Navadvépa Dhäma 2024

1 In KARM, every month carries Blessings, but February & March bring immense splendor & magic. First we celebrate Ävirbhäva Mahämahotsava of our MAHÄRÄJA JÉ in February.

And soon, the Gaura-maya, Navadvépa-maya, Guru-maya month of March takes us to, as Navadvépa Çataka states- The Abode of shoreless oceans of Love, where Çrématé Rädhäräné wanders eternally; where all living entities & inanimate things are blissful, eternal & spiritual- the city of Lord Gauräìga, Çré Navadvépa Dhäma; where our Blessings become manyfolds.

A day, an hour or even a second of MAHÄRÄJA JÉ’S Darçana brings immense purity & bliss. But the compassion of Navadvépa Dhäma gives us MAHÄRÄJA JÉ for 10 days and this year it was for 11 days !!

In Delhi, the preparations don’t start 1 or 2 months before going, rather 4 months before going!! This way we live the next few months in a Guru-maya & Gaura-maya consciousness.

2Train devotees started journey on 17th of March. The Devotees who couldn’t join for trip, came all the way to pick Devotees from respective homes and dropped them at station in their cars. Even the adverse conditions of Delhi railway station did not stop our Devotees to stay until last minute to keep luggage in train, such is the magnetic bliss of association! & This is the contagious service attitude in KARM ! Even kids & family members of devotees indulge in sevä with best of their possibility!

Delhi Devotees finally waved goodbye to the train devotees. As the train started moving, they tried to hide their emotions of separation, mixed with the excitement for upcoming days!

1 day of train…

Train journey was filled with excitement & enthusiasm for upcoming celebrations. Those 24 hours were gone in relishing that finally going to the much awaited place of our dreams with ÇRÉ GURUDEVA !!

Devotees who didn’t go, cooked all night, lavish & thougtful prasäda meals for those who went. Their labour of love was visible in the opulence of each meal. The quantity was more than enough; some plates were distributed to coolies & to needy.


ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’s Teachings of service attitude were witnessed throughout the journey when anyone felt slight discomfort and even during unloading of luggage..

Everything was done as sevä of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA, with utmost love and sensitivity, while following vaiñëava äcaraëa at all times.


Every year, bus ride from station to Advaita Äìgana is filled with peaking eagerness. It becomes almost impossible to sit and wait. But, journey is as good as destination. And Devotees sing through the way, capturing in phones, eyes & heart- forests and streets which takes us to Navadvépa.


At this point, routine life is left far behind… All that remains is, GURUDEVA-GURUDEVA!! GAURÄÌGA- GAURÄÌGA!!

After 29 hours, reaching Advaita Äìgana takes us to memories of past years, everything flashes in front of eyes, gives a rush of ecstatic bliss, our faces could tell…

Everything around is Gaura-maya! Dhämaväsés, animals, dust, trees & forests… All are divine, eternal & belong to Mahäprabhu. Even the air and sun of Navadvépa are not earthy, it’s not the ordinary sun of earth which shines on Navadvépa.. a Gaurasundara emantes His Golden effulgence.. With this feeling, we pay obeisances to Navadvépa Bhümi and anoint ourselves with raja.

Real preparations for party begin now… Every atom, every pore is ready & longing to serve ÇRÉ GURUDEVA. Supremely auspicious, blissful, life-giving yet breathtaking, camatkäré, wow-filled Darçana of our revered ÇRÉ GURUDEVA are awaited.

Such Darçanas, filled with newness in every fraction of a second, ‘nimishe nimishe koti koti vikaran’.

So beautiful, without even grasping present glimpse fully, another wow-filled glimpse appears, then another, then another, and so on…

One can imagine what happens in 30 seconds of welcoming ÇRÉ GURUDEVA !?! – We are stunned, unable to contain the bliss, unable to behold the beauty… the senses don’t work, hands & legs don’t move, the unstable & uncontrollable mind becomes quiet, as if, it’s not there at all!

Such is the magnanimous & wow-filled presence of our ÇRÉ GURUDEVA.

While holding in our heart, this tsunami of ecstatic bliss, we get absorbed in services for ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S welcome.


Advaita Äìgana is decorated by loving involvement of each devotee.

Here Raìgolé Sevä begins, there backdrop gets ready; on one hand entrance is beautified with flowers; on the other, Room is prepped. Wherever one sees, it’s a festival of seväs.

After decorating Rädhäräné’s Mahal, we wait for our Rädhäräné, our Gaura. Now, the ever-beautiful Dhäma radiates immense beauty. The trees and branches glow up, the flowers become brighter… Dhämaväsés know, their wait is over.. They rejoice with happiness. Their feelings of separation and longing for ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’s Darçana can be seen in eyes…

After the Vilamba Lélä arranged by Gaura to make the Darçana even more relishable (as if it was not highest already), ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S super joyous arrival took us by storm…

7With lovelorn eyes glued to Car’s direction, we welcomed ÇRÉ GURUDEVA with Kértana, karatälas, bumpers, ghaëöäs, conchshells, mådaìga, garland & ulu dhvani, and different cameras were only trying to capture as much as they could get, of the LIMITLESS LORD!

ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’s eagerness to give DARÇANA was felt, as all were recipients of Compassionate glance and Vätsalya-maya Smile of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA.


Soon afterwards, Blessings of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA showered in the form of Gaura Rüpa Mädhuré Hari Kathä; then Prasäda from Nitäicända’s Bäòé (Khardaha) which was a special gift from MAHÄRÄJA JÉ’S MOTHER and it became highest carrier of love, as it was given by the Lotushands of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA, to each one.

Who could have thought of such merciful beginning!

The vision of MAHÄRÄJA JÉ starts where our thinking ends!

Thereafter, we visited Kaïcana Dädäjé, as He was eagerly waiting for Darçana of MAHÄRÄJA JÉ. His love, respect & humility for MAHÄRÄJA JÉ always increases. With utmost love & happiness, He welcomed us all. It would be less to say that the Prasäda they prepared for us was lovefilled and opulent. It was much more than that..

The incredible start to this Trip, by the Blessings of MAHÄRÄJA JÉ, made us ready for Parikramä. We felt extremely grateful & fortunate to be in this rarest Shelter.



The auspicious Parikramä began from Mahäprabhu Janmasthäna. The blissful announcement of Kaïcana Dädäjé that “we will start the Parikramä from Çacénandana Janmasthäna with ÇRÉ ÇRÉ SHACHINANDAN DASA BABAJI MAHARAJA Himself” filled the hall with echoes of ulu dhvani and Haribola sounds.

It was an unhidden truth in Navadvépa, that ÇRÉ GURUDEVA is Gaura Himself.


Whoever saw ÇRÉ GURUDEVA, they would immediately pay obeisances humbly at Lotusfeet.


Mesmerizing Maìgala Ärati & Gaura Kértanas were sung by KARM Devotees. Thereafter, the boat at banks of serene Ganges, took us to Nirdaya Ghäöa.

We had just started breathing this air & every breath was purifying us; every direction we looked in, made us closer to Gauräìga Mahäprabhu.


At Rudradvépa Halt, we got blissful DARÇANA ÄSVÄDANA of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S Nåtya during Kértana.

Dhämaväsés, mesmerized & captivated by ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S Presence; requested ÇRÉ GURUDEVA to enlighten us with HIS ÇRÉ VÄËÉ. To which ÇRÉ GURUDEVA humbly responded with Smiling gesture, saying ‘It will happen soon…’.


We, the blessed children, got the Merciful Hari Kathä in the form of TALK about the widespread deviations in Gauòéya Vaiñëava Teachings, to which KARM is the only umbrella of protection, while ÇRÉ GURUDEVA being the sole torch-bearer.


Before this, we witnessed a heart-warming moment when Mahanta of Madana Gopäla Jé Temple came running for ÇRÉ GURUDEVA, with Garland & a special message that the Garland was sent by Madana Gopäla Jé !!

His eagerness to serve ÇRÉ GURUDEVA & his humility while being an authority, was a learning experience for us.

Day 1 was a series of realisations of where we are, yes, but mainly with WHOM we are!


Before Day 2 officially began, Navadvépa Dhäma drenched us, literally…!!


We had no idea, Mahäprabhu’s Blessings were hidden in rains..!


At Cända Qäzé Samädhi, ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S Nåtya movement made us & Dhämaväsés lose our senses.


A small stop made at Dhämaväsé’s house was the wow moment of the day, as they welcomed ÇRÉ GURUDEVA like the Lord Himself arrived, and mesmerizingly they worshipped ÇRÉ GURUDEVA with auspicious paraphernalia for Deity Worship!! They performed Äraté of LOTUSFEET and to our further surprise, they were one step away from performing Abhiñeka of LOTUSFEET..

Witnessed loving exchanges between Dhämaväsés & ÇRÉ GURUDEVA, as Both wanted to do Abhiñeka of each other’s Feet, but…

In their battle of love, it was us who lost our hearts.. to both ÇRÉ GURUDEVA & to Dhämaväsés.. we became the victims of Love…


Later, Paëòäla halt was equally blissful, where ÇRÉ GURUDEVA gave us a precious TALK on ‘Right perspective to see ÇRÉ GURUDEVA & others'; arranged by Mahäprabhu Himself via Rain Lélä, and we understood yet again, ÇRÉ GURUDEVA is Svayaà ÇRÉ HARI & the Words of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA are Law.

The Magical Lélä of rains occurred to show us WHAT ÇRÉ GURUDEVA is DOING for us, every day, every second.

We actually witnessed ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S fear and worry for our well being, the concern for safety, nothing should happen to us, not even a scratch is bearable to ÇRÉ GURUDEVA…


Hence, ÇRÉ GURUDEVA did everything to protect us, pushed the carts full of luggage, held hands of devotees to stop from falling. What can we do for MAHÄRÄJA JÉ, we can’t even begin to pay debts of our protection! It’s bigger than all life insurances combined.

ÇRÉ GURUDEVA always saw everything personally, even if one Devotee was missing, ÇRÉ GURUDEVA used to know and waited until each one was there.

We wrapped the day with Khicaòé Prasäda like no other, and special BLESSINGSFUL warm milk from our beloved MATAJI.


Day 3 was the auspicious Ekädaçé fasting day. After a small Parikramä, the day was concluded with Mahäbhäva-maya Session on Praläpa Lélä. Not only we heard about Mahäprabhu in Rädhä bhäva, we also got Darçana of Mahäprabhu in Rädhä bhäva.. At the end, we didn’t get up from the Lecture, rather we came back from Gambhérä. ÇRÉ GURUDEVA filled our hearts with Gaura.


Historical events took place one after the other, but this broke all records! A plethora of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S GRANTHAS were sold to numerous Dhämaväsés in a matter of 15 minutes… A mere glimpse of the GRANTHA made one Dhämaväsé buy it. And no later, whole crowd was chasing our Devotee, like chain reaction!


The same lingered on for the next two days. More GRANTHAS were printed urgently & shipped to Navadvépa from Delhi.

‘Be a Gauòéya Vaiñëava’ & ‘Cannot become a Maïjaré Without Deep Gaura Bhajana’ were sold like oxygen!



This day gave us a memorable boat ride with ÇRÉ GURUDEVA while we headed to Vidyänagar.


We were grateful to visit Pen Tree, Gaura Gadädhara Temple. Sitting under that tree with ÇRÉ GURUDEVA, we prayed that the spiritual knowledge may get imbibed in us by the blessings of Pen Tree.


It was day of parties from Devotees for Devotees, including sugarcane juice, ice cream, coconut water & ended with Lovefilled precious Prasäda.



This was the last day of Parikramä. We were blessed to visit Säraìga Muräré Temple, Jagäi-Mädhäi Ghäöa to name a few sthalés and finally concluded the mesmerizing & merciful Parikramä at Mahäprabhu’s Janmasthäna.


The early evening was filled with its own set of magical moments & blessings. Following ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S Rickshaw, we visited Çréväsa Äìgana, Dhämeçvara Mahäprabhu Temple and did Païcakosé Parikramä.

The vibrant & opulent decorations for upcoming Gaura Pürëimä at every Temple, left us jaw dropped!



Later in the evening, all went to nearby market to buy gift offerings for Delhi Devotees. KARM serving culture is unbeatable. Even after a full day of Parikramä and Temple visits, there were no signs of tiredness. Devotees just looked for reasons & opportunities to serve!

Some sponsored the night prasädam whereas some sponsored drinks & sweets.



Now was the time for ever awaited Ekacakra Dhäma Yäträ.

30Day started with early morning Shobhä DARÇANA of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA, before sitting in the bus. First stop, i.e Yäjégräma, comes after 2 hours, the temple of Narahari Sarakära & Çréväsa Paëòita DEITIES. It was a BLESSING to stay there for some time. After feasting on an opulent breakfast by our Revered MATAJI, we headed towards Nitäi Bäòé, our eternal home…


Upon reaching Ekacakra Dhäma, first, Çré Bäìkä Räya blessed us with Darçana, & then our Präëa Nitäi called us home finally..


The blessingsful, Lunch Prasäda in Nitäi Bäòé was the sweetest blessing by our dearest, most honourable AUNTY JÉ, ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S MOTHER…

After Gaura & Nitäi entered us through prasäda and darçana, They entered us through our ears, by the surprise blessings of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA in the form of LECTURE on Niñkäma Life, why to live & how to live. The session was extremely practical & it truly showed us the contrast between our actions & what our intent should be.

In evening, we witnessed some KARM Devotees distributing lovefilled & mindfully thought-out gifts to Dhämaväsés at Ekacakra Dhäma. It was a blissful experience for us all.

Thereafter, visits to few rare Nitäi Temples took place in the footsteps of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA. At one Temple we witnessed the weight of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S Presence, when even closed doors of the DEITIES Temple were opened by Dhämaväsé Maiyyä, upon Darçana of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA.

Hence the day concluded with oceans of Nitäi BLESSINGS. Our bus ride back to Advaita Äìgana was filled with Kértanas, and relishment of our day of breathing the divine air of Nitäi Bäòé…


The day we all waited for, since we got to know about MAYAPUR Trip, finally arrived. The Mercy of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA, Çréman Mahäprabhu, Nitäicända, and all our Äcäryas, reached its culmination. We got the supremely highest Blessings, which all the jévas together also can never fathom in best of their dreams…

On the Ävirbhäva Tithi of the most benevolent Giver, our Präëa Gaura, we were breathing & living in His abode that day!

Rememberance of which, gives tears… Why am I not there now…

The day started with preparations, as happens in Nitya Lélä, either we are partying or doing preparations for party! Beautiful Decorations, lavish Prasäda, Cakes etc. were prepared by loving hands of devotees.


ÇRÉ GURUDEVA took us for Darçana at Temples to beg for blessings and to say Thank You to all DEITIES for calling us to Dhäma every year…


The evening was something which no one could have imagined despite knowing the schedule..


ÇRÉ GURUDEVA took us to Janmasthäna for Gaura Abhiñeka Darçana.. but we witnessed magic… As we could surprisingly reach the first rows of the Temple Hall even in huge crowd, soon Mahanta Jé invited ÇRÉ GURUDEVA in the Altar for Gaura Abhiñeka!! It was truly the Most Magical Dåçya!


Then Kaïcana Dädäjé invited ÇRÉ GURUDEVA to His place for Gaura Abhiñeka..


There was magic in the air, the demigods in the sky were celebrating & clicking pictures of the arrival of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA, by continuous thunderbolts & lightening. Dark sky turned pink & purple for seconds in between.

It was as if Navadvépa was reciprocating and rejoicing upon the arrival of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA and unveiling that MAHÄRÄJA JÉ is Lord Gaura Himself…


Thereafter we were blessed more and more by glorious Abhiñeka Darçana at Dhämeçvara Mahäprabhu.


Very late at night, when it was not expected, ÇRÉ GURUDEVA Blessed us with Darçana again and our worlds brightened up, as if we got a purpose to live, to smile again…


ÇRÉ GURUDEVA, even after spending the entire day out, came again especially to cut the Gaura Pürëimä Cakes & to accept our Offerings, out of Mercy & compassion.


ÇRÉ GURUDEVA reciprocated with each one.. Blessed us with VÄËÉ, Merciful GLANCES, Love Filled SMILES and an unexpected TALK, that we should all carry Gaura home.

The way an ocean cannot be gathered in a spoon, similarly this Trip cannot be covered, even in so many paragraphs…

The way Gaura Rüpa Mädhuré is endless, similarly our ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S mädhurya & vätsalya for His janas/disciples is endless.. ÇRÉ GURUDEVA is Lord & Master of our heart, is one thing.

But we are the accepted ones, this is the Most Beautiful Reality we are living in.

Experiencing all this, it is like living an alternate life. We get transported to Nitya Navadvépa.

Till in train, we still are on earth, but between Howrah / Bardhaman station to Advaita Äìgana, some magic of our Gaura transports us to Nitya Navadvépa…


Here, love effortlessly flowed in us and our everyday enemies, our anarthas take a flight.

As Navadvépa Çataka states, we pray again, when will I reside in Lord Gauräìga’s City, where all the moving and stationary living entities eternally shine with the splendour of intensely blissful spiritual forms which cannot be seen by those whose eyes are blinded by mäyä! (Verse 29)