HIDING the truth about Gauòéya Vaiñëava Sampradäya

Question– MAHÄRÄJA JÉ, a devotee from Iskcon asked, actually he went to Mäyäpura for two months. And in his long stay, he found two Janma Sthäna, two Gaura Kiçora Däsa BäbäJé Samädhi, two Çréväsa Äìgana, and came to know that Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté Öhäkura Jé created so many new things. So, MAHÄRÄJA JÉ, please requesting You to please enlighten us on this.

MAHÄRÄJA JÉ– Well, this is the truth. What more I can say on this. This is the harsh reality. Very conveniently Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté Öhäkura created new Samädhi of Gaura Kiçora Däsa BäbäJé Mahäräja. Very conveniently, they created another Çréväsa Äìgana. All the Siddha Mahätmäs, from the last 500 years, go to one Çréväsa Äìgana, the old Çréväsa Äìgana. All Siddha Mahätmäs, we all go there, but he invented a new Çréväsa Äìgana. He invented the new Janma Sthalé, Mahäprabhu Janma Sthalé. The Präcéna Janma Sthalé is across the Ganges. Real Samädhi of Gaura Kiçora Däsa Bäbäjé is across the Ganges, but… Very conveniently he invented ‘Mahäprabhu’s Janma Sthalé’.

- Very conveniently he invented ‘Gaura Kiçora Däsa BäbäJé’s Samädhi’.

- Very conveniently he invented the ‘New Païca Tattva Mantra’.

- Very conveniently, he invented a ‘New Yellow Tilaka’.

- Very conveniently he invented ‘Brähmaëa Thread’.

- Very conveniently he invented ‘om bhur bhuva sväha’ Gäyatri Mantra as the Dékñä Mantra. Yes, he invented all this.

Simple question to Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté can be– You think all the Siddhas were fools, who were following all this? Were all the Siddha Mahätmä fools? You know what is the meaning of Siddha Mahätmä? There are many Siddha Mahätmäs, they meditate on Rädhä-Kåñëa Lélä, on Holé Lélä and they get drenched in the colors of holé, in the same body! They meditate on the pastimes of Lord Gauräìga and they get Prasädé Mälä of Lord Gauräìga and then when they open their eyes, they get the same Prasädé Mälä around their neck! This is the level of Siddha Mahätmä. They all became Siddha Mahätmäs by visiting this Çréväsa Äìgana, Präcéna Janma Sthalé, doing the Präcéna Païca Tattva Mantra. Getting Siddha Praëälé from their Guru.

He conveniently rejected everything which was being done by entire Gauòéya Vaiñëava Sampradäya, invented Everything New. Believe me, everything new he invented. He changed everything, means everything. Nothing of Gauòéya Vaiñëava Sampradäya except Hare Kåñëa Mahämantra is there, in Iskcon Gauòéya Maöha. Complete destruction of Gauòéya Vaiñëava Sampradäya. Bhoga Mantras, he conveniently invented new. Praëäma a Mantra of Guru he invented. He invented, yes, he did. You see, what Iskcon and Gauòéya Maöha do, no one on the planet, no one in Gauòéya Vaiñëava Sampradäya does this. In the entire Gauòéya Vaiñëava Sampradäya, no one does all this, except Iskcon and Gauòéya Maöha, what they do…

No one does Guru Praëäma Mantra.

No one does this kind of Païca Tattva Mantra.

No one does this kind of Bhoga offering.

No one puts Janeü.

No one does oà bhur bhuvä sväha.

Everyone follows Siddha Praëälé given by their Guru.

No one has this philosophy- ‘You are not qualified’.

You and your followers have invented a new city, this is Mäyäpura. Everyone knows in Navadvépa Dhäma, which is the real Mäyäpura. You invented a fake Mahäprabhu Janma Sthalé.

You invented a fake Çréväsa Äìgana.

You invented a fake Gaura Kiçora Däsa Bäbäjé Samädhi.

What were you trying to do? How could you be at peace with yourself? My simple question to you is this. How could you do this? And how could you sleep at night, doing all these things?

All Siddha Mahätmäs were fools, including your father and Guru? All Siddha Mahätmäs were fools? ‘Çréväsa Äìgana had to be changed’. Come on, Why?

Till one is in touch of the shadow of Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté institutions, one can never be in Gauòéya Vaiñëava Sampradäya. If you want to be in Gauòéya Vaiñëava Sampradäya, go away even from the touch, even from the shadow of Gauòéya Maöha and Iskcon. They have deviated so much that ‘deviated’ word is an understatement.

The only thing left in Iskcon Gauòéya Maöha which is undeviated is Hare Kåñëa Mahämantra. Why is it left undeviated? Because it cannot be deviated further. They have deviated Hare Kåñëa Mahämantra also. They are chanting Hare Kåñëa Mahämantra with the wrong concept of Mother Hara, not given by Raghunätha Däsa Gosvämé, Rüpa Gosvämé, Prabodhänanda Sarasvaté, Haridäsa Öhäkura, none of them gave this Mother Harä concept– ‘O Energy of Kåñëa, engage me in Kåñëa’s service’. I’ve given a lengthy discourse in Hindi on this topic.

Hare Kåñëa Mahämantra is the only thing left, that too with a wrong concept. Yes, they conveniently invented everything new. And we are telling this through our Väné to all the innocent devotees. We pray to Lord Gauräìga to save all the innocent devotees from the kåpä of Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté and their followers. What more can we do?

I hope people come back to their senses. Even after hearing these videos, if someone chooses to continue with this nonsense, he is the most unfortunate, the cream of the most unfortunate people. Already you are unfortunate because you are associated with Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté and their followers, and even after hearing this, you are the cream of highly unfortunate people. The top cream. Even after getting to know, you, you are sticking with who is not sticking with anyone. You are sticking with someone who has never sticked with anyone.

One who is not following anything of his Guru or father or Siddha Guru, you are following that person? You think that this following will take you anywhere? ‘I know only Prabhupäda’ – Forget these emotional statements. ‘I know Prabhupäda’. You know nothing! You don’t know what Sampradäya is. You don’t know what Gauòéya Vaiñëava Sampradäya is. You don’t know Tilaka. You don’t know Bhoga offering. You don’t know…. You know nothing. And you are emotionally saying, ‘I know Prabhupäda’. You know nothing! Come out of den of Bhakti Siddhänta Sarasvaté and all their followers and try to understand–

What Gauòéya Vaiñëava Sampradäya actually is!

What the real Païca Tattva Mantra is!

What real Bhoga offering is!

What Maìgala Äarti is!

What Siddha Praëälé is!

See the difference, when one gets Dékñä in a proper Lineage!  See how much changes come in the devotee’s life!