overnight everything changed in Gauòéya Vaiñëavism for someone

Question- One of the Iskcon devotee asked that he noticed devotees chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra practising devotion in different way. So, his question is that is devotion practicing in different way, even within Gaudiya Vaishnav Sampradaye. Kindly please elaborate.

MAHARAJ JI- Those who chant Hare Kåñëa, I want all of you to very peacefully think about. One fine day, a very significant thing happened in Gauòéya Vaiñëava Sampradäya…one day. What happened that day…One fine day, a certain person…he concluded that I have seen Våndävana, I have seen Navadvépa and all holy places, but in my opinion, there is no proper devotee around in entire Gauòéya Vaiñëava Sampradäya. And everything which is being done in entire Gauòéya Vaiñëava Sampradäya is…, everything is wrong.

So overnight everything changed in Gauòéya Vaiñëavism for someone. That person changed the way Gauòéya Vaiñëava put the Tilaka. That person changed the Mantras which were being done for 400 years. That person added new Mantras which were never been done by entire Gauòéya Vaiñëava Sampradäya. That person changed the cloth which is being worn by all the Gauòéya Vaiñëava äcäryas since last 400 years. And ‘I am not qualified’ philosophy also came that fine day only.

So, just ponder over, should we follow someone who is neither putting the tilaka of his Guru, who is neither chanting the Mantras of his Guru, who is neither putting the clothes which were been worn by his Guru, and who has introduced something totally new…brähmaëa thread which was never been worn by either his Çikñä Guru or Dékñä Guru. And he could not see even a single pure devotee, though there were Siddha Mahätmäs…many Siddha Mahätmäs at that time in Våndävana.  Siddha Räma Kåñëa däsa Bäbäjé Mahäräja, Siddha Kåpäsindhu däsa Bäbäjé Mahäräja…there were so many Siddha Mahätmäs- Siddha Gauräìga däsa Bäbäjé Mahäräja. Many big Siddha Mahätmäs were there. So overnight a person introduced new tilaka , new Mantras, deleted many Mantras which were been given to him as proclaimed that I got Dékñä from Gaura Kiçora däsa Bäbäjé.

So, Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté Öhäkura jé…he preached Hari Näma saàkértana far and wide, that is nice…but just think, should we give life unto the hands of such person who is not following anything which is being taught either by his Çikñä Guru or by the Dékñä Guru?

His Mantras re different from Gaura Kiçora däsa Bäbäjé, Bhakti Vinoda Öhäkura, and Jagannätha däsa Bäbäjé. Overnight all the Mantras, Siddha Mantras lso became wrong…overnight?? Overnight everything became wrong? The Mantras became wrong! Overnight tilaka also became wrong…overnight!

Ok, we can agree that, some people may be engaged in illicit activities…, that may be possible. But the process which people are following from 100’s of years all Siddha Mahätmäs are following the same process. They are putting some kind of tilaka . How can you change the tilaka given by your Guru? Your Guru, Gaura Kiçora däsa Bäbäjé…did he ever wear yellow tilaka?  Did he ever put this tulaséon the bottom… did he put tulasé…? Never!

Did Jagannätha däsa Bäbäjé ever wear this yellow tilaka and the shape tulasé tilaka? No, never! Jagannätha däsa Bäbäjé wore tilaka like this. Bhakti Vinoda Öhäkura… own father…, own father…he wore tilaka like this. Gaura Kiçora däsa Bäbäjé is from Advaita parivära. He wears circular tilaka . So, neither the Çikñä Gurus nor the Dékñä Gurus ever wore the tilaka which Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté wore. Even the tilaka of your Dékñä Guru…Siddha Dékñä Guru became redundant, irrelevant?? The Mantras given by your Siddha Guru Gaura Kiçora däsa Bäbä…the Mantras lso became redundant, useless?? You introduced new Mantras.

Did Gaura Kiçora däsa Bäbä give you Janeü? Can anyone ask Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté Öhäkura- Did Gaura Kiçora däsa Bäbäjé give you Janeü? Who gave you Janeü? You yourself gave Janeü to your own self. You initiated yourself in Janeü Dékñä.

Should we follow someone who is not following anyone? Or should we follow that person which is being followed nonstop for five centuries? For five hundred twenty-five years, a process is being followed by all Siddha Mahätmäs including Gaura Kiçora däsa Bäbäjé, including Bhakti Vinoda Öhäkura, including Jagannätha däsa Bäbäjé. Should we follow that process or should we follow someone who is not following anything which all the Siddha Mahätmäs always did?

We must understand…all that glitters is not gold! Some organisations may be very famous, may be very successful but all that glitters is not gold!

Can you imagine such a situation. Assumingly, I’m just telling you a date, assumingly 15 March Gauòéya Vaiñëavism …15 March 1920…just to give an example, Gauòéya Vaiñëavism was being followed in a certain way till 15 March 1920. And 16 March 1920, everything changes in Gauòéya Vaiñëavism? And the worse thing is that the people were following… How dull people can be.?!?

You are following someone who changed everything overnight. And you are rejecting everything which was being followed by all the Siddha Mahätmäs for centuries and centuries. Does it make any sense to anyone??

Either you can be a follower of Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté or you can be follower of Bhakti Vinoda Öhäkura. You cannot be a follower of both of them. How? Why? I’ll tell You..

Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté Öhäkura rejects Siddha Praëälé. Siddha Praëälé means the Spiritual Master tells you your service in Rädhä Kåñëa lélä and tells you your name and form, everything about your service to Rädhä Kåñëa.

This Siddh Praëälé was being given to Bhakti Vinoda Öhäkura by His Guru. This Siddha Praëälé was being given to Gaura Kiçora däsa Bäbäjé by His Guru, Nanda Kiçora Gosvämé. Siddha Praëälé was being given to Jagannätha Bäbäjé by His Guru. All the Siddha Mahätmäs which you put in your altar, they were being given Siddha Praëälé by their Gurus. Ok!

And Bhakti Vinoda Öhäkura gave Siddha Praëälé to brother of Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté Öhäkura…that means the son of Bhakti Vinoda Öhäkura, Lalita Prasäda Öhäkura was being given Siddha Praëälé by Bhakti Vinoda Öhäkura only.

So, how can one reject Siddha Praëälé conception? Either Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté is right or Bhakti Vinoda Öhäkura is right. If Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté is right, then Bhakti Vinoda Öhäkura has to be wrong. Why is he giving Siddha Praëälé when it is nonsense?

So, either you can be a follower of Bhakti Vinoda Öhäkura, Gaura Kiçora däsa Bäbäjé and Jagannätha Däsa Bäbäjé or you can be a follower of Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté Öhäkura. We are followers of Gaura Kiçora däsa Bäbäjé, Jagannätha däsa Bäbäjé and Bhakti Vinoda Öhäkura. We are following exactly what they are following.

All devotees who are chanting Hare Kåñëa…be very clear. You cannot be followers of all 5. All 5 means Bhakti Vinoda Öhäkura, Jagannätha däsa Bäbäjé, Gaura Kiçora däsa Bäbäjé and orange clothed Prabhupäda and Bhakti Siddhänta jé. You cannot be a follower of both of them. These three are totally different, these two are totally different. You have put all of them in your altar. You can put some super star Mahätma in your altar but that doesn’t make any paramparä

We are putting the tilaka worn by Gaura Kiçora Däsa  Bäbä, Jagannätha Däsa Bäbä and Bhakti Vinoda Öhäkura. We are doing the same mantra which they used to do. We never…, we don’t wear Janeü.

Today only I gave Dékñä but neither I wear Janeü nor my disciples wear Janeü. Nor my Guru wore Janeü nor my Guru’s Guru wore Janeü nor anyone in our 500 years ever wore Janeü. Brähmaëa initiation…?!? This is not Brähmaëa initiation. We gave you Vaiñëavé Dékñä, not Brähmaëa initiation!

We offer bhoga exactly the way Jagannätha däsa Bäbäjé used to offer every day. We offer bhoga to the Lord exactly the way Gaura Kiçora däsa Bäbäjé used to offer every day.

So, we are following exactly what they used to do every day. And Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté, though he was very successful but if you have eyes and if you don’t have any institutional rigidity in your mind, you can also understand that they are following none of the teachings of Bhakti Vinoda Öhäkura or Bhakti Siddhänta or Jagannätha däsa Bäbäjé or Gaura Kiçora däsa Bäbäjé. They are following none of the teachings of these Siddha Saints.

Can everything in Gauòéya Vaiñëavism change in one day?? What happened in that one day?

Just ask yourself, how I am so stupid that I am following some person who changed everything in just overnight! Saturday night I slept, and morning I got up and everything became wrong. Sunday morning, everything became wrong! Till Saturday night, everything was right.

Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté gave Brähmaëa Dékñä which was never given in Gauòéya Vaiñëava Sampradäya. He gave ‘Om bhür bhuvaù svaù’ mantra. Nobody does in Våndävana, Navadvépa, Rädhä kuëòa…, nobody does this mantra.  And we all do Maïjaré Mantras which Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté, somehow deleted from his data. These are Guru given Mantras. Any devotee will never remove the tilaka  given by his Guru.

Any devotee will never subtract the dékñä Mantras when he is giving dékñä. Whatever Mantras you get from your Guru, you give to your disciples. This is the process. This process is due to being engaged in unbroken Sampradäya.

Sampradäya means Samyak pradäna.  Giving exactly as it is which you have received from your Guru and your Guru received from his Guru and his Guru received from his Guru. This is called Sampradäya, Samyak pradäna. What to talk of Samyak pradäna, Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté completely changed everything he got from his Guru.

Added Mantras, deleted Mantras, added tilaka, deleted tilaka, added Janeü, deleted Siddha Präëälé, added saffron cloth, deleted white cloth, added sannyäsa, deleted Bäbäjé veça….

Is this comedy or this is Sampradäya?? You are exactly doing opposite of what all your Äcäryas in your paramparä did. You are telling, you are doing. Bhakti Vinoda Öhäkura also took Bäbäjé Veça at the end of his life. He was also a fool then?? And his brother also Lalita Prasäsda Öhäkura…Bhakti Vinoda Öhäkura gave Siddha Praëälé to his son Lalita Prasäda Öhäkura. Lalita Prasäda Öhäkura gave Siddha Praëälé to so many of his disciples, I know them personally and they give Praëälé to their disciples, I know them personally.

Please save yourself, have mercy! You are trying to preach…, you are trying to give mercy but have mercy on yourself first! Janma särthaka kari….

Just see who you are following…who is following nobody…?

Just because a person is famous and successful, you are following that person. Is it bhakti? Just do one thing- Go to Jagannätha Puré, go to Navadvépa, go to Våndävana, go to Rädhäkuëòa a, any place of your choice; just see how Bhakti is done in Gauòéya Vaiñëava Sampradäya. Everyone follows the same way. Go to Våndävana, go to Navadvépa; everyone follows the same way except Iskcon and Gauòéya Maöha.

Ask yourself! Was there no Gauòéya Vaiñëava Sampradäya 200 years back? Only because Bhakti Vinoda Öhäkura family existed, there is Gauòéya Vaiñëavism and if they don’t exist there is no Gauòéya Vaiñëavism?? Just for yourself, just understand what is Gauòéya Vaiñëavism minus Bhakti Vinoda Öhäkura’s family and his followers.

First, try to understand what Gauòéya Vaiñëava Sampradäya is all about then follow some Guru who is following as it is, unbroken.

And ours is a märga of anugatya, following. And if you don’t follow tilaka, mantra, cloth, conceptions…, then what are you following? You are rejecting everything of your Guru. How can you become Siddha by rejecting everything which is being done by all the Siddhas!?! You want to become siddha by rejecting all the things which are being done by all the Siddhas. And it is a great offense to all Siddhas that I am not following anything what you do. I am doing, inventing something totally new.