Of the 12-months, the Month of Kärtika is All-Auspicious.

Though comes in autumn, it showers rains of nectar.

And these rains of nectar, mercy and blessings showered devotees at KARM as they were blessed with the opportunity for Dhäma Yäträ during this month under the allegiance of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA.

Kartik CoLLAGE

Soon after the Trip was planned, requests for serving devotees and dhämaväsés began to pour. Some requested for cooking morning Prasädaà, while some expressed desire to contribute in evening Prasäda. Some wanted to serve Dhämaväsés while some devotees requested for serving diyäs (gheelamps) to devotees. There were devotees who offered their cars for the Yäträ. And there were some devotees who though could not make for the Trip, sent different items to be served to devotees.

Just as Çré Kåñëa’s flute attracts everyone, so is the Dhäma Yäträ with Çré Gurudeva. Devotees recovering from chikunguniya made for the trip. Devotee who recently got operated for cataract made for the trip. Devotees having exam the next day at school, studied before so as to be part of the Trip. Not willing to miss the opportunity, a devotee shortened his business trip, returned home at midnight and got ready for the Yäträ.

The blessed day was Oct, 20th- Çré Narottama Däsa Öhäkura Disappearance Day.

Narottam Thakur

5:00 am, it was dark all over with devotees faces being lit with bliss and enthusiasm.  After being happily seated in respective cars, we headed for Vraja Dhäma.

With Devotees around, on the empty roads of Yamunä Expressway, Devotees did Guru Vandanä and Kértanas on the way amidst the rising sun. We took a halt on the way for morning Prasädaà lovingly prepared by Devotees.

Devotees from Våndävana also joined us.  Via Våndävana, we reached Rädhäkuëòa at 10:30 am and the festival of auspiciousness began with Çré Gurudeva’s Darçana.

devotees reaching

Çré Gurudeva took us for Çré Bäbäjé Mahäräja’s Darçana at Äçrama. Devotees offered obeisances to Çré Bäbäjé Mahäräja and got the opportunity to serve Him. The loving Devotees served Lamination of Çré Narottama Däsa Öhäkura, Table, Almonds, Sugar-free cookies, rewri-gajak etc. to Çré Bäbäjé Mahäräja, who accepted very lovingly. Bäbäjé also blessed Devotees with few words, advised us to read Çré Narottama Däsa Öhäkura’s Composition Çré Prema Bhakti Candrikä.

BABA room 2

After circumambulating around Jähnavä Mätä Baiöhaka, we went to Çré Rädhäkuëòa Taöa and did Äcamana.

Jahnava mataRkund tat

The Äraté of Rädhäkuëòa was performed in which all devotees participated.

Kunda puja

Thereafter, we went on the Taöa of Çyamakuëòa and Abhiñeka of Giriräja Jé was performed by Çré Gurudeva.

abhishek Giriraj

Following Çré Gurudeva, Parikramä of Rädhäkuëòa was then performed by devotees. Devotees from Narahari Äçrama at Mäyäpur had also come, who greeted us very warmly. The loving devotees at Rädhäkuëòa requested, insisted our devotees to honour Prasädaà at their Äçrama.

parikmadevotees parikrma

Then, from the narrow lanes of Rädhäkuëòa, we headed from Kusuma Sarovara to Govardhana. The place, away from the main road, from the noise of traffic was very calm and peaceful.  Devotees requested Çré Gurudeva for blessing us with Hari Kathä and made arrangements for the same. Following Jai Rädhe Kåñëa Rädhe Kértana, Çré Gurudeva enlightened us with a very deep Discourse.

LEC tak

Çré Gurudeva very beautifully narrated the Lélä explaining how intimately and affectionately we, the maïjarés serve Çyämä-Çyäma. Çré Gurudeva also explained in detail on who we feel is ‘mine’ (merä) and who should be our ‘mine’ (Rädhäräné) in order to be happy. That which we consider to be misery is actually Lord’s Supreme Mercy was also explained. Further Çré Gurudeva drenched everyone in the nectarine Läòalé, Sväminé and Rädhäräné Kértanas.


Thereafter devotees made offerings to Çré Gurudeva. The merciful Çré Gurudeva reciprocated with all devotees through Lecture, Personal Instructions, Guidance etc.

Prasädaà was then served to devotees lovingly prepared by devotees from Våndävana. The sun had completely set and Sandhyä had approached as Çré Gurudeva performed Deep Däna amidst Hare Kåñëa Kértana. Thereafter, the devotees also performed Deep Däna to Rädhä Kåñëa and Païca Tattva.


While some devotees winded up, some other devotees arranged and packed night Prasädaà for Devotees.

Though 15 hours had passed, it seemed we had just reached.

Though morning, afternoon and evening had passed and night had come, devotees were rather more fresh and energetic than they were at the beginning of Yäträ.

But the time had come to start from there and so devotees got seated and left from Govardhana to Delhi. Imparted by Çré Gurudeva’s Teachings, the KARM devotees never miss even slightest opportunity to serve. Like in other functions and celebrations, devotees carried gifts and offerings to Dhäma and served each other there as well.

Though the Yäträ had come to an end, it brought with it ever-new relishable moments. Thus, devotees not only carried with them bags of gifts home but also the lifetime moments and vision of Çré Gurudeva in their hearts.