What is the right way of doing abhiñeka?

Question- Hare Kåñëa MAHÄRÄJAJÉ, Daëòavata Praëäma MAHÄRÄJAJÉ!

There are many foreign Iskcon devotees who are following You on YouTube channel. And one of the devotee, Padmanäbha from Texas, Iskcon temple, has observed one thing.. like in our festivities, in Janmäñöamé, You do abhiñeka of Lord Kåñëa only and during the festivities of Gaura Pürëimä, we are doing abhiñeka of Çréman Gauräìga Mahäprabhu only. But he said that, in all Iskcon temples where he goes, he sees that both Rädhä Kåñëa are being poured with all the abhiñeka. And during Gaura Pürëimä, Abhiñeka is being done of the Lord Gauräìga and Nitäé, both.

So MAHÄRÄJA JÉ, His question is which is the right way of doing abhiñeka?

MAHÄRÄJA JÉ - The Question is what is the correct way of doing abhiñeka, on the appearance day of the Lord? Question is very nice. I asked the same question to my revered Gurudeva, Çréla Ananta Däsa BäbäJé  Mahäräja.

On one Nityänanda Trayodaçé, I went to have His Darçana and I showed Him, how Nityänanda Trayodaçé was being observed in Iskcon. So, I showed Him the video in which, on Nityänanda Trayodaçé, Gaura and Nitäé’, both Lords were being bathed. Abhiñeka of both of them was being done simultaneously.

So, I said: “BäbäJé! Please see, this is Nityänanda Trayodaçé abhiñeka going on.”

When Babaji saw the abhiñeka of Gaura Nitäé’, He immediately asked me, “Why Gauräìga Mahäprabhu is being bathed?

I said- “BäbäJé, we are not doing it. But, this is Iskcon Nityänanda Trayodaçé; they are bathing both – Nitäé and Gaura.”

BäbäJé said- “On Nityänanda Trayodaçé, only Nitäé’s abhiñeka should be done; why are they bathing Gaura?”

What could I say??

I said- “BäbäJé, this way only, Nityänanda Trayodaçé is been celebrated in Iskcon, ever since it is started.” And I told BäbäJé Mahäräja that on Gaura Pürëimä also, both of Them are being bathed, Gaura-Nitäé.

He said- “On Gaura Pürëimä, why Nitäé is being bathed? On Gaura Pürëimä, only Lord Gauräìga should be given abhiñeka; not Nityänanda!”

Then I told BäbäJé- “In Rädhäñöami also both, Rädhä and Kåñëa are being bathed.”

Babaji said- “On Rädhäñöami, only Rädhäräné will be bathed; why Kåñëa being bathed along with Rädhäräné??

So, on Nityänanda Trayodaçé, Father of Lord Nityänanda’, Häòäi Paëòita Jé, He sends invitation to Lord Gauräìga, Advaita Äcärya and all the devotees to kindly come on Nityänanda Trayodaçé day. So, all of them assemble in the House of Lord Nityänanda.

And kindly Note : When all of them assemble, abhiñeka is being done on Nityänanda’ Trayodaçé of Whom? Of only Lord Nityänanda !

And, Mahäprabhu, Advaitäcärya, Svarüpa Dämodara, Rüpa Gosvämé, all of them —they watched occasion, the function. They just see, They observed the festivity. Abhiñeka is done only of Lord Nityänanda; not of Anyone else!

He sits on a very beautiful maëòapa and with the specific mantras, abhiñeka of Lord Nityänanda is being done. And Lord Gauräìga and Advaita Äcärya – They observe the abhiñeka. After the abhiñeka, when Lord Nityänanda is being redressed, after that, They gave Him gifts.

Lord Gauräìga is not bathe alongside Lord Nityänanda. After the abhiñeka, Lord Gauräìga gives gifts to Lord Nityänanda. All other devotees, They also give gifts to Lord Nityänanda on Lord Nityänanda Appearance Day.

Similarly, on Gaura Pürëimä, Çaci Mätä invites all the devotees to come in Their House and on Gaura Pürëimä, morning only, not Evening! Morning only, abhiñeka is being done of Lord Gauräìga. Nitäé is not bathed alongside Lord Gauräìga. They all observed the abhiñeka of Lord Gauräìga, from the nearby maëòapa.

After the abhiñeka, Mahäprabhu is being redressed — He is being put candana, garland, tilaka and everything, He is being redressed in pitämbara, and then all the devotees, they gave Him gifts. So, They are never bathe together.

Very important thing to know is, the problem in Iskcon and Gauòéya Maöha is, they think there are only two Prabhus in Navadvépa – Gauräìga and Nityänanda!

Well, for your information, there are not two Prabhus in Navadvépa; there are three Prabhus. There are three Lords in Navadvépa – Lord Nityänanda, Lord Gauräìga and Lord Advaitäcärya.

Advaitäcärya is only äcärya in name. He is Maha Viñëu! He is the Lord! And on Advaita Saptamé abhiñeka of Advaitäcärya is being done.

My question to you is- when you bathe two Prabhus on Nityänanda Trayodaçé and Gaura Pürëimä, why don’t you bathe Three Prabhus? If you really want to bathe all of Them together, then why don’t you bathe three Prabhus? The answer is they even don’t know that there are three Prabhus in Navadvépa; this much of ignorance is there in Iskcon and Gauòéya Maöha. They don’t even know that there are three Prabhus in Navadvépa.

ek mahäprabhu, ära prabhu duijan

On Advaita Saptamé, Advaitäcärya’s abhiñeka is being done and Mahäprabhu, Nitäé, all of Them, watched the abhiñeka and give gifts after the abhiñeka to Advaitäcärya.

And have some common sense,  that on Rädhäñöami – Rädhä and Kåñëa are going to bathe together?? Do you know, what you are talking about?

Even in villages, in these days.. this Kaliyuga’ this horrible age, we are witnessing right now, even if you go to village, the women are in veil’ pallü! They don’t even show their face. And imagine: the time which was 5000 years back. Village! Vana ! Våndä-vana! Village! Vana means forest. Forest! village! And everyone is in the veil. In Nitya Lélä.., in the Spiritual world – Rädhäräné is married, Kåñëa is not. And on the day of Rädhäñöamé, everyone is being invited at Rädhäräné’s home and Rädhäräné’s abhiñeka is being done, in front of Her Parents and in front of Kåñëa Parents’ Nanda-Yaçodä and all the people of Vraja are there at Rädhäräné’s home. They all witness abhiñeka of Rädhäräné.

Can You imagine: everyone in the village, witnessing abhiñeka of a married lady called Rädhäräné, along with an unmarried, Supremely attractive boy called Kåñëa  together? Can you even imagine such a thing, even right now in this age?

Your daughter is being married; married daughter is bathed, alongside very handsome man and all your relatives, you yourself are watching abhiñeka and doing mantra also. Have some common sense!

Even on a lonely path, women in village’ they put their face under the veil; and in front of everyone, will they bath together? Do You have any sense prevailing?

When you are doing abhiñeka, you think : you are doing abhiñeka of Mürti? Or, are they really Rädhä Kåñëa? If they really are Rädhä and Kåñëa, you cannot do this stupid thing- bathing them together.

And on Their Birthday, where everyone is watching Them. They meet everyday secretly; no-one knows about Them.

On Lord Nitiyänanda Appearance day, Ärati of only Lord Nityänanda is going to be there na? Have some common sense! Or Ärati of Lord Gauräìga, Advaitäcärya will also be there along with Nitiyänanda?


He is being bathed, He is being redressed, Only His Ärati will be done.

Similarly, on Gaura Pürëimä,  Ärati will be done only of Lord Gauräìga.

Who is being bathed? Lord Gauräìga! On Gaura Pürëimä, only His Ärati will be done na?

If you see everything in Iskcon and Gauòéya Maöha, everything they do is totally wrong; Non-Çästrika! Except Chanting of Hare Kåñëa Mahämantra, that too in a wrong way –  Mother Harä concept. Chanting of Hare Kåñëa with Mother Harä concept, which never exists in this whole world.

Totally fake Païca Tattva Mantra!

Whimsical offering of Food! Whimsical Namaù om Viñëu Pädäyas!

Whimsical Abhiñeka!

Whimsical Tilaka! The Tilaka’ they put is not an eternal tilaka. This tilaka’ which we are putting, this is called  eternal tilaka. This tilaka we put in eternal realm of Nitya Navadvépa.

In the Spiritual world called Navadvépa, we all devotees wear this tilaka. Bhakti Vinoda öhäkura also wears this tilaka. Jagannätha Däsa BäbäJé also wears this tilaka. But Iskcon devotees, Gauòéya Maöha whatever they put, that doesn’t exist in Navadvépa’, the Spiritual World called Navadvépa.

Have some common-sense that :  On Your birthday or on anyone’s birthday, even in material world – the birthday boy cuts the cake or everyone cuts the cake? The birthday boy will cut the cake!

Similarly on Nityänanda Trayodaçé,  Lord Nityänanda will be given abhiñeka.

On Advaita Saptamé, only Lord Advaitäcärya will be given abhiñeka. On Kåñëa Janmäñöamé, only Kåñëa will be given. It’s not that on Kåñëa Janmäñöamé, you are bathing Lalitä-Viçäkhä, Rädhä-Kåñëa, all of Them together. Why?

They already bathed in the morning. They are not getting up late that you need to bathe them.. that  on birthday, they are getting up late – Snoring!

Till you get out of all this den of Bhakti Siddhänta and Bhakti Vedänta svämé’s, you will never get to know even ABCD of Gauòéya Vaiñëavism; forget Siddhi.