Rädhäñöamé Surprise 2018

With the beautiful memories of Janmäñöamé still fresh in minds,

devotees’ hearts were yearning for more..

Knowing within that Rädhäñöamé would be (most probably) without ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S PHYSICAL PRESENCE,

yet they lovingly did all preparations and arrangements..

From choosing of theme to finalization of Prasädaà,

everything was with newness..

Celebration right after 15 days of celebration,

could not stop.. or even decrease devotees’ enthusiasm..

Red, pink and white was the colour theme,

More than 1175 were the number of 56 bhoga offerings..

Exclusive gifts for serving were chosen by the devotees,

Fasting-cum-feasting Prasädaà was also prepared lovingly by devotees..

One took the opportunity to stitch dresses of the Lord,

Yogapéöha non-ann and flower based ann cakes made their marks..12

As scheduled, festival began at 10.15,

with Abhiñeka Preparation amidst Kértana of Rädhäräné..

Abhiñeka with Païcämåta was done by devotees,

who all were missing their Revered ÇRÉ GURUDEVA deeply..3

Then Deities were taken for Çåìgära,

simultaneously 56-bhogas were arranged for the Lord..

Bhoga offering was then done,

followed by Äraté of Rädhä-Çyämasundara..4

While Kértana was going on,

Devotees were settling down..

It was then 12.15,

the main door opened suddenly..

Some screamed ‘Hari Bol’,

Some became stunned..

Few devotees started jumping,

Many devotees’ eyes became teary..5

No one understood what it was?

An undreamt dream or a dreamy reality..!!!!

Soon they realised.. YES..! It was Truth..!

With ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S SURPRISE DARÇANA, they have been mercifully blessed.. !!6 7

Appropriate Preparations were done, Vyäsa Äsana was laid,

holding their ecstasy, devotees did exclusive arrangements for their beloved ÇRÉ GURUDEVA..8

The Ecstatic Celebration proceeded further,

with the showing of well made Presentations..

Presentation on Rädhäräné’s 25 qualities was shown,

Through play ‘How merciful is Rädhäräné’ was known..9

It was then the time of the utmost mercy,

as ÇRÉ GURUDEVA started Mesmerising Kértana ‘Lädalé Lädalé’..10

How can i (a soul) have Darçana of the Lord, directly.. face to face..?

What is my journey.. the journey of a soul..?

Do i really eat or wear anything..?

Who is really ‘mine’..?

Answers to all these questions,

were given through ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S Eye-opening Pravacana.. !1112 13

There was no end to the mercy,

after all.. it was the All-Merciful Rädhäñöamé..

ÇRÉ GURUDEVA took everyone to the Spiritual World,

through the electrifying ‘Rädhä Rädhä Kértana’..14

Beautiful “R” could be seen on Ann as well as Non-ann Cakes,

as they were cut soo lovingly by the Premamaya ÇRÉ GURUDEVA..15 16

Offerings were then made by the devotees,

following Çré Rüpa Gosvämé’s Instructions- dadäti pratigåhëäti..

Fresh fruits, dry fruits, crushes and honey oats biscuits,

servings also included macaroni, poha, maggi, toasted rusks..

Hand towels, Dupattas, hangers and handwash,

love-filled offerings were diet namkeens, gulkand, makhanas..

Fasting-cum-feasting Prasädaà was honoured by all,

who then gathered for ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’s After-Lecture Talk..

Direct physical Sevä is a must for everyone,

without Manan (Deep Meditation) one cannot attain the final destination..

ÇRÉ GURUDEVA mercifully gave these Life Solutions,

by following which one can forever remain in Änanda..17

The day had passed.. evening had ended,

Fulfilling all desires, ÇRÉ GURUDEVA departed..

Apparently the Dream Day had concluded,

but the smiles, bliss, ecstasy had not decreased..

Thus, Rädhäñöamé 2018 was the festival..

which no words can describe,

which was the beautiful.. the mostttt pleasant Surprise..

which no feelings can explain,

which everyone wants to relish again & again & again.. !!18