Let us all relish and cherish the MOST BLESSED.. the MOST AUSPICIOUS DAY.. when our New Year of 2018 began.. It was the beautiful 7th February.1

To extend gratitude to our revered ÇRÉ GURUDEVA for mercifully descending to this world and enlightening the humanity with the torchlight of real knowledge and blessing us with Their Darçana, Guidance and All-Auspicious Association, KARM Devotees took the opportunity to celebrate the Appearance Day of the Divine Messenger and Truth & Wisdom Personified ÇRÉ GURUDEVA on February 7th, 2018 in New Delhi.2

For almost past two decades, ÇRÉ GURUDEVA have been nurturing devotees from all walks of lives and enriching them with the essence of scriptures. As a token/gesture of thanks to the enlightenment by ÇRÉ GURUDEVA which keeps us from stumbling in the darkness of ignorance, Diyä Diya was chosen to be the theme of the celebration.3

Like always, preparations for the celebration began months before in ever-new, ever-fresh and ever-loving way. While Devotees got a beautiful backdrop of big illuminating diyä and curtains made at their showroom, another got backdrop ready at his factory. Pillars for the main entrance and for the partitions were developed personally by a devotee at his factory while some Mätäjés lovingly made small glittery diyäs at their homes. Cake ideas were shared & discussed. Alongside, all the devotees minds were absorbed in searching and buying newer and newer gifts..4

Undoubtedly it is the culture of KARM that devotees serve each other (following Rüpa Gosvämé Instructions of dadäti pratigåhëäti) all the time but ÇRÉ GURUDEVA Appearance Day is exclusively that occasion where unanimously all devotees serve all devotees.5

The cool early morning of 7th February saw devotees gathering together to decorate the venue for the pleasure of the Lord of their hearts. There was newness in everything, right from theme selection to colors combination, from decoration to gift ideas.6

There was also newness in flower decoration. Fresh marigold flowers were used this time, which gave the venue exquisite look.7

DEITIES Altar was decorated with glittery illuminating diyäs. Backdrop was placed, LEDs were connected, Curtains of vibrant colors were hung, Pillars for Entrance Gate were laid and decorated. Cake Table was also given an illuminating look with diyäs and flowers.8

To further add to the beauty, Raìgolé with diyäs, flowers and colors was made.9

Thereafter, Breakfast Prasädaà was served to devotees.6

Now, with the decoration of love by devotees, the venue was ready. And the most awaited moment came as ÇRÉ GURUDEVA arrived in the decorated car.

Amidst the Kértana- ‘su-svägatama GURUDEVA’, ÇRÉ GURUDEVA entered the venue, being escorted by Prabhujés and this way celebration began.1011

Beginning with Hare Kåñëa Kértana, devotees paid obeisances to ÇRÉ GURUDEVA through ‘saàsära dävänala’ bhajana. Thereafter Presentation on the beautiful journey of 2017 was shown. After this, Play was wonderfully enacted by devotees to show how we all want happiness but ironically we do each activity to go against it by desiring, engaging and indulging in temporary material things, persons etc.12

Guru Vandanä was then sung by devotees.13

It was then the time for the most blessed moment of the Day as ÇRÉ GURUDEVA presided over the Vyäsa Äsana and started with the melodious Maìgläcaraëa. ÇRÉ GURUDEVA delivered revolutionary never-heard before discourse in which it was explained that “i am not an identity but an identification” but by considering myself an identity, i am simply wasting this blessed human life. ÇRÉ GURUDEVA also gave a beautiful & melodious narration of nitya rasamayé prätaha bhojana lélä.14

Cake cutting of 3 heartily made diyä cakes was then done by ÇRÉ GURUDEVA. Offerings were then served by devotees to ÇRÉ GURUDEVA and to each other. Offerings ranged from soft hand towels to air bag, medical kit to sets of plastic & steel storage containers, pichku bottles, rose water, assorted cookies, electric massager to electric kettle, sponge cake & cake rusks to pringles, cornae & gol gappäs. An elderly couple devotee made love-filled offering of home-made dry-fruits filled Panjéré. An exotic gift hamper of biscuits, namkeens, chips, drinks etc was served by a couple devotee to all. One devotee made imported skin cream available for all for serving. Household things, first-aid box, wall clock, almonds etc. were also served by devotees.15

It was then the time for Grand feasting with 5-6 sabjés, däl, chhole, räitäs, pickles, päpad, chutneys, mixed pakoòäs, chowmein, 3 types of roöés, puläo and 4 desserts and 3 kinds of drinks.16

After devotees honored Prasädaà, they were further blessed with a very precise After-LECTURE TALK by ÇRÉ GURUDEVA on how to perform duties in the material world in the best way with the example of a nurse.

And in no time, the celebration came to conclusion as ÇRÉ GURUDEVA departed from the Venue, leaving behind the bliss of Their Rare Darçana, All-Auspicious Association, Merciful Glances and Loving Reciprocations in the hearts of devotees. Undoubtedly, Devotees winded up the venue in a very loving way and left for their homes with big bags of gifts and countless memories to relish and cherish always.