It was 21st May, 2016, Our DEITIES..Our Beloved DEITIES…Seventh Anniversary..


Präëa Pratiñöha Deities are not mere pratimä, They are SÄKÑÄT VRAJENDRA-NANDANA, They descend to tie us in the bond of love.

 As ÇRÉ GURUDEVA Explains-  “Arca Avatära are the most merciful Incarnation of the Lord”, for the Lord Accepts our offerings despite all our faults.. and so are These DEITIES, the Sevit Vigraha of ÇRÉ GURUDEVA..



we can see our BELOVED DEITIES..

Be it paräëöhe, chowmein, red grapes..

Magic pop, burgers or mango shake…

THEY LOVINGLY ACCEPT all offerings..

Making apparent to us through THEIR DIVINE MARKINGS…

Want to hear how LORD SPEAKS..

we can hear our BELOVED DEITIES..

Not one, not two but many Devotees..

Are Blessed to hear our DEITIES’ Divine DHVANI…

Want to speak to the LORD..

with our DEITIES, one can incessantly talk..

Endless Pastimes THEY PERFORM..

LÉLÄDHÄRÉ Word says it All..

THEIR DESCENT is our Festival. ..

THEIR ANNIVERSARY is our Feasting. ..

THEIR DARÇANA is our Purification..

THEIR RECIPROCATION furthers our conviction..

It was the day of Full Moon, when KARM Devotees gathered in Full Enthusiasm to celebrate the most awaited festival of our DEITIES’ Seventh Anniversary.

Like always, the preparation for the D-Day started almost a month before with Devotees discussing ideas for the Theme, 56 Bhoga, Gifts etc.

 The day of Decoration (the day before) was fasting for Nåsiàha Caturdaçé but devotees’ enthusiasm in serving turned it to feasting. The Devotees had sumptuous Prasädaà, from lots of Panéra Peöhä Älü Pakoòäs and lemonade to makhänä panéra sabzé, püré, raitä, sweets and other things.

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 Seventh Anniversary saw the Theme of “Cages” depicting the cage of gross body (made of five gross elements- earth, water, fire, ether, air) and subtle body (composed of mind, intellect, false ego) around us (the soul). And as ÇRÉ GURUDEVA Explains that due to misidentification with these, one has to go through repeated cycle of birth and death in 84 lakh species of life. It is only through the Bhakti-latä Béja (vine of devotion) mercifully bestowed by the Spiritual Master,that one can come out of the cage.


Not just the Decoration, even the Cake was designed in conformity with the Theme.. it was shaped as a very beautiful cage (signifying that out of illusion(mäyä), we find the cage of gross and subtle body to be beautiful forgetting the fact that nevertheless it is a cage only). Cut outs of different species like fish, lizard, bird, man, butterfly, etc. were also shown along with the beautiful vine of devotion.


Despite being one of the hottest day of the season, Mätäjés spent hours in kitchen cooking and Prabhujés did shopping for the Lord. It is always the Love of Çré Gurudeva which makes the devotees so enthusiastic and imbues in them a spirit of selfless service and this is because Çré Gurudeva has always taught and exemplified through His own conduct- “serve and be happy” and that the service i.e., engaging self is imperative for a Räga Märga devotee.

 The Program was scheduled for 2.30pm. Devotees with big bags of Bhoga, another of Gifts began to pour in. It is always ‘our’ Festival, where no one Devotee is host, every one is host. While few began to arrange never ending 56 Bhoga, some arranged for water and drinks while Camera and Projector were set up by some.

 The Kértana started, the Golden Hall resounded.. and the blessed moment came.. Çré Gurudeva entered the Hall. The beauty of the nicely decorated Venue enhanced further as the DEITIES AND ÇRÉ GURUDEVA presided over the Festival.


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Like always, 56 Bhoga was not 56.. Offerings extended to over 600..which included 56 types of Toffees, 56 types of Pakoòäs, 56 kinds of sweets, different types of paräëöhäs, Samosäs, Maööhés, drinks, mouth freshners, fruits, raitäs, sabzés, snacks etc. ÇRÉ GURUDEVA did Offering to the DEITIES amidst kértanas.

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This was followed by Presentation in which the Importance of Arca Vigraha and recapitulation of previous years’ celebration of DEITIES ANNIVERSARY was shown.


Begging for the Mercy of Çré Païca Tattva and Gosvämés, the Prärthanä by Çréla Narottama Däsa Öhäkura was sung by Devotees. Then came the moment, the feast for the Ears as ÇRÉ GURUDEVA drowned Devotees with the mesmerising Rädhäräné Kértana followed by the enlightening Hari Kathä in which it was explained that though sevya (the Master, Rädhäräné) and sevaka (the servant, maïjarés) are different, their sukha (Happiness) is the same. ÇRÉ GURUDEVA beautifully described different Léläs to explain how maïjarés are bereft of sva-sukha väsanä.

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The enlivening discourse was followed by the Cake Cutting and Offerings to the DEITIES, to ÇRÉ GURUDEVA and to other Devotees. Gifts ranged from steel glasses to table cloths, sattu to öhaëòäé, pen stand to envelopes, assorted biscuits, ämlä candy to ketchup bottles etc. A three partitioned Photo Frame bearing Pictures of Gaura Nitäi, Çré Guru and Rädhä Kåñëa was served by Devotees.

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Then it was the time for the feasting of tongue with Sumptuous Prasädaà being made for all by a Devotee Couple.

20 21

ÇRÉ GURUDEVA blessed devotees further with the After-Lecture TALK, giving everyone a vision of how to practically apply the Teachings to be freed from sva-sukha väsanä. From afternoon to evening to night to midnight the time had forwarded,  in the same measure the enthusiasm had also forwarded..

The wind up Sevä was also rendered in full enthusiasm.

 After the Program, every devotee went home with one bag full of gifts, another bag of 56-Bhoga Prasädaà.. and with countless relish and cherish moments. The next day was spent not in taking rest but in exchanging thanks messages among Devotees and Relishing the Festival.

 The Festival of Deities Anniversary brings everyone close to Their Éñöa Deva so much that it releases streams of love and reciprocations with the Deities throughout the year…