how many Gosvämés are there in the Spiritual world and how do they look like?

Question- MAHÄRÄJA JÉ, Vedsaar Das from Germany is asking how many Gosvämés are there in the Spiritual world and how do they look like? Thank YOU MAHÄRÄJA JÉ.

MAHÄRÄJA JÉ- And now you are asking a question about Gosvämés that how many Gosvämés are there in the Spiritual world and how do they look like?

See, although in the altar of Gauòéya Vaiñëavas, we see Ñaò Gosvämés. But in reality, there are Eight Gosvämés there.

Jaya Rüpa


Bhatta Raghunätha

Çré Jéva

Gopala Bhatta

Däsa Raghunätha

These Six Gosvämés are there. Along with Them- Lokanätha Gosvämé and Kåñëa Däsa Kaviräja Gosvämé. They are the 7th and 8th Gosvämé.

There are Eight Gosvämés there. And there is no 9th Gosvämé, please understand! There will always be only 8 Gosvämés. You may call anyone as your 7th Gosvämé but Lokanätha Gosvämé and Kåñëa däsa Kaviräja Gosvämé are 7th and 8th one. And finish and no one else! There’s no vacancy. You may call anyone as 7th or 10th Gosvämé or 9th Gosvämé.

No! There are only Eight Gosvämés. This is one thing.

Second is, in the Spiritual World, they are not wearing this small dhoté type, cloth like Bäbäjé Veça. They are not wearing small dhoté. The way Gåhasthas, married male devotees put their dhoté, same way, even all, Rüpa Sanätana Gosvämé put Their dhoté.

They are not mendicants, renunciates in the Spiritual world. Rüpa Gosvämé etc. stay with their Father and Mother in their own homes in the Spiritual world of Navadvépa.

And from their home, they come to serve Lord Gauräìga. Around 11 in the morning, Lord Gauräìga and all the Pärñadas go to Çréväsa Äìgana and perform various pastimes. And after the end of these pastimes, around 3:36pm, all of them attend Saìdhyä Äraté of the Deities in various places. They go to Lord Nityänanda’s home also. They go to Lord Advaitäcärya’s home also. And you will be surprised to know that Lord Gauräìga, Lord Nityänanda, Lord Advaitäcärya and all the Pärñadas go to Rüpa Gosvämé’s home also. They perform Äratés of the Deities there in the evening.

So, Rüpa Gosvämé doesn’t stay like a mendicant. He stays in His own home with parents. And all the Pärñadas daily go to Rüpa Gosvämé’s home to attend the Äraté.

In the evening, Mahäprabhu and all the associates attend Äraté in many various places. And one of those places is Rüpa Gosvämé’s home. And they don’t stay in a kuöiyä or underneath a tree, the way they used to do in prakaöa lélä. They don’t have a kuöiyä. They stay in their proper home. And they are not bald. When they were in prakaöa lélä, Gosvämés were bald. The way I am having hair, almost the same way, long hair, all the Añöa Gosvämés also have. They are not bald. Their heads are not shaven. They have beautiful long black hairs!

Advaitäcärya is also young. He is not old. None of the Gosvämés are old and very skinny. No! They eat proper prasäda. They are not renunciates. Like Däsa Gosvämé used to eat prasäda which even the cows didn’t eat in Jagannätha Puré. The leftover which even the cows couldn’t eat, didn’t eat! But in Nitya Navadvépa, they eat proper Mahäprasäda.