One flower is my garden; One friend, my entire world- the phrase commonly heard, finds its real meaning in the lives of KARM Devotees who are blessed with ÇRÉ RÄDHÄPRIYÄYE, PREMA RÜPÄYE ÇRÉ GURUDEVA. And this was the Theme of the Janmäñöamé 2016 Celebration at KARM.


Every year the festival of JANMÄÑÖAMÉ is Celebrated with full vigour and enthusiasm at KARM, New Delhi with newer and newer themes, decorations and events.

The custom of making and serving particular type of eatables in 56 different ways reigns supreme on Janmäñöamé every year. This year one devotee served 56 types of dry fruits while another served 56 types of sweets. 56 types of sandwiches were prepared by sisters devotees while one devotee cooked 56 types of paräëöhäs. In one family, while 56 types of drinks were served by father devotee, His son devotee got 56 types of toffees. 56 types of biscuits, 56 types of digestives etc. were individually served by 2 devotees. It is never a sense of competition but feeling of love for the Lord which enable them to think newer and newer ways of serving. Moreover, devotees help each other in other devotee’s service.


Soon after Vyäsa Püjä Celebration, Preparations (rather celebration) for Janmäñöamé started. Thoughts of Venue, Theme, Decoration, Bhoga, Gifts etc. were in the minds of devotees.

For Welcoming the Supreme Lord Kåñëa on His Appearance Day (Janmäñöamé), devotees gathered at the Venue the previous day to render decoration sevä in pink-sea green colour combination. While one devotee got backdrop frame made at His factory, another got railing along the stairs made. Within few hours, KARM Devotees gave the venue a totally divine, vibrant look.


Feasting started from that day only with the very opulent Lunch, Evening Snacks and Dinner Prasädam, lovingly prepared by Devotees.


While the day was spent in decoration sevä, cooking for the Lord started as night approached. The morning arrived with the blink of eyes with devotees rushing for their own function with bags of Bhogas and Gifts.

As clock striked 10:45, the awaited Moment came alive as ÇRÉ GURUDEVA Entered the Hall amidst ‘Kåñëa He’ Kértana.

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Thereafter, Abhiñeka of the Lord Kåñëa Deity with Païcämåta (Milk, Curd, Honey, Ghee, Water and Sugar) was done by ÇRÉ GURUDEVA. Initiated Devotees were also given the opportunity of doing Kåñëa Abhiñeka. Flower petals were also showered.


As the function proceeded, Kåñëa was dressed in a very beautifully golden embellished pink embroidered dress, stitched lovingly by a devotee.


The secret of Lord Kåñëa’s birth (Kåñëa Janma kä Rahasya) was explained by means of Presentation. Presentation on ‘How is Janmäñöamé Celebrated at Goloka’ was also shown.


Then, a Play was beautifully presented by a group of Devotees wherein the relish of different devotees of Lord Kåñëa (Servant, Friend, Parents, Girlfriends and Maïjarés) was depicted.


It was then the time for the surprise, the Moment which will be remembered for years to come.. it was the time for CD Launch. Two CDs- Maïjaré Bhäva Cintana and Mahimämaya Kärtika were launched. While Maïjaré Bhäva Cintana is the collection of around 35 Léläs described by ÇRÉ GURUDEVA, which are conducive for doing Rasmaya Japa/ which would be helpful for a devotee to do Rasmaya Japa, another CD named Mahimämaya Kärtika is the feast for Devotees. It features Importance of Kärtika, Dämodara Añöakam, Ñaò Gosvämé Añöakam, Rädhä Kåpä Kaöäkña and different Rädhäräné Kértanas by ÇRÉ GURUDEVA.


The most awaited moment came as ÇRÉ GURUDEVA enlightened the devotees with Hari Kathä. He explained who Lord Kåñëa is and Gave never heard before details on Rädhäräné’s Muskäna (smile). ÇRÉ GURUDEVA also explained the importance of being tolerant.


Äraté of the Lord was then performed followed by cutting of Ann and Non-Ann Cake.


Thereafter, Devotees presented their offerings and begged for Blessings from ÇRÉ GURUDEVA and Vaiñëavas by humbly serving gifts.


This time the gifts varied from Customised Backpacks to Hand towels, Biscuits, Namkeens, Toffees, Wafers to Cakes, Hot cases to Room Fresheners, Cotton wicks (Jyots) etc.

Feasting took place hence with sumptuous Prasädam. The function concluded with the Conclusion Note from ÇRÉ GURUDEVA in the After Lecture TALK, where the practical tips of how to be tolerant and serving Devotees were emphasized.

Then, Winding up Sevä was performed by Devotees.. as enthusiastically as Decoration Sevä.. while Relishing and Cherishing this lifetime event.. and making plans for the upcoming Rädhäñöamé Celebrations.