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The ÄVIRBHÄVA DIVASA of one’s SPIRITUAL MASTER is the biggest day in the life of a Devotee, because on that day, along with the ÄVIRBHÄVA of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA, even the Sädhaka is born from the dust of the Lotusfeet of his Spiritual Master.


Spiritual Master comes in our life by the special arrangements of the Lord. And GURU is Svayaà Bhagavän. Although we are all part & parcel of the Lord, as stated in Bhagavad Gétä 15.7 -

mamaiväàço jéva-loke
jéva-bhütaù sanätanaù

But we are especially blessed because the Lord himself is sheltering us, nourishing us in the form of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA, and only by Their grace, we know that we are not connected to other people, our only relationship is with Lord. There are no actual words to describe our fortune.

ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S ÄVIRBHÄVA on this planet is the ÄVIRBHÄVA of Happiness & Blessings in ours & everyone’s life, which was as good as dead otherwise. It is the most awaited day for us all, every year.

Our internal excitement and preparations for ÄVIRBHÄVA DIVASA start right after Kärtika. And this year we were still submerged in the mellows of New Year’s Surprise Darçana, and with the beautiful news of ÄVIRBHÄVA DIVASA Celebrations to be held on 10th February, the Blessings were gushing upon us!


Upon getting a generous, warm and delightful Invitation from MATAJI, everyone’s feelings were evidently expressed in their Statuses, especially by those Devotees, who were even more overjoyed and ecstatic because the venue was their Home, which is now a Temple, a holy place of Pilgrimage, because it has become ornamented with the imprint of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S Lotusfeet.

Be it children or elders, families or single devotees, from Delhi or inter-state, no one missed the opportunity, not just to attend, but to participate in the preparations and do their labour of love, for which the planning starts months & weeks ahead of the function.

Even the demigods were preparing for this most auspicious, historical & divine Day. Indra Deva made it rain incessantly to make everything clean. And not so surprisingly this year also all six seasons served ÇRÉ GURUDEVA by occurring one after the other in a short span of 10 days!


And finally, one day before the Function, it all started coming to life. The backdrop was put together, flowers were arranged like the Nikuïja Präìgaëa for our Yugala Sarakära to be seated on. Walls were decorated, ceilings were decked with floral chandeliers. The whole bungalow was beautified with an array of colourful flowers, the stairs were adorned beautifully with lamps and roses to welcome our Lord. A red carpet was laid down, lamps were lit on both sides to cherish the first steps of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA in the house, forever.

Anyone could tell from afar, in which house the celebration will take place ! That’s how the whole house was beautified for the loving welcome of our Revered ÇRÉ GURUDEVA.


ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’s Arrival, and the welcome was as grand as it could be! Never witnessed before.

As soon as ÇRÉ GURUDEVA stepped out of the car, we immediately welcomed the Lord of our hearts, with red heart balloons, the melodies of Conch shell, Kértana, Mådaìga, Karatäla, Ulu dhvani; altogether. The echoes could be heard everywhere around us. Along with that there was the most unique shower of countless rose petals from each floor. It seemed like we were in Nikuïjas, welcoming our Yugala Sarakära. Then a golden yellow garland was offered to ÇRÉ GURUDEVA, which was lovingly accepted. It was a magical, divine moment, like time stopped for us all.


ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’s gait which is as fast as thunder, became slow for those 30 seconds as ÇRÉ GURUDEVA reciprocated to each one of us by mercifully glancing upon each one of us and accpeting the showers of flowers. And then the lift was glorified by the merciful steps of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA.

After doing Darçanas and paying obeisances at the mesmerizing Nikuïja Altar, ÇRÉ GURUDEVA sat on the Vyäsa Äsana. The whole room was gleaming with the grace of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S all-encompassing, magestic, awe-inspiring, blissful Presence.

We all paid our obeisances and began the celebrations by singing GURU Vandanä and GURU Añöakam, which we sing every morning but this was the rare opportunity to sing infront of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA.


This was followed by presentations depicting the uncountable blessings of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA upon us.

Then we witnessed an inspiring, lesson-giving & cheerful play, enacted by KARM Devotees on the topic of Öhäkura Sevä, which gave us another opportunity to learn the right way of Öhäkura Sevä and witness the precious hearty laughs of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA.


ÇRÉ GURUDEVA offered Tulasé, Candana, Mälya (Garland) and 56 bhoga to Granthas, who are the Väìgamaya Mürti of the Lord, i.e. are non-different from Rädhä Kåñëa.

The whole room was vibrating at the highest frequency when ÇRÉ GURUDEVA started the “Krandana-maya Rädhä Kértana” in Bengali, and we as extremely fortune sädhakas got to witness what we have only read in Granthas, the cries of Çréla Raghunätha Däsa Gosvämé due to pangs of separation from Rädhäräné and a glimpse of Añöa Sättvika Vikäras that happen due to uncontrollable prema.

After this, upon our requests ÇRÉ GURUDEVA blessed us with Kathämåta, the first line of which was self explanatory, as it was about the unparalleled fortune of those who get to hear viçuddha Hari Kathä, which is so rare that even inter-plantery travel is not a big deal for it.

Even Çivajé says, that ÇRÉ GURUDEVA is Lord Himself, in the Näòé Çästra. No wonder him & other beings from higher planets must be present that day to welcome ÇRÉ GURUDEVA & to get drenched in the Nectar of the rarest & purest Hari Kathä, from ÇRÉ GURUDEVA. And there are no words to describe our fortune as we get incessant rains of that very Hari Kathä numerous times every year from ÇRÉ GURUDEVA, because HE is our compassionate FATHER.

Everytime it feels like this will be the first time we will hear from ÇRÉ GURUDEVA, there is newness and a wow factor. And again the Hari Kathä was unique, it was so inter-personal, everyone felt as if ÇRÉ GURUDEVA is talking to each one of us one-to-one.

ÇRÉ GURUDEVA emanates Knowledge and Selflessness by THEIR VERY BEING. By revealing the esoteric world of Goloka, the selflessness of Kåñëa, Rädhäräné, Gopés, Maïjarés in front of us and emphasising the dire need of doing that sädhanä here; because life is continuation, ÇRÉ GURUDEVA once again gave us everything, from starting to end, just like the first time…

ÇRÉ GURUDEVA have a deep relationship with All the eternal Associates of Mahäprabhu and are developing our relationship too, by giving us the highest knowledge as it is, from such esoteric Gauòéya Vaiñëava Scriptures.

A Devotee was blessed with his Siddha Svarüpa Präpti and another with Her servant name. ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S MERCY knows no bounds…

तेरे जेयाँ वड्डा न, कोई दानी मालकां, तेरी मेहरबानी, मेहरबानी मालकां…!

The Hari Kathä ended with the continuation of the morning Kértana by ÇRÉ GURUDEVA, and this time we all were singing with prayers in our heart.


Then, the time came which we all dread, the time for ÇRÉ GURUDEVA to leave for the day. We said our Thankyous and paid obeisances to ÇRÉ GURUDEVA whilst wishing for one more glimpse of that heart-melting Smile. We all continued the last few hours with a lavish Prasädam feast, followed by the final wind-up seväs. Everyone participated so eagerly and energetically in winding-up the deocrations, prasädam, catering etc. The KARM Family is really a family, here everyone does everything together, for each other; and ultimately for ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S Happiness.


ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S Love was in wearing the heavy garlands for 4-5 hours.

There was Love in the big smiles & laughs of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA when we didn’t want to count the minutes of Kértana as part of hours of Hari Kathä.

There was Affection in the moments when ÇRÉ GURUDEVA took our names, and we got startled.

There is DIVINITY in the very being of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA.

There is Rädhäräné in ÇRÉ GURUDEVA’S Eyes, Heart, Words, every Breath.. ÇRÉ GURUDEVA is the embodiment of love.

Other existing organizations cannot even begin to dream of creating what ÇRÉ GURUDEVA are giving us in KARM since decades.. What ÇRÉ GURUDEVA is giving, it cannot be put to words.

What we have, is really the full access to Rädhäräné, ÇRÉ GURUDEVA have really chosen us, the KARM Family to be closest..


We’re in the most Niñkäma Place, under the most Niñkäma ÇRÉ GURUDEVA. KARM is a complete package, with substance and structure perfected to the T, because it is coming from the perfect Supreme Lord.