How can you serve?

Getting the chance to serve the Lord or Lord’s Cause is the Highest Blessing, for Seva is the only means, one’s only connection to Divinity (Happiness).

I, the soul is divine (i.e., beyond anything material) and what i aspire for is also divine (Happiness, God)..and that can be attained only by getting connected to divinity (Seva).

We are all particle of service by nature, meant to serve. In other words, we are serving anyway all the time but when we serve at the right place (the Lord, His Representatives, His cause), we get purified. Not only that, when we are engaged in Lord’s Services, auspiciousness comes in our life and many evils (which were destined to happen) of ours and our families never take shape.
Thus, SEVA saves us from karmas, inauspiciousness, evils, trap of maya etc.

Moreover, everything (body, mind, words, wealth etc.) is Lord’s energy only.. so engaging Lord’s energy in Lord’s Services is Intelligence.

KARM Offers many opportunities for the humanity to be engaged in Lord’s Mission.

* Translation Seva of Granthas  (English to Hindi,Russian/German etc)

* Translation Seva of Lectures (from Hindi/English to Russian, German, Spanish)

* Painting Seva (of Illustrations, Cover pages) for the upcoming Granthas, etc.

* Contributing in Temple Construction.

It is said in Hayaçérña Païcätra, that one who even ‘thinks’ of constructing temple of Öhäkura Jé, the sins of his previous 100 births get destroyed immediately.

So, what to talk of the one who constructs the temple? As is said in Agni Puräëa that one who constructs the temple of Öhäkura Jé, his 8 generations get liberated. And one who gives even eight bricks for the temple, he attains everything.

Moreover, one who gets the opportunity to be a part of temple construction, his ancestors, if they are in hell, get relieved from the fear of punishments of the hell.

if you desire to contribute, 

A/c name: Sri Krishna Chaitanya Antarang Ras Aswadan Mandir

A/c number: 7528019047

Bank: Indian Bank

ifs code: IDIB000R547