Who our Eternal Worshipable Lord is?Lord Gauräìga Mahäprabhu or Sri Caitanya Mahäprabhu?

So now the question is- Who our Eternal Worshipable Lord is?

Lord Gauräìga Mahäprabhu or Sri Caitanya Mahäprabhu?

Well, we have seen, Lord Caitanya Mahäprabhu did so many Merciful Léläs- uddhära of Jagäi-Madhäi, accepted Sannyäsa Lélä, He went to so many places and bestowed Rädhä Kåñëa’s Love to the conditioned souls.

And we have respect for all His Prakaöa Léläs He did in this world. But upäsanä in all Sampradäyas, in all yugas, you can go and visit yourself any Sampradäya of your choice, upäsanä is always of Aprakaöa Lélä, unmanifested pastimes.

So, when Mahäprabhu was physically present here, after marriage he took sannyäsa, he was bald. He was not having any hairs. He had one wife, one wife left her body.

So, this was in the manifested pastimes. But in the Aprakaöa Lélä, Lord Gauräìga  has got very very beautiful hairs, very very beautiful hairs. He has got two wives.

In the Prakaöa Lélä, Jagannätha Miçra, His father left his body very early in his life. But in the Aprakaöa Lélä Çacé Mätä is there, Jagannätha Miçra is there and Viñëu Priya, Lakñmé Priya, both his wives are there, instead of one wife, in the Prakaöa Lélä.

And, people used to give charity to Lord Gauräìga  and he was quite poor in the Prakaöa Lélä.

But, in the Aprakaöa Lélä, Mahäprabhu is served the way he should be served, like the Lord. His House is so huge, huge very huge!!

Different-different, huge-huge buildings for different-different purposes. And, He has got huge outer walls on all four sides of His palace like House. And, the walls are made of gold. And from all the four paths, the paths of Lord’s Home, Palace, all the paths, they go to Gaìgä. And, the pathway is very beautiful, surrounded by all the fully blossoming trees.

And not just Lord Gauräìga – Lord Gauräìga, Lord Nityänanda, Lord Advaitäcärya.  Advaitäcärya is also very beautiful, and is kiçora.

All three of them have Kiçora forms – Advaita, Nitäi and Gaura. All three of them have got Kiçora form.

In Advaita Añöakaà, it is very clearly mentioned, that Lord Advaitäcärya also has a kiçora form. All three of them have kiçora forms.

You think, you are doing Deity Worship of Païca Tattva by putting white beard on Advaitäcärya. This is wrong. We do upäsanä of Aprakaöa Lélä, not of Prakaöa Lélä.

And, you go to any Sampradäya, whether it is Rädhä Vallabhi Sampradäya, Nimbärka Sampradäya, any Sampradäya of your choice, Lord Räma, Lord Narasiàha Deva.

Upäsanä, Bhakti is done of Aprakaöa Lélä, not of Prakaöa one.

Prakaöa Lélä has so many things. There are no demons in Spiritual World. No demons. No Narkäsura, no, any asura, dhenukäsura.

But, in Prakaöa Lélä, Lord kills so many demons. He said that, before eating lunch, he used to kill two demons..

But, it is not that in the Spiritual World. He is busy doing Lélä with Rädhäräné, day and night.