Discussion on Material Mind

Mji PAmHO had a discussion with Dadaji for around 35 minutes on Material mind Lecture..

* Hum sabhi mann ke anusar karye karte hain aur yeh mante hain ki mann ke anusar karye karne se hi anand prapt hota hai. Mann ki tushti ko hi apni tushti manta hoon. Jabki mann ke anusar karye karne se kuch prapt nahi hota, jiva sirf Bhagata rehta hai par prapti kuch nahi hoti. There is great distance between me and mind. Mind do not touches me. Just as bench, pole, tree in park is not mine similarly this mind is not mine. Mind is dead matter and I am spiritual and dead cannot give anything to anyone. Could discuss verse from Asht Vakra Gita.

* have become so used to work as per mind that i also do Bhakti as per material mind only. Jo instructions mind ko accept hoti hai wohi mein bhi accept karta hoon, jis seva mein mind ko comfort feel hota hai wohi seva karne ke liye mein bhi ready hota hoon. Mind ke anusar hi sabhi ko chalane ki koshish karta hoon chahe Bhakt hi kyun na ho. Jo mind ke anusar bolta hai ya karta hai use acche vyakti ya good Devotee ki sangya de deta hoon aur jo mind ke anusar nahi chalta ya woh baat karta hai jo mind ko acchi nahi lagti toh use gande vyakti/bad Devotee ki sangya de deta hoon.

* Yeh baat nahi samajh raha ki koi mann ke anusar chal bhi lega toh bhi na mujhe kuch milne wala na samne wale ko. Balki sanskar aur gehre ho rahe hain, karm aur bann rahe hain. Mann ke anusar chalne ki wajah se hi Kripa se vanchit ho raha hoon kyunki kripa toh tab milegi jab SRI GURU Please honge aur SRI GURU Tab Please honge jab UNKE Mann ke Anusar chalunga. Strong resolve lena hoga ki iss jadiye mann ke anusar karye nahi karenge tabhi Kripa prapt hogi.

* Bahut acche se, regular, intense Manan karna hoga, nirantar Bhakton se baat karte rehni hogi tabhi mind ke anusar karye karna band karunga, tabhi mind se Detachment feel honi shuru hogi. Saath mein morning routine sahi karna hoga yeh ho gaya toh major part of Devotion will come on track. If i am really a well wisher of family members, i will become even more intensely engaged in Devotion, i will not listen to mind at all because then they will also get attracted towards devotion seeing my acaran and thus will become actually happy otherwise toh hell ki taraf ja hi rahe hain.

i prayed to Dadaji to Bless me so that i stop listening to this material mind. Dadaji also asked me to Bless him for the same.
Kindly check and guide Mji.
PAmHO nauker das