How can we serve Lord Gauräìga and Rädhä-Kåñëa at the same time?

Question- Thank You so much MAHÄRÄJA JÉ. So, there is one more question that, if you can explain to us, how we are able to serve in our Svarüpa in both, Navadvépa and in Vraja, at the same time? How is it possible?

MAHÄRÄJA JÉ – I’m happy with this question. This is a practical question. How to serve Lord Gauräìga & Rädhä-Kåñëa together, simultaneously, at the same time? How They are being served at the same time?

Well, you should know what happens in the spiritual world? In Navadvépa, our beautiful Lord Gauräìga is doing saàkértana every day at night in Çréväsa Äìgana. In Çréväsa Äìgana, He is doing saàkértana, in morning also.  Morning to night, do you know what happens in Nitya Navadvépa?

Svarüpa Damodara Gosvämé, who is Lalitä Sakhé, he does Pada-gäna. He sings padas, poems, stanzas about Rädhä and Kåñëa’s pastimes. And hearing upon them, Lord Gauräìga, in Rädhä bhäva, relishes that Rasa. And, upon hearing these pastimes, the pärñadas, they attain their individual Svarüpa and they enter in their Svarüpa into the realm of Våndävana, Rämänanda Räya as Viçäkhä Sakhé is there, similarly, Rüpa Gosvämé as Rüpa Maïjaré enters into the realm of Våndävana, on the basis of the pada-gänas.

So, I’ll give you one example..

In Nitya lélä, in Navadvépa – Mahäprabhu sleeps in Çréväsa Äìgana.. at the house of Çréväsa Paëòita, and He gets up there in the morning, around 4:30am or so. When Mahäprabhu gets up, we, the devotees, Gaura Däsa, what do we do there? We arrange a thälé, a plate for Lord Gauräìga. The Äraté of three Prabhus is being done. Nitäi, Gaura and Advaita. So, we arrange the plate for the Äraté. We put flowers, candana, dépaka. So, we give that plate to Çréla Rüpa Gosvämé, and the same plate, Rüpa Gosvämé gives to Svarüpa Damodara Gosvämé. And Svarüpa Damodara Gosvämé does the Äraté of the Lords in Navadvépa.

So, the question was – how to serve Rädhä-Kåñëa & Mahäprabhu together.

Similarly, simultaneously, we do the same in Våndävana.

Rädhä & Kåñëa sleep in the Kuïja around Yamunä, and get up there. And we, the däsés of Rädhä & Kåñëa, also sleep there alongside. When we get up, we make thälé for Their Äraté. The same process is being done in Vraja, what was being done in Navadvépa.

In Navadvépa, we made the thälé to give to Rüpa Gosvämé, and Rüpa Gosvämé is Rüpa Maïjaré in Vraja. So, we, as däsés of Rädhä-Kåñëa, we make the thälé and give it to Rüpa Maïjaré. Rüpa Maïjaré gives it to Lalitä sakhé, who is Svarüpa Damodara Gosvämé in Navadvépa. We only make thälé in Navadvépa, we only make thälé in Vraja. We only give it to Rüpa Gosvämé, we only give it to Rüpa Maïjaré. Ultimately, Äraté is done by Lalitä Sakhé who is Svarüpa Damodara Gosvämé in Navadvépa. He does Äraté of three Lords in Navadvépa and Lalitä Sakhé does Äraté of Rädhä & Kåñëa in Nikuïja in the morning.

This is called Maìgala. When you do Maìgala Äraté, this is Maìgala! When any Gauòéya Vaiñëava attends Maìgala Äraté, he always thinks that I have only made the plate and I have given it to Lalitä sakhé and she’s only doing the Maìgala Äraté. It is not that we are just standing as, and doing some steps and we are thinking we have done some form of a Maìgala Äraté. It is not so!

And, you know, around 5:30–6 am, when Rädhä & Kåñëa are leaving from the Kuïja, They leave secretly. When Rädhä & Kåñëa are leaving from the Kuïja, Kåñëa goes to His own home, Rädhäräné goes to Her own home. And when Rädhäräné is going, she is very fearful, “Is someone looking at Me… I may get caught; this fear is always there in Rädhäräné. I may get caught… I may get caught…”

So, to remove that fear, the maïjarés walk in front of Her and they see, is anyone looking around… Is anyone looking around? So, very fearfully Rädhäräné is walking the path towards Her home.

Similarly, in Gauräìga Lélä, in the morning when Mahäprabhu is leaving Çréväsa Äìgana, He is absorbed in Rädhä-bhäva. Mahäprabhu goes to His own home from Çréväsa’s home, and when Mahäprabhu is walking that path, Mahäprabhu in Rädhä-bhäva, is also very fearful, very fearful….

Like, the way Rädhäräné is fearful in Vraja, similarly Mahäprabhu is fearful when He is going to His own home from Çréväsa Äìgana.

So, do you see the parallels?

There is no pada-gäna of sakhya rasa being done by Svarüpa Gosvämé! This is Rasäbhäsa. Svarüpa Damodara Gosvämé is constantly doing pada-gäna from morning to night for the pleasure of Lord Gauäìga. And Mahäprabhu enters Rädhä-bhäva on the basis of those pada-gänas.

There is no sakhya rasa pada-gäna, no Vatsalya rasa pada-gäna. Please for your heaven sake, don’t do… don’t make khicaòé of Gauòéya Vaiñëavism. Understand what exalted Gauòéya Vaiñëava Äaacäryas, what Gauòéya Vaiñëava Sampradäya actually is. How Bhakti is being done.

Like, the way Rädhäräné walks very fearfully, similarly, not just Mahäprabhu, all the devotees also… because, who are the other devotees? Rämänanda Räya… Viçäkhä, She also is married in Vraja, She also walks very fearfully. Everyone is married including the maïjarés, they all walk very fearfully. So, all the group in Navadvépa, they are also walking very fearfully. So, when you are meditating in Gaura Lélä, we should remember that everyone is walking very fearfully. ‘They may get caught.’ Mahäprabhu as a male is thinking He will get caught, because He is not a male, when He is thinking this. Viçäkhä, Rämänanda Räya is thinking- ‘They might get caught.’ Rämänanda Räya get caught? No, He is in Viçäkhä bhäva na, that is why, the fear comes.

So, that is why, Narottama Däsa Öhäkura said – ‘gaura prema-rasärëave, se taraìge jebä dube, se rädhä mädhava antaraìga..’ He becomes an intimate servant of Rädhä-Kåñëa. What else can you become? Only pada-gäna of Rädhä & Kåñëa are going on, nonstop by Svarüpa Gosvämé, no other Rasa is there.

Mahäprabhu is not here to relish any sakhya rasa in the eternal realm of Navadvépa. He is totally, absorb in Rädhä-bhäva.