of his followers, who his Guru’s Guru is. You are removing your immediate Guru, your Param Guru from your altar. So much of disregard for your Guru’s Guru! And the blind followers, they don’t even dare to ask…O Guruji! Who is your Guru’s Guru?

Altar means you put picture of your Guru, then his Guru, then his Guru, then his Guru till Lord Advaita or Nityananda, whatever Parivara you are in. How can you remove picture of your Guru’s Guru from your parampara and still call it a parampara? Parampara means same thing is being bestowed since it ever started.

And Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati has changed everything which was ever being bestowed. He changed tilaka, he removed Gurus, he added Gurus, he introduced janeu, which was never worn by any devotee in entire Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya. Yellow tilaka? Can anyone ask Bhakti Siddhanta who gave you this yellow tilaka? And with this patti…leaf…, Tulasi leaf? No one wears this yellow Tulasi leaf tilaka in Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya. You tell us, in which parivara you are in? Everyone must wear the tilaka given by his Guru. Can anyone ask Bhakti Siddhanta or any of his followers, what was the tilaka given to the Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati by his Guru? Kindly tell us. Very humbly we want to know, what tilaka was given to Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakura? Was this yellow tilaka with Tulasi leaf?

Tilak which Gaura Kishora Dasa Babaji wore on his Samadhi is circular. And Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji and Raghunatha dasa Goswami wear the same tilaka. Raghunatha dasa Goswami doesn’t wear this tilaka. He wears that circular tilaka, he is also from Advaita parivara. You can see the tilaka of Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji and the Samadhi of Raghunatha dasa Goswami in Radhakunda also. There is same tilaka.

We are not telling anyone to wear this black tilaka. We are telling…get initiated in the right parivara, wear the same tilaka which was being worn by the entire Parampara.  This is not parampara…someone is wearing circular tilaka, someone is wearing this tilaka, someone is wearing Tulasi Patra tilaka, someone is yellow, someone is putting black tilaka. There is not zigzag parampara, I added from this parampara, I added this one, I deleted this one. This is not parampara. This is called deviation. Once deviated, always deviated! We are educated people. We have given our lives for spreading Krishna’s name.

We should ponder on what am I doing?

Let me see…at least let me see who Bhakti Siddhanta’s Guru is? What tilak he gave him? What cloth he gave him? What Mantras he gave him?

If Bhakti Siddhanta is not wearing the tilaka which his Guru gave him, he is not doing the mantras which his Guru gave him…, even Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati changed the Panchatattva mantra also. Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji never chanted- Sri Krishna Chaitanya Prabhu Nityananda Sri Advaita Gadadhara Gaura bhakta vrinda.

Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji never chanted this Pancha tattva Mantra. Bhakti Vinoda Thakura never chanted this Pancha tattva Mantra. Jagannnatha dasa Babaji never chanted this Pancha tattva Mantra.

What is the Pancha tattva Mantra which is chanted for centuries? Do you know that? It is – Sri Gauranga Nityananda Sri Advaita Chandra, Gadadhara Srivasadi Gaura bhakta vrinda. By chanting this mantra, hundreds of devotees have become Siddhas. Hundreds! And can anyone ask Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati why you even changed the Pancha tattva Mantra also?

Now I am waiting for that day, that some of them may change Hare Krishna Mahamantra also. This is the only thing remaining which they do, which was ever being followed by the Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya. The only thing remaining is Hare Krishna Mahamantra which is the same. Otherwise, everything is different.

Tilaka is different, mantras are different, janeu is different, cloth is different, philosophy is different.

Have mercy on your own self! Forget saving others. Ponder on, what you are doing. We should not be brain washed by famous institutions. This is called brain washing. No…just follow me blindly. Do you follow anyone? No, I don’t follow anyone but you follow me. I follow no one. Neither I follow my Diksha Guru nor I follow my any of my Shiksha Gurus…Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji, Jagannatha dasa Babaji. I follow none of what my Shiksha Gurus told, I follow none what my Diksha Guru told. And still, they are my Gurus and this is my parampara. What parampara? You call this as Shiksha parampara? Following none of the Shikshas of the Siddha Mahatmas and proclaim that they are your parampara.

Many devotees asked this question before as well, that please tell is the parampara of Iskcon right? There is no parampara of Iskcon! Parampara is of Nityananda Parivara, Parampara comes from Advaita Parivara. Just tell us which Parivara you are in? And then there is no question that it is right or wrong? Which Parivara you are in? Advaita Parivara, Nityananda Parivara, or Mixture Parivara? There is no mixture Parivara. Someone from here, someone from there. Someone may start liking me. They may remove, let’s say some Iskcon Guru and put me in their altar…I like Him…this is my parivaar now. This is bogus! You cannot whimsically put me in your altar and remove someone from your altar. I like, so I am putting.