Bhagavad Gétä 18.68.. Become dear to the Lord…!!

Question- MAHÄRÄJA JÉ, received one question from Håñikeça Däsa from Japan. He wrote- Iskcon tells that Lord Kåñëa is saying in Bhagavad Gétä that whoever preaches His message to all the jévas, becomes most dear to Him. Is it so?

MAHÄRÄJA JÉ- Well, your question is- Iskcon is propagating that one who preaches about Kåñëa, is very dear to Lord Kåñëa. This is what Bhagavad Gétä is saying.

Well, there are 700 verses in Bhagavad Gétä and not even a single verse in it says, Lord Kåñëa is saying, that one who preaches about Me, is most dear to Me. He is not saying that in any verse.

There is a similar verse 18.68. What it says is:

ya idaà paramaà guhyaà

mad-bhakteñv abhidhäsyati

bhaktià mayi paräà kåtvä

mäm evaiñyaty asaàçayaù

 ya idaà paramaà guhyaà’, Lord Kåñëa is saying, ‘ya idaà paramaà guhyaà’. One who gives this most secretive knowledge about Me, he is most dear to Me. But He is telling this also, to whom, a devotee gives secretive knowledge… ‘paramaà guhyaà’…very very guhya, very rahasya-maya, very secretive knowledge. One who gives the secretive knowledge to My devotees… ‘mad-bhakteñv abhidhäsyati’ .

He gives to My devotees…that soul is very dear to Me. That person receives the highest devotion, Prema Bhakti! He becomes a recipient of Lord’s greatest mercy. Who? That person who is able to give the highest secretive knowledge to the devotees.

See, the devotees are already putting up tilaka, they already are reading Granthas, they already are themselves giving lectures etc. They are doing maìgala äraté. So, they already know things in spiritual life. But even to those devotees, one who is able to give secretive knowledge about the Lord, that devotee is dear to the Lord. Not the one who is just able to do parroting of a few verses…‘ähära nidrä bhaya maithunaà ca…’ and ‘duùkhälayaà açäçvataà…’, is he dear to the Lord. No, it is not said. That is preaching to non devotees.

Here, Kåñëa is telling that one, who is able to preach the highest knowledge to the devotees, that devotee…is most dear to Me. This is being talked about those who have, very high level of devotion and those, who are able to give that high level of devotion, to others.

It is not wrong to tell someone about spiritual life. It is absolutely fine. But all I am trying to tell you is that this Bhagavad Gétä verse is saying something else. It is nice to preach about the Lord. There’s no harm about it. It’s fine. But what Kåñëa is saying in Bhagavad Gétä is something else.

I asked a big saàskåta scholar in Iskcon- “You know saàskåta very well. It is very clearly written… ‘mad-bhakteñv abhidhäsyati’. One who gives this to the devotees…and you are preaching that whosoever preaches about Me, even a little bit, he becomes dear to Me.’ Why are you doing the wrong thing?”

He said- “I know…this is wrong….the translation is wrong…this is wrong philosophy that whosoever preaches is dear to Me (Lord). But I can’t do anything!”

The thing is that he is getting paid in Iskcon. His family is there…getting food, shelter, rent, car etc…everything. So. he cannot leave the organization. So, anyone who knows a little bit of saàskåta, that person will know that the çloka is being translated in a very wrong manner…very wrong manner. Just for bread and butter, some people stay in big organizations. Such is an unfortunate state of affairs

You are telling everyone about janma, måtyu, jarä, vyädhi…and do this and that. But janma särthaka kari kar paropakära. Why don’t you do- janma särthaka kari also? Why don’t you focus on this as well? Do bhajana. Do you even know what the meaning of bhajana is? Bhajana means as per Mahäprabhu..

bähya, antara, – ihära dui ta’ sädhana

‘bähye’ sädhaka-dehe kare çravaëa-kértana

(Caitanya Caritämåta Madhya 22.156)

This is bhajana as per Mahäprabhu. Do dual sädhana.

You are trying to preach to the entire world. At least preach to yourself first, that the tilaka which I am putting…is it right or wrong? You are trying to preach to the entire world about the Lord and everything. At least answer yourself that the tilaka which I am putting, is it right or wrong? Where did I get this tilaka from? My Guru, who got this from His Guru, Prabhupäda…His Guru, Prabhupäda got it from Bhakti Siddhänta Saraswati. And from where did Bhakti Siddhänta Saraswati get this yellow tilaka with tulasi patra on? From no one.

Gaura Kiçora Däsa Bäbäjé never wore this tilaka. His father, Bhakti Vinod Öhäkura never wore this tilaka. Jagannätha Däsa Bäbäjé never wore this tilaka. You don’t even know that the tilaka which you are putting is a fake one?

You are chanting the Païca tattva mantra. Çré Kåñëa Caitanya Prabhu Nityänanda. Just see its origin. You got it from? Your Guru…Okay. He got it from? Okay. Prabhupäda got it from Bhakti Siddhänta…Okay. And Bhakti Siddhänta got it from?? Nobody!

Gaura Kiçora Däsa Bäbäjé chants a different Païca tattva mantra. Same Païca tattva mantra Jagannätha Däsa Bäbäjé chants. Same Païca tattva mantra Bhakti Vinoda Öhäkura chants. And the same Païca tattva mantra we chant. And, same Païca tattva mantra, the entire Gauòéya Vaiñëava community chants, except Iskcon and Gauòéya  maöha..except Bhakti Siddhänta and his followers.

You don’t even know that the Païca tattva mantra you are chanting is fake.  You don’t even know that the tilaka which you are putting on is fake. And you are trying to preach to the entire world and trying to become dear to the Lord?

You don’t even know the ABCD of bhakti and you are trying to become dear to the Lord. ya idaà paramaà guhyaà’. You don’t even know the ABCD of bhakti and you are trying to give paramaà guhyaà jïäna and that too, to totally materialistic people. At least give them something…that is scriptural.  But this is not paramaà guhyaà jïäna! You don’t even know ABCD of bhakti, how can you give paramaà guhyaà to anyone?

Do you know how bhoga is being offered?

You do ‘namaù oà viñëu-pädäya’ and some çlokas You got it from? You Guru. Your Guru got it from? Prabhupäda. Prabhupäda got it from? Bhakti Siddhänta. And Bhakti Siddhänta got it from? No one! Again..His Guru Gaura Kiçora Däsa offers bhoga in a three step manner. Bhakti Siddhänta and his followers offer bhoga in a totally unique way. And Gaura Kiçora Däsa Bäbäjé, Jagannätha Däsa Bäbäjé, Bhakti Vinoda Öhäkura and we, all of us, Gauòéya Vaiñëavas…we all offer food in a different way, in three steps.

First, we offer food to Lord Kåñëa. Then we offer that Kåñëa prasäda to Rädhäräné. Then, after Rädhäräné, the maïjarés eat. Every day, we offer food…all the food we offer is in three steps. Do you offer this way? No. And you want to become dear to the Lord by giving the highest knowledge. Do you even know the ABCD of spirituality?

You don’t know tilaka. You don’t know how to offer bhoga. You don’t know the Païca tattva Mantra. You don’t know tilaka, you don’t know how to offer bhoga and you want to become dear to the Supreme Lord by giving the highest knowledge?!? Come on!

Focus on ‘janma särthaka kari’. Do you think that learning a bit of çlokas and parroting a few çlokas is paramaà guhyaà jïäna? Is it a joke? paramaà guhyaà jïäna is a joke?

In your organization, hundreds of people are able to give paramaà guhyaà jïäna? Really??

In ten countries, even if you get one single personality, who can give paramaà guhyaà jïäna to devotees, is rare. You cannot even find one such personality in ten countries put together. It is so rare to find those great souls who can give guhyaà jïäna to devotees! Is it a joke to give guhyaà jïäna to devotees? ya idaà paramaà guhyaàNot even guhyaà, paramaà…highest of all secretive knowledge, one who can give, that person is dear to the Lord. Not a person who is a four-day old devotee, who is able to do parroting of four çlokas

First understand ABCD of spirituality. Then try to become dear to the Lord. First try to become dear to those who are dear to the Lord. All these devotees present…they all are 15-20 years old in bhakti, but when I am speaking…they are hearing as if they are hearing for the first time! This is giving of parama guhya jïäna. Making devotees sit raptly, attentively. Giving of paramaà guhyaà is a small thing? Is it a joke? Is it a cheap thing? You have to be realized yourself. Only then, you can give ya idaà paramaà guhyaà. Baccä! Baby! At present, you are crawling in spiritual life. And you think that you are giving paramaà guhyaà jïäna?

Just because of wrong interpretation of one çloka, you are ruining your spiritual life. One who bestows highest knowledge upon devotees, he is dear to Me (Lord)…not the one who is able to murmur a few çlokas.