GURU PURNIMA 2019 Celebrations

Fortunate are the ones who have GURU in their lives.. and even more fortunate are those who get the Opportunity to Celebrate Guru Purnima of Their Spiritual Master.
KARM Devotees were those fortunate souls to be the part of the Ever-awaited and Indescribable GURU PURNIMA 2019 Celebrations of our Revered SRI GURUDEVA SRI SRI SHACHINANDAN JI MAHARAJ.. Watch Video


This LECTURE named STRI-pana.. (Feministic Thinking) is the real EYE OPENER for any and every sadhak in female body who aspires siddhi, perfection.
.In other words, without getting rid of this disease STRI-pana.. what to talk of siddhi, perfection, even worldly happiness is not possible..!!
Through this LECTURE, SRI GURUDEVA Explains this that till the female inside you remains alive, you will continue to remain dead… !!.. Watch Video

SRI BABAJI Uvach- Guru Tattva,Guru Avagya

This VIDEO is the ANSWER to ALL our queries, ALL our myths and illusions related to GURU TATTVA.. given by SRI SRI ANANT DAS BABAJI MAHARAJ before He entered into Nitya Lila. Though small, this VIDEO is very deep and is a MUST for all Sadhakas, all disciples, all followers to UNDERSTAND.. in order to attain perfection (siddhi)….
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Sri Sri Nandlal Babaji Maharaj Virah Utsav… speech by Sri Sri Shachinandan ji Maharaj

“We are all well-versed with the Sloka-
brahmāṇḍa bhramite kona bhāgyavān jīva |
Guru-kṛṣṇa-prasāde pāya bhakti-latā-bīja ||
“GURU KRIPA HI KEVALAM”- SRI GURUDEVA EXPLAINS through this Speech, delivered on Sri Nand Lal Babaji Maharaj Virah Utsav…. Watch Video


When Lord bestows His Mercy upon jiva, He gives him “human” body.. but by considering oneself “human”, by this Manushyapana (humanistic thinking) one destroys everything.. Through this Video, SRI GURUDEVA Explains how this ONE thought controls our entire life.. and we chase after fulfilling humanistic desires, humanistic aspirations, humanistic ambitions of celebrating birthdays, anniversaries etc….
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Distance between me & my mind

In conditioned state, I, the soul, is covered by Gross Body and Subtle Body (composed of Mind, Intelligence and False Ego)…
In other words,I am different.. Gross Body is different.. I am NOT Gross Body.. Likewise, I am different.. Subtle Body is different.. I am NOT Subtle Body.. I am NOT mind..There is a HUGE Distance between me and my mind..SRI GURUDEVA GIVES an insight into this reality.. in a very simplified way through this Video..Watch Video

   Are you 100% sure ??? Who are you-a particle OR a person ?

We all have created many identities of ourselves since we have come into existence.. But who am I in REALITY?
This Harikatha by SRI GURUDEVA is an EYE OPENER of our real identity. Hear this and be 100% sure of who you really are..
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Heart Touching Kirtans

GURUDEVA Enveloping all in Sri Sri Gaura Govind Prema… Hear Audio


Ekädaçé, observed on the 11th day of waning and waxing phase of moon in a traditional Hindu calendar, is one of the most popular fast/Vrata observed in Hinduism. . But with each passing year, different views/opinions of people come up, belittling this auspicious day to a mere ritual. Read More

एकादशी महत्व

Ekadasi, observed on the 11th day of waning and waxing phase of moon in a traditional Hindu calendar, is one of the most popular fast/Vrat observed in Hinduism.Many of us must be observing this fast.. but ask yourself-Why do you observe this Ekadasi??  Watch Video