New Year 2024

In KARM it is always party time!!

We are always celebrating the infinite BLESSINGS we have.

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And, similarly on 30th December 2023, KARM Family celebrated the end of the year, by relishing and re-living every highlight, every LECTURE, every moment we got with ÇRÉ GURUDEVA in 2023.

We went home with Grateful hearts..

There was one more memory, one thought, that we wanted to talk about as we were on the brink of New Year, that- the last New Year with ÇRÉ GURUDEVA was in 2012.. it had been 11 years since then… We knew what it meant, so no one spoke about it.. It meant we don’t get ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S DARÇANA on New Year’s day anymore..

But Love is that feeling which keeps us happy even when we’re longing, wishing for more, while relishing what we have and yet looking out for more but not asking for it because we already have so much!!

Love is the most mesmerizing feeling. If it is Love at all, there will be Äçäbandhana in it… Love is binded by the feeling of hope to see, to meet one’s BELOVED..

And, recently in Kärtika Relish Class, we all unanimously felt, if ÇRÉ GURUDEVA didn’t say anything about four months of ekänta väsa (from Kärtika to ÄVIRBHÄVA DIVASA), unlike last year, then there is a ray of hope..! May be we might get blessed with the divine DARÇANA before ÄVIRBHÄVA DIVASA…

But again, a thought is just a thought.. and we all moved ahead with certainty and ecstasy for the upcoming DARÇANA on ÄVIRBHÄVA DIVASA, which we knew are sure to happen..

 Coming back to 1st Jan 2024…

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Today was the 1st day of a new year, 2024. And it was already auspicious as we got blessed with the opportunity to witness the DEITIES Anniversary celebration of one Mji’s DEITIES, on YouTube Live. Usually 5-7 Devotees go at the respective Devotee’s house to participate in Celebration. Today, there were just 3 Devotees, rest of the KARM Family was watching online.

We all had found ways to avoid material engagements on the 1st day of 2024. Some of us lied about having a function at KARM..

and some just had this feeling in their gut since morning…

For some, the signs of auspiciousness started showing with breaking of glass in the morning…

And some had to continue with what prärabdhas had in store for them, like going to office..!

Little did we know that our white lies, our excuses and those signs of auspiciousness would turn into this festival of unimagined reality…

It happened when we were all sitting in our rooms, or cooking while watching and enjoying the Kértana before Abhiñeka on YouTube Live, at around 12:30 pm.

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And suddenly…

in a blink….

We saw….




At that Place, where the DEITIES Anniversary function was going on??

Oh, that can’t be true… So, let’s just rewind and watch again…

And we watched..

And we were beyond shocked…

Some of us thought we have mistakenly played a different Video, while some thought that a Video of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA is being played inside this video !!


No one actually believed that ÇRÉ GURUDEVA SÄKÑÄTA CAME there!!

How could this happen!! We were going nuts, crazy, bonkers, mad with ecstasy !!!

And the next thing- MATAJI’S INBOX was pinging with messages !

But before it got flooded, our Most Compassionate MATAJI sent out a MESSAGE – whoever wishes to go for DARÇANA, can go..

Was it really happening ? Less than a minute ago we saw ÇRÉ GURUDEVA LIVE, and we were only trying to accept THAT REALITY…

and now WE CAN GO THERE TOO ??

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Did we enter 2024 with the Biggest Blast of Celebration? Yes!! Definitely!!

And then, for those 5-7 minutes (because anything more than that would have been a shame) we all behaved like Gopés, who run at the sound of Kåñëa ‘s Flute, leaving Everything, Everyone…

We ran like our lives depended on it..

Some came from Gurgaon, some from East Delhi… One Devotee came from Våndävana !! From all corners we were rushing to our DESTINATION, to our DESTINY- our BELOVED ÇRÉ GURUDEVA…

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As soon as we arrived, all our eyes were fixed at the DARÇANA of MAHÄRÄJA JÉ’S Dazzling & Luminous LOTUSFACE..

We all appeared to be like that person who has been in the desert for months and he finally reaches an ocean of pristine water.. we got everything…

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We paid our humbles Obeisances at the Supremely Glorious LOTUSFEET of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA..

And the Celebrations had already begun!!

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Numerous lavish Bhogas were arranged beautifully for the DEITIES and many more started coming in..

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We participated in the Delightful Divine Äratés, and the Room was gleaming with the vibrant sounds & echos of Love filled kértana..

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We witnessed the Rarest Astonishing & Awe-inspiring DARÇANA while ÇRÉ GURUDEVA most lovingly Showered rose petals on Rädhäräné..

Then we were BLESSED with guidance on Bhoga Offering Meditation like never before. At every step ÇRÉ GURUDEVA Gave us the vision, the right thought and those BLESSINGS with which we could meditate and felt that we maïjarés are sitting with Rädhä Kåñëa and are caressing them through words, through Kértana..

By the DIVINE WORDS of MAHÄRÄJA JÉ, we could experience the bliss of Offering Bhoga to Rädhäräné & Kåñëa as we would do in Golok Våndävana.

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After Bhoga Offering we got drenched in the Merciful Hari Kathä that MAHÄRÄJA JÉ poured into our hearts, and enlightened hope within us, and we felt an unbreakable connection with our Iñöa, Rädhäräné.

MAHÄRÄJA JÉ imbibed the knowledge in us, of how to worship our DEITIES, how to chant in the right manner, and the pre requisite of loving service- to sleep early.

It was Mesmerizing & Fanciful for all of us and especially for Rani Mataji… Who was not in her senses, because Her undreamt dream came true !!

Because of MAHÄRÄJA JÉ’S DIVINE PRESENCE, the Vibrations in the Room were sooo pure… the energy sooo high… that everyone present there could feel direct connection to Öhäkura Jé.

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Then, we all got the chance to serve offerings to MAHÄRÄJA JÉ, which were most lovingly accepted and we all were BLESSED with our unique RECIPROCATIONS, as we all have and feel a special complete relationship with MAHÄRÄJA JÉ..

Although we wished for this day to never end, but it was time for MAHÄRÄJA JÉ to go… The whole KARM Family went downstairs to see off MAHÄRÄJA JÉ, and was standing in the middle of the road, with people watching us from all four corners.. but all we could see were MAHÄRÄJA JÉ..

Even the passerbys were mesmerized by the captivating DARÇANA..

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We had surrounded MAHÄRÄJA JÉ as if trying to get one more Glimpse..

And suddenly it felt more complete when MATAJI stepped out of the car to get MAHÄRÄJA JÉ’S BLESSINGS & DARÇANA..

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It is our immense fortune to have witnessed that pinnacle of loving exchange between a disciple & Her SPIRITUAL MASTER..

MATAJI started to walk towards MAHÄRÄJA JÉ..  and before that, MAHÄRÄJA JÉ walked up to MATAJI…

With folded hands & heavy hearts, we had to bid farewell to MAHÄRÄJA JÉ for the day.

In MAHÄRÄJA JÉ’s KARM everything is in tons.. be it MERCY or be it Prasäda.. Even though 4-5 Devotees were initially invited, Rani Mataji still made Prasad according to 12-15 plates… (She really is a ‘queen’, as MAHÄRÄJA JÉ once said..)

But we were more than 50 Devotees that day!

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Yet, this is the magic of Mahäprabhu’s SHELTER! There is never a lacking of any sort.. The Prasäda expanded and there was more than enough for each person in the room !

It is still UNBELIEVABLE but soooooo BLISSFUL that ÇRÉ GURUDEVA CAME to BLESS us….

‘Happy New Year’- Words that are otherwise only words, ÇRÉ GURUDEVA MADE THEM REAL… by MERCIFULLY MAKING-


Not just New… but with the NEWEST… NEVER EVER DREAMT of THIS…

Not just Year… but with the YEARS…

by BLESSING us with the Lifetime memory of 1st January for all years to come…

Yes… For KARM Devotees, it is-

Happiest Newest Years….


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Usually on 1st January people go to Temples, Gurudwaras, etc. they go to Holy Places/ Pilgrimages… To get Lord’s DARÇANA… but we are sooo blessed that Our LORD IN THE FORM OF ÇRÉ GURU HIMSELF CAME TO GIVE us DARÇANA…

And turned another house into a GURU DVÄRÄ, a PILGRIMAGE… a TÉRTHA.

Till now we hadn’t even fully collected & cherished the MERCY of 2023.. and ÇRÉ GURUDEVA OVERFLOODED us with the KÅPÄ OF 2024… truly truly BLESSED…

ÇRÉ GURUDEVA had already imparted this hope, via those small passing thoughts within all of us in own unique ways, and when it came to life, it took us by thunderstorm..

Those çubha saìketas & small thoughts of äçäbandhana, that underlying faith & hope.. “Maybe we might be blessed before ÄVIRBHÄVA DIVASA..” were actually indicating and leading us to this day, but we were oblivious to it until it physically unfolded into our level of reality..

As ÇRÉ GURUDEVA said, “viçväse mile öhäkura..”


We really did get our ÖHÄKURA JÉ’S (MAHÄRÄJA JÉ’S ) DARÇANA, even with that small ray of hope..