In the glorious month of Phälguna, known for the amorous season of Rädhä Kåñëa’s Loving pastimes, the opulence of Goloka comes to cast splendour alive.

GURUDEVA ÄVIRBHÄVA DIVAS – This is not just THE DAY, but a feast of showers of Mercy to bestow the unimaginable and inconceivable, which will lure you of yourself and render you speechless.
The DAY, eagerly awaited and celebrated at KARM, that combines the grandness in all aspects, the day which brings back life to the life, the DAY of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA ÄVIRBHÄVA DIVAS.


Devotees are richly occupied with the thoughts of seväs to make the Day Best in all respects.

Seväs for decoration and arranging various things made the devotees occupied from morning till evening.

To decide for the venue and look for other arrangements made all ecstatic to serve their Beloved.

Time to come close and cherish the relationships and capture all precious moments in their hearts.


The Celebration commemorates with Welcoming ÇRÉ GURUDEVA.
Rangoli Colours sprinkled, spreading their feathers, laid on floor as if to gaze the beauty of GURUDEVA’S LOTUS FEET.

Curtains in white, enclosed the arena, while blue and pink beautified, along with the bunches of flowers covering all sides.

Falls of satin on the ALTAR.
Love for GURUDEVA gathered everyone’s wisdom.


The silvers of moon glowed for GURUDEVA, everyone’s eyes glued to view the Love filled sight.

Devotees lovingly basked in the glow of mercy as they lovingly beheld the sight of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA beseated.

The programme began with the GURU VANDANÄ followed by the presentations enlightening  with GURUDEVA’S DIVINE Gifts to Humanity, the KARM Site, the Books, KATHÄMÅTA, CDs, Festivities, HIS Never ending Love flowing to all in various forms.

Begging for Mercy through Prärthanä Bhajana – “ei bära karuëä karo” was sung by Devotees.



Then the Play, scripted on GURUDEVA’S Teachings made the devotees aware of the subtleties in devotional path.

Thereafter, the nectarine showers of Mercy overflowed as ÇRÉ GURUDEVA began the RÄDHÄ Kértana,

The voice of silence
The voice of eternity
Showering the elixir
Packed in purity,
creating the sensation
in the preoccupied mind.
Taking to atmosphere unknown and untouched.
stirring the chords of love,
Opening the waves of happiness.
Buzzing the hearts, opening the doors locked, seeking to give You ever aspired.

Followed by the RÄDHÄ KATHÄMÅTA, informing us of ÇRÉ RÄDHÄ’S Beauty and glories in all aspects.
“Thäkurjé is with sixteen thousand queens but what He does…??

Rädhä… Rädhä… Rädhä… Rädhä…

Seeing the sakhé maïjaré of Çré Rädhä, Rukmiëé Devé faints !!!

This is the position of Rädhä Räné’s sakhés, how epitome of beauty would be       of ÇRÉMATÉ RÄDHÄ !!”

Rädhä …Rädhä….
The ecstasy of the devotees stood in ovation as the continuity of RÄDHÄ NÄMA enraptured everybody’s heart.

With the culmination of RÄDHÄ KATHÄMÅTA and KÉRTANA, the time for cutting the cakes splashed in blue and pink, along with the white. The moments of cake cutting offers no less feasting as someone is sure to get the special grace of receiving flowers of the cake.

Then the time for all to reach the Lord of their lives and present the offerings, the presents.
From silvery baskets to big bags,
everyone had wrapped their gratitude filled feelings enormous.

Now the time for the feasting of the tongue, the opulence of the prasädam made all surprised, the varieties of sweets, vegetables and other mouth watering delicacies gave all the best of the time to treat nicely yet wisely.

Along with, everyone exchanged the gifts amongst themselves glorifying Çré Rüpa Gosvämé’s Teachings of dadäti pratighnäti. The big bags of gifts had varied gifts. Deities Lamination, Milk Bottles, Assorted Toffees, Biscuits, Namkeens packs; hand towels, bed sheet, suits; power bank, pet bottles, containers; wet tissues, note pads and pens; personally cooked panjiri, tilkoot, pickles etc. to name a few.

Those who got the opportunity to attend the KARM Function for the first time were amazed and speechless to describe their feelings. ‘aisa tau kahin nahi hota’ (this happens nowhere)- was a devotee’s parent feelings on seeing the love and the grandeur.

From decoration to winding up, everyone showed exalted service attitude and love for ÇRÉ GURUDEVA. The aroma such loving attitude fills in, has no comparison  in all the Lokas.