Kärtika, the king of all months, is the most dear to Lord Çré Kåñëa, as stated in Padma Puräëa.

dvädaçäsv api mäseñu kärtikaù kåñëa-vallabhaù

Also, another verse from Çré Hari Bhakti Viläsa states that:

avratena kñiped yas tu mäsaà dämodara-priyam


However, it is Çrémati Rädhäräné’s grace which makes the month of Kärtika more glorious, for she is the queen of this month and its an opportunity for us, the Gauòéya Vaiñëavas, would be maïjarés, to receive her special grace in this month. Though this month is very very special and everyone waits for this month.. but for KARM Devotees, it is utmost special and they eagerly wait for this month throughout the year, for this is the only month to receive special Blessings of the Lord and to become all the more dear to the Lord.

Devotees at KARM welcome and celebrate Kärtika with great enthusiasm, since it is not merely a month, but a month long festival… each day of this 30 days period is a new day with lots and lots of service opportunities, festivities, celebrations etc..


This year, Kärtika began on 9th of October and ended on 8th of November, both days being Ekädaçés. Kärtika is also known as the month of Niyama Sevä (regulated services) as it is said in Çré Hari Bhakti Viläsa that that one must take some vow (niyama) of bhajana and follow in this month (for details, refer One who, without taking any bhajana niyama spends this month, will attain animal form of life, as stated in Çré Hari Bhakti Viläsa and also elaborated by Nitya Lélä Praviñöa Çré Çré Ananta Däsa Bäbäjé Mahäräja (“Çré Bäbäjé Mähäräja”) in His last and final Lecture on 29th October, 2018 (watch video at

tiryag-yoëim aväpnoti sarva-dharma-bahis-kåtaù


Following the scriptural injunctions / çästra väëé and in order to please the Lord, KARM Devotees performed various exclusive devotional activities in this month on a daily basis including but not limited to Deep däna, Äratés, offering flowers and stringing garlands for the Lord, giving charity, reciting various Añöakaàs including Dämodara Añöakaà, Rädhä Kåpä Kaöäkña, Çré Ñaò Gosvämé Añöakaà, Rädhä Stotra, Çré Çikñäñöakam etc. Devotees also took vows in the form of increasing their minimum sädhanä, japa, reading Bhagavad Gétä and absorption in Çré Bäbäjé Mahäräja’s Granthas like Çré Prema Bhakti Candrikä, Çré Viläpa Kusumäïjalé etc, hearing Hari Kathä, discussions/churnings amongst Devotees, Dhämaväsa, regulated eating etc to name a few..  Further, with the blessings of our revered Çré Gurudeva, Çré Çré Shachinandan Jé Mahäräja (“Mahäräja Jé”), a new YouTube Channel in the name of “KARM KARTIK” was launched in this month on which rasamaya banglä to hindi translation of a rare öékä on Çré Çré Govinda Lélämåta (written by Çré Kåñëadäsa Kaviräja Gosvämé) was given by some KARM Devotees. Not only the Devotees were blessed to translate this Grantha, also the translation was telecasted live on YouTube, so as to benefit the masses and turning each day of this auspicious month all the more relishable for one and all.


Festivities in Kärtika month extended further, as Devotees were blessed to visit Çré Våndävana Dhäma on every weekend including on Diwälé.


Such weekly trips were not mere trips but like weekend celebrations since Devotees were blessed to conduct Stall preaching services in Dhäma, participate in various festivals, have darçana of various präcéna temples (Çré Rädhä Dämodara Temple, Çré Rädhä Ramaëa Temple etc), contribute and serve in 56 bhoga in Dhäma.

1576306785489 1576306223394 1576306972979

Blessings flowed like never before as our Kärtika Trip under the shelter and guidance of Mahäräja Jé was organized on 18th of October, 2019, like icing on the cake. Ever excited devotees gathered at the venue early morning 5 am under the dark sky, as no one can even think of getting late for this awaited Trip. Cars started at 6 am for Çré Rädhäkuëòa Dhäma.

On the way

Breakfast Prasädaà was honored by the Devotees on the way before reaching Çré Rädhäkuëòa Dhäma at 10 am.

Halt Prasad

At Dhäma, we were blessed under the guidance of Mahäräja Jé, to have darçana of Samädhi Mandira of Çré Çré Kuïja Bihäré Däsa Bäbäjé Mahäräja, Çré Çré Ananta Däsa Bäbäjé Mahäräja, Çré Rädhä Käläcända Jé, Çré Raghunätha Däsa Gosvämé Jé Samädhi, Çré Jähnavä Mätä Baiöhaka, participated in Çré Rädhäkuëòa and Çré Govardhana püjä, Çré Rädhäkuëòa Parikramä.

Ashram BABAJI ROOM 1576306092230 Kund Puja

Govardhan 1576306340623 Parikrama

We were also blessed to participate in Tirobhäva Mahotsava function of Çré Narottama Öhäkura Mahäçaya and hear a talk from Çré  Kåñëa Caitanya Gosai .


In the afternoon, we all started for Çré Våndävana Dhäma, when the most awaited time for Lecture by Mahäräja Jé came.


Always desiring the benefit of disciples, followers and public at large and showering blessings on everyone, Mahäräja Jé blessed us through the Lecture with a very subtle vyäkhyä of the most commonly stated, read and heard but most under-followed line of the famous sloka spoken by Çréman Gauräìga Mahäprabhu himself– “kértanéyaù sadä hariù”.


Citing references from different scriptures and quoting examples of different Äcäryäs, Mahäräja Jé very beautifully explained and revealed the real meaning of “kértanéyaù sadä hariù” (watch video at and hear audio at This was followed by performing Deep däna and lovingly reciting Añöakaàs by Devotees.

Deepdan 1Deepdan 2

After taking Prasäda for the night and with hearts full of blessings and unforgettable memories, devotees left from Çré Våndävana Dhäma for Delhi.

Enthusiastic Devotees carried on their services and festivities further, for the forte of KARM Devotees has always been – Manomayé Vaiñëava Sevä – Serve Serve and Serve…of course with love and in änugatya, following the instructions of Çré Rüpa Gosvämipäd provided in Nectar of Instructions (dadäti pratigåhëäti guhyam äkhyäti påcchati bhuìkte bhojayate caiva  ñaò-vidhaà préti-lakñaëam) and Kärtika being the rarest of month to receive loads and loads of blessings of the Lord. Devotees planned for and served in newer and newer ways including lots and lots of cooking seväs- cooking for weekly programs, cooking for single/family devotees, selflessly serving by cooking and hanging secretly at the doors of the Devotees, inviting Devotees to their homes, searched for and served unique seasonal items including guòha, revaòhé, sweets, gazzaks etc exclusively brought all the way from Çré Rädhäkuëòa Dhäma/ Çré Våndävana Dhäma.

Unparalleled service attitude of KARM Devotees taught by Mahäräja Jé needs no description as they always engage their minds and bodies in finding newer ways to serve the Devotees by going out of the way, for seeking their blessings and for the pleasure of Guru and Gauräìga. This time, it was by way of Gupt Sevä. A kartäla set, a fridge magnet with Rädhä Näma and a beautiful Rädhä Näma locket was served by some devotees as gupt sevä, so as to not to receive any acknowledgements from the devotees. And this gupt sevä was served by such devotees in addition to their other offerings for Kärtika.

In this way, many other devotees also served devotees various items including eatables, flowering plants, digestives, lamps and many other things.


Not just on regular days, but Devotees also served more and more on Ekädaçé Days of Kärtika Month.. observing nirjalä, cooking opulently for the DEITIES, ekädaçé jägaraëas etc. Many devotees also took the opportunity to cook and serve on Dvädaçés of Kärtika, as it is considered very auspicious to serve Vaiñëavas on such days. Some Devotees also cooked kheer on Çarada Pürëimä and served the Devotees. Some went to Dhäma and served various paraphernalia to Dhämaväsés. It could be seen that the Devotees missed no possibilities in Kärtika Month to serve the Devotees, the Lord and become recipient of special mercy.

Apart from physical services, Devotees also focused on mental absorption in the form of increasing manana, deep meditation on the Inner Google Lecture of Mahäräja Jé (watch video at for Mahäräja Jé always say that Bhakti is practice happening inside you and working on mindsets was everything, is everything and will always be everything. At KARM, we are not given only the theoretical knowledge, but that is always coupled with practical guidance to actually follow and live the knowledge and be happy thereby. To demonstrate this, special classes were organized in smaller groups of Devotees of various age groups based upon their specific needs and to practically guide the devotees on one to one basis.

Towards the end of Kärtika Month, on 31st of October, 2019, fortunate Devotees were again blessed to visit Çré Rädhäkuëòa Dhäma and attend Çré Ananta Däsa Bäbäjé Mahäräja’s Tirobhäva Mahotsava under Mahäräja Jé’s shelter.


Devotees participated in Sücaka Kértanas and other Kértanas being sung at Äçarama by Dhämaväsés, had Darçana of Bäbäjé’s Samädhi Mandira. Devotees also got the opportunity to be blessed with the Darçana of Çré Çré Hådayänanda Däsa Bäbäjé Mahäräja at Çré Våndävana Dhäma.

Hridyananad BABJI

Further, Mahäräja Jé enlightened Devotees with small-small Talks on Jéva – Taöastha Çakti, Child Like Innocence etc for their spiritual growth.

Kärtika Month is obviously a very special month for everyone, but it is indeed all the more special month for KARM Devotees as we get more and more opportunities to serve the Devotees, serve the Lord, increase and improve our sädhanä, our bhakti, each day is a festival, a celebration, a chance to build and develop deep loving relationships amongst Devotees and come closer to each other and to the Lord.