Radha London Iswar

MAHÄRÄJA JÉ- So now you are asking whether the name given to the Deities in Iskcon, Rädhä London Éçvara, or this Rädhä Paris Éçvara etc. are right or wrong?

Well, in London, there are Rädhä-Kåñëa Deities worshiped in the temple, Iskcon temple and they have named the Deities, Rädhä London Éçvara and in Paris, there are Rädhä-Kåñëa Deities and they have named the Deities as Rädhä Paris Éçvara.

So, you are asking me this question whether the naming, the name of the Deities is right or wrong?

Well, let me be very clear to you, the name of the Lord, when we sing the name of the Lord, when we think about the name of the Lord, it is not a symbolic representation of, it is not symbolic representation. Name of the Lord, we take from our heart and soul. That name we sing and chant all the time who we are going to serve. The Lord whom we are going to serve eternally, we chant names of the Lord with all our bhäva. You will take bhäva-yukta näma, not symbolic näma. And please understand what, who the Lord is. The Lord is Rasa Svarüpa, Änanda Svarüpa and abhinnatvaà näma näminaù.

The name of the Lord is different from the Supreme Lord. So when we take the name of the Lord, the name of the Lord contains all the Rasa, all the ecstasies, all the happiness which the Lord Himself has.. the name has exactly the same. Provided that it should be the name of the Lord. And Rasa or Bhagaväna or Änanda, it is all beyond geometrical boundaries, beyond time, space. And this name of the Lord given by Prabhupäda or this Iskcon, it is Rädhä London Éçvara. London, this city didn’t even exist a few hundred, thousand years back and this city might not continue to exist after sometime. It may get destroyed. It may get, someone may take over London or England, this can happen.

So, you have named, Deity name, London Éçvara, though the London name didn’t exist earlier. And the London name may not exist in the future. This is just a temporary phase in the creation in which a specific plot of land is named London.

This is shocking that the name of the Deity of Kåñëa is named London Éçvara. London will not exist; London did not exist. London Éçvara or London name is not Rasa svarüpa. Like, Kåñëa’s name is Våndävaneçvara. Våndävana name is full of Rasa and the Éçvara of the place Våndävaneçvara, this is Kåñëa. The name is full of Rasa. Neither London is full of Rasa nor the name London Éçvara. And everyone will feel the same ecstasy when one chants Lord’s names.

If you are in the same bhäva, you will feel the same ecstasy if you chant the Lord’s names. Tell me who feels ecstasy while chanting London Éçvara. Any devotee from any Rasa, ask him, “Chant London Éçvara”. He will say, “What is this?” Whimsical name of the Deity.

Ask any saint from any Sampradäya, they’ll laugh at you. I mean, who will name this Deity Rädhä London Éçvara? And Prabhupäda also named some Deities, somewhere Kiçora-Kiçoré. That is also wrong. In Puräëas. I think perhaps Padma Puräëa or Skanda Puräëa, can’t recall exactly the last part of the Puräëa, I have Myself read that Rädhäräné ’s name should come first and Kåñëa’s name should come later.

Rädhäräné ’s name is Rädhä Mädhava, Rädhä Käläcända, Rädhä Gopénätha. So Rädhä comes first then Kåñëa comes later. But here Kiçora Kiçoré. He has done the opposite. He is naming Kåñëa first and Rädhäräné later. This is also wrong. And Rädhä London.. What name is this?

Kåñëa, as per Bhagavad Gétä, you believe Bhagavad Gétä? As per Bhagavad Gétä, Kåñëa is, 5.29, sarva loka maheçvara. He is the Lord of all universes. He is the lord of all the planets. And here, instead of calling Him as Sarva Loka Maheçvara, Viçveçvara, the Lord of the entire creation. Viçveçvara, Sarva Loka Maheçvara You are calling Him, as per the name on the basis of a particular plot of land, a particular plot of land, London. Small part of., in such a small planet called Earth, there’s a small place called London and you are calling the name of the lord as London Éçvara.

Please have some common sense. The name given is totally whimsical and those are followers, at least have some common sense. We sing the eternal names of the Lord, not these temporary, whimsical names of the Lord.

And Lord’s name is full of Rasa. London Éçvara name is anything but Rasa. ‘abhinnatvaà näma näminaù’, Lord is non-different from His name. If your name is this place, Rädhä London Éçvara, someone will start taking names, names of the Deities, Rädhä Czechoslovakia Éçvara, Rädhä America Éçvara. And if you come to Delhi and the nearby area, someone may say- O! I have done so much efforts for building this temple and I have brought these deities from Jaipur also. I have done so much hard work. Let me name my Deities as Rädhä Faridabad Éçvara, Rädhä Ghaziabad Éçvara. Do you think this is intelligence, naming the Deities like this? Rädhä Bombay Éçvara? Is there any sense to it?

Rädhä Gokula Éçvara is ok. Rädhä Våndävaneçvara is ok. Rädhä Gopénätha, Rädhä Damodara. These are all the eternal names of the Lord. We should name the Deities as per the Çästras, not whimsically. Whoever hears, all the great saints who hear this name London Éçvara, they get shocked. How can any Devotee name the Deities like this? And if this kind of whimsical behaviour continues in naming Deities, one may start naming the Deities as per their smaller plots of land like in Delhi there is Connaught place, Rädhä Connaught Place Éçvara. This can also be a name. Rädhä Tilak Nagar Éçvara. All these are all whimsical names.

Because of Gauòéya Maöha and Iskcon, the real Gauòéya Vaiñëava philosophy has kind of been superficially not seen. Similarly, these imaginary names of the Lord come all over the world and then even the real names of the Lord may also evaporate. This is very dangerous. Absolutely wrong. The followers shouldn’t be blind. Follow things as per the scriptures. Have some basic understanding. Lord’s name is, Lord is full of Rasa and Lord is beyond time, place and circumstances and Lord is beyond geographical boundaries. One cannot name the Lord as per the geographical boundaries.

One crazy devotee criticizing the real Gauòéya Vaiñëava Sampradäya. He started saying on this Siddha Praëälé people may give names as Paìjäbé Maïjaré, Gujaräté Maïjaré. Crazy people. Just want to criticize left, right and center. Lord’s name or names of Lord’s Maïjarés is beyond geographical boundaries. No Maïjaré in the spiritual world is Paìjäbé or Gujaräté Maïjaré. Because your concept is, your mind is totally full of criticism and offenses, you have lost even the common sense. You are naming the Lord as per geographical boundaries. You are naming Maïjarés as per geographical boundaries. Have some common sense.

Save yourself from the imaginary concepts this cult has given.