The beginning of Çrävaëa Mäsa, brought with it mercy-laden rains..

To drench KARM Devotees, in Çré Gurudeva’s Overflowing Prema..


People await this time of the year to be relieved of scorching summer heat & welcome monsoons..

KARM Devotees await this time to be relieved of separation, by showers of Çré Gurudeva’s All-Auspicious Darçana and Association.

As it rains, peacocks dance..


From the mercy-laden showers.. in ecstasy, hearts of devotees dance..

While rain merely leaves 7-colored rainbow on the sunny sky..

the rain of Çré Gurudeva’s Love brings multicolors in devotees’ lives..


It was the most auspicious, the most merciful day of Guru Pürëimä. Devotees at KARM were doubly blessed with the opportunities to celebrate Çré Bäbäjé Mahäräja’s Vyäsa Püjä in Kolkata and Çré Gurudeva’s Vyäsa Püjä in New Delhi.

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Though all festivals are celebrated with full vigour and enthusiasm in KARM, Guru Pürëimä is the most special day which is eagerly awaited by everyone. Preparations started days before the awaited day. Tickets were reserved and trip planned for Delhi Devotees to attend Kolkata Vyäsa Püjä Function while outstation devotees planned for Delhi Trip to become part of Delhi Vyäsa Püjä celebration.

From booking of garlands to giving order for sweets, from shopping for gifts for serving to buying ingredients for cooking, from preparing poems, songs to doing Candana Gharñaëa, devotees were happily engaged in different services to make the festival of Guru Pürëimä very Very special. One devotee even went all the way to Våndävana to specially get sweets for all to be served on that day.


Devotees left from Delhi by train to celebrate Vyäsa Püjä of Çré Bäbäjé Mahäräja at Kolkata while the Devotees at Delhi hastened their preparations for Delhi Vyäsa Püjä.


Venue was finalized.. Pink color-theme was chosen.. Backdrop of Païca Tattva was prepared.. The stage was set.. Decoration was done.. The question in everyone’s mind was- “when will the Lord of our hearts would preside over the function?”


It was afternoon… amidst bright sunlight, breeze started blowing… Jai Gurudeva ! Jai Gurudeva ! Kértana was resonating all over.. Çré Gurudeva mercifully entered the venue submerging our hearts in everlasting delight.. to bless us with their Blissful Darçana and All- Auspicious Association.


With the offering of Tulasé, Candana, Flower and Garland by few disciples, the celebration started. Respectful obeisances unto Çré Gurudeva’s Lotus feet were paid by disciples by singing Saàsära Dävänala Bhajana. Guru Vandanä was also done by disciples.

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Devotees tried to thank/thanked Çré Gurudeva through a small presentation on Çukränä.


It was the time when disciples took the blessed opportunity to glorify the Love-Personified and Merciful Gurudeva. While some disciples shared their personal experiences of how Çré Gurudeva brought life to them from the mouth of death, some others shared loving reciprocations and protection by the All- Loving Çré Gurudeva. Some sang songs to glorify & thank Çré Gurudeva while some shared the difference Çré Gurudeva’s Presence & Väëé has made to their lives. Some compared Çré Gurudeva with Lord Kåñëa, Rädhäräné, Gaura, Nityänanda Prabhu & Advaita Äcärya while few glorified Çré Gurudeva to be even more merciful & more compassionate than even the Lord.


Then came the most blessed time of the most blessed Day when Çré Gurudeva began to bless us with Their Väëé. Çré Gurudeva explained why and how we, the aspiring maïjarés, should have feelings only for Rädhäräné. The pastime on showing mirror to Rädhäräné (in kuïja) was also beautifully narrated by Çré Gurudeva.

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 Further, Çré Gurudeva described what should a Gauòéya Vaiñëava meditate while offering Bhoga to the Deities. This was followed by the mesmerizing Jai Sacénandana, Jai Gaura Hari Kértana which drowned all in tears of ecstasy.


Thereafter, remaining offerings were done by disciples to Çré Gurudeva.  A poem on the heart to heart conversation between the Guru & Disciple was narrated by a devotee. And in this way, with the blink of eyes, from afternoon the evening & from evening the night had arrived along with the time we never wish to ever come in our lives. Çré Gurudeva left from the venue amidst ThankYOU soo much Kértana.

The festival of bliss had not yet concluded. Sumptuous Prasädam was served to Devotees. Alongside, gifts were exchanged among Devotees. Gifts were as love-filled as the hearts of Devotees. Gifts ranged from 12-month Photo Table Calendar to 365-days Quote Calendar, from biscuits to namkeens, from cakes to sweets. This was not all. Bead bags, Non-stick Pans, Notebooks & Pens, Beautiful Photoframes, Fruit Jam, Hamper of ready to cook snacks and even footwears were served by the KARM Devotees as a gesture of love. Wind up Sevä was also done by devotees with full enthusiasm.

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And eventually devotees departed for their homes with huge bags full of gifts and Prasädam, and hearts full of love and memories for lifetime.